Friday, February 16, 2018

[Haul] Liz Lisa Winter Pt 2 ~ Ribbon Bear, Strawberry Bouquet

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I'm finally back with a slightly larger haul than last time lol. This is some of the earlier winter stuff. 
Sorry for the delay with this haul as well. I was really busy over the Christmas/New Year period and I just didn't have time to take pictures for this post.  


後ろリボンGジャン / Back ribbon G Jean in medium blue





Of course, I have to purchase a new denim jacket - I just really like the bow on the back, it's so unique and cute but not too much. The ruffles are also a really nice touch. I really need to start holding back on denim jackets because I have three now and they just never wear out.

Outfit One; 



with Liz Lisa Suzuran pattern Combisonone in white, Samantha Vega bag in pink, Liz Lisa web limited pom pom pumps in white.

Outfit Two; 



with Liz Lisa Embroidery shoulder one-piece in white, Liz Lisa 3D flower bag in white, Miss Shop wedges in white.

 One piece; 

花刺繍ニットワンピース / Flower embroidered knitted dress in light grey








Liz Lisa has so many lovely knit dresses this year. I decided to get this because it's similar to the style I already know and love but I got a different colour to what I'm used too. I actually love grey so it's nice that Liz Lisa is using it in it's palette this year.  

I'm not sure if this jumper is shorter than normal or if I've just stretched my other ones.


Outfit One;



with Liz Lisa Dreaming Bunny tote in white and Liz Lisa strawberry bouquet short boots in white. 

Outfit Two; 



 with Liz Lisa Fur Drawstring Pochette in white, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom pumps in white.


ベリーブーケトップス / Berry Bouquet Tops in white


 177 - 1021 - 0 








 I really really feel in love with this when I saw this - it's so beyond cute. I love the red and white combination. The top feels really nice and soft however, the sleeves have a funny texture - it almost reminds me of a blown up balloon - it's really soft and silky.


Outfit One;



 with, Strawberry bouquet 2 cotton clip in red, Liz Lisa Berry bouquet skun in white, DreamV heart bag in red, Liz Lisa Strawberry bouquet short boots in white.

Outfit Two; 



with Forever New beret, Liz Lisa cardigan with fur collar in red, Ambra jeggings,

Liz Lisa strawberry bouquet short boots in white, Liz Lisa heart bag in white.


刺繍チェック台形スカート / Embroidery check Trapezoid skirt in pink 

177 - 4015 - 0







I knew I had to have this when I saw this because I love a plaid skirt. They're always invaluable in my closet for me. I really loved the colour combination in grey and pink (although I quite like the navy colour way as well). 

The little embroidery flowers are really cute as well. 

The little charm is removable on the zip on the back and all the pockets are functional on the skirt which is super useful. 


Outfit One; 




 with Liz Lisa fluffy pearl beret in pink, Liz Lisa Pin-tuck ruffled chiffon tops in white, Liz Lisa 17th anniversary cardigan in white, Liz Lisa lucky bunny backpack in, Liz Lisa strawberry bouquet short boots in white.

Outfit Two; 



 with Liz Lisa strawberry hair lclip in pink, Liz Lisa ribbon bow tie blouse in white, Liz Lisa dreaming bunny tote, Tutuanna socks, and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom pumps in white.


花モチーフ付きスカート / Skirt with flower motif in pink 

175 - 4011 - 0







 I really wanted a new, simple skirt that I can wear with lots of different tops and blouses and it will just pair with anything. I like that it's quite plain but also quite pretty and girlie as well. It looks quite comfy and flattering as well. 


Outfit One; 




with Liz Lisa Pin-tuck ruffled chiffon tops in white, Liz Lisa drawstring pouchette in white,  Liz Lisa Web Limited pom pom pumps in white.


ベリーブーケスカパン / Berry bouquet skun in white







And of course the skirt to match the top! The skirt is quite heavy and has a good amount of weight to it so it'll be perfect for winter and the cooler months.


 Outfit One;



 with Liz Lisa strawberry bouquet 2-piece clips in white, Liz Lisa bunny jumper in white and Liz Lisa pom pom boots in brown. 

Outfit Two; 


 with Liz Lisa Sleeveless rib Bijinittoppusu in white, Liz Lisa cardigan with fur collar in red (without fur), Liz Lisa fur drawdstring bag in white, Liz Lisa strawberry bouquet short fur boots in white.




リボンベアネックレス / Ribbon Bear Necklace in bordeaux 








 The cutest little bear and velour ribbon necklace. I'm hoping that since I don't have a lot of Bordeaux this will be a nice accent to what pieces I do have.

リボンベアクリップ / Ribbon Bear clip in bordeaux 







I really liked the bear stuff from this year but I really don't need any more bear items so I just settled on the hair lips. I think the little charms on each clip is too precious.


ハートバルーン柄ポーチ / Heart balloon pattern pouch in

175 - 9707 - 0







I really didn't need this but... it was too cute to resist. Again... I really liked the heart balloon series but I didn't want to buy into it too much so I just settled on this pouch once it went to sale. 



ストロベリーブーケ2コセットクリップ /

Strawberry bouquet 2 cotton clip in red









 I kind of went crazy over the strawberry bouquet series so of course I had to have the clips. I really like the red x white stripe pattern too. 

ファー巾着ポシェット / Fur Drawstring Pochette in white











I really love this bag and it's beyond cuter and nicer in real life than in pictures. It feels so nice and soft and it's really quite functional as well. The pouchette design means you can easily fill it with many items.



ストロベリーブーケショートブーツ / Strawberry bouquet short boots in white









I debated these so much, I really love these and they're so cute but.. like... will I wear these? I hope so. They're so cute. 

They actually work really well with a lot of clothing items I have even though they're meant to go with the berry bouquet set which is really nice. They're really comfy too but the right foot is quite hard to get on/off (the left is fine) so I'm guessing it's my feet and not the boots. 


  That's all for this haul - wintery stuff this year has been my favorite and I really like a lot of it! It's so cute! 

Thank you for reading!

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