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[Haul] Liz Lisa Summer Haul Pt 1 -Strawverry Gingham, Fruit Logo Pattern and Ribbon Pattern OP

Hi! Hi!

 I have my Liz Lisa Haul for Summer today. I've been loving Summer 2017 from Liz Lisa and I've been seeing more items I like than not.


フリルGジャン / Ruffle G Jacket in Medium Blue

171 - 7003 - 1

 I know this was a spring release but I purchased this with the strawberry gingham dress (shown below) so I thought I would include it in this post.
I already have a denim jacket from Liz Liz which I love and wear all the time but since I do wear it all the time, I kind of wanted a new DJ just to have something to alternate with.
 I really like the ruffles on it and the corset detail is really nice too. 

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa gingham ribbon in pink, Liz Lisa ribbon one piece in pink, Samantha Vega bag in pink and Liz Lisa double strap pumps in pink.

Outfit Two;

 with Liz Lisa fruit logo one piece in pink, DKNY tote and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

One Piece; 

ストロベリーギンガムワンピース / Strawberry gingham dress in Pink



I know this was a spring release however I ended up purchasing it once it was re released in Summer so that's why I included it in my Summer haul.
The dress is super cute and the strawberry gingham is so cute. The flare is probably my favorite bit! Length is quite nice and I think it will match a lot! I can wear it with pink, red or white quite easily!
There's kind of two things I don't like is that the second row of strawberries kinds of ends very abruptly. I wish the lace had been cut so the strawberries it was less of a straight line cause it kind of ends so abruptly.
And secondly I really don't care for 'strawberry' written on the lace part of the dress. This seams to be a trend for Liz Lisa to include collection names on the clothing and tbh, it's pretty hit and miss for me. I don't really care for it on this dress - there's strawberries on the dress I don't think having 'strawberry' printed on the neck is necessary for this particular piece. 
Thankfully it's pretty light on the pink colour way.
But aside from those (very minor gripes) I really really do like this dress.

Outfit One;

 with Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan in pink, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in pink and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

 Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa hat in white, Liz Lisa gingham basket bag in red, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in red.

フルーツロゴ柄ワンピース / Fruit logo pattern one piece in Pink 



All the fruit things from Liz Lisa lol. I ended up getting the pink colour because admittedly I do have something similar in white so I tried to buy something different from it. I like the simple design and I quite like this fabric from Liz Lisa. It's nice for Summer because it's airy and light.
It's quite a short dress but I think it's okay - it will be nice in Summer when it's hot and warm. 

Outfit One;

 with Liz Lisa strawberry jam in red, Liz Lisa gingham basket in red, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa lace up pumps in red.

 with Liz Lisa hat in white, Liz Lisa 3-D flower clutch in white, Liz Lisa 3-D flowers pumps in white.

リボン柄ワンピース / Ribbon pattern one piece in Pink 



 I'm sad this made it to a sale after I purchased this. However I still like this dress enough to justify spending the full price amount on it. The pattern is very light and it's hard to see but I kind of like that about this. The fit is amazing. The tulle on the underskirt make this poof just enough for me.
Plus it matches really well with the candy pouchette and my pumps from last year as well. 

 Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white and Liz Lisa double strap pumps in pink.

Outfit Two;

 with Tralala x Sailor Moon collaboration cardigan, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white.


ストライプフリルトップス / Stripe frill tops in White 



I purchased this to go with the tropical juice patter skirt but also other various skirts and bottoms in my collection. I really like the off the shoulder design and the fills.
Actually as much as I love this design, I think it's very big on me. The straps are quite long and the blouse kind of bunches when you tuck it in.
It's a shame because the mesh is very soft and fine and I really wanted to love everything about this. I still want to try and wear it of course but I'm not in love with the fit right now.

Outfit One; 

 with Tralala Panama hat in pink, Liz Lisa picnic skirt in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink and Liz Lisa ribbon wedges in white.

Outfit Two;

 with Liz Lisa skirt in yellow, Liz Lisa 3-D flower clutch in white and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white.

マーガレット付トップス / Top with margaret in White 



 I purchased this because of Emi lol. She said she really liked the one that she purchased and when Emi says she really likes something I just buy it lol. This will also match the tropical juice skirt quite nicely but I think it'll match other stuff I have as well.
I like that this can be worn on the shoulder and off the shoulder as well.

Outfit One; 

Outfit Two; 

 with Tralala lemon print skirt in blue, Liz Lisa clutch in yellow and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white.

ボーダー肩開きトップス / Border Shoulder Opening Top in White





Sorry, Apparently I didn't manage to take a flat photo of this top and I didn't have much time to take a new one before this post went up. I'll try to remember to take one later on but I'll probably forget. XD

Purchased to go with the denim scallop edge skirt since most of my tops are 'white' and I don't want to wear a white top with a white skirt. I really like how trendy this is with the high neckline, cut out shoulders and lace up details this is but it's still Liz Lisa lol. I'm still not convinced I love the red, black (navy?) and white combo (kind of wish pink was available when I purchased this as it was my first pick) but hopefully it will grow on me.

Outfit One; 

with Liz Lisa 4 clips in red, Liz Lisa scallop denim skirt in white, Liz Lisa 3 way bag in navy and Tralala pumps in navy.

Outfit Two;

with Liz Lisa 4 clips in red, Liz Lisa denim overalls in blue, Dream V bag in red, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa lace up pumps.


トロピカルジュース柄スカパン / Tropical Juice Pattern skirt Sukapan in yellow


Aside from the fact that I can not remember what this pattern is called (between Fruit Logo, Tropical Fruit and the Fruit Water from 2016 I'm forever confused over what to call this print) I really like this skirt sukapan. (I also keep calling this a skirt when it is in fact a sukapan, we're off to a bad start with this one,)
I had a really hard time trying to decide on a colour because all 3 look so nice but so different. 
I ended up choosing the yellow because I like how the teal stands out on the yellow.

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa ruffle denim jacket in blue, Liz Lisa top with Margaret, Liz Lisa clutch in yellow and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in white.

Outfit Two;

with Liz Lisa Margret Top in white, Liz Lisa 2-way bag in deep pink and Liz Lisa ribbon wedges in white.

フルーツ4つリボンクリップ / Four fruits ribbon clip in Pink and Red



I ended up getting both - the red I purchased at full price stupidly and the pink were on sale when I purchased the fruit logo OP.
I really like these little bows because I have an assortment of big bows already and little bows just feel more new and fresh.

ギンガムリボンバレッタ /Gingham Ribbon Valletta in Pink 



 I mainly purchased this to go with the ribbon op but I really like hair stuff so I had to purchase this. lol.
I like that this almost looks like a perfectly wrapped preset ribbon.
This ribbon matches with the ribbon op above really well. 

ひまわりモチーフ4コセットクリップ / Sunflower motif 4 cotton clip in pink



More hair things lol.I really love this set cause sunflowers!! I can't wait to wear these in the summer with cute updos or plaits.


ウェッジサンダル / Wedge sandals in White



I actually pre ordered these because I knew I had to have them. These remind me of the wedges from Autumn and I really regretted not getting them and missing out and I wasn't going to let that happen again. The white will go with everything. Sadly, like most stuff this season, these did make it too a sale which was a little annoying but can't be helped. These are really comfy and I love the satin strap over the toes - they're so soft and comfy!

Side note; I'm actually really proud of myself for only buying two pairs of shoes this season. I really want to focus of reducing my shoe collection a bit (I have way too many) and I'm quite happy with the two that I did end up getting.

That's all for this haul :D I hope you enjoyed it even though it's super late.

Thank you for reading!


Berri Doll



  1. I genuinely love every outfit you came up with for this post! The ones with the denim jacket are my favorites though because I styled it in a similar way :D

    1. Aww, thank you :D I try lmao. The denim jacket is fab :D

  2. Ahhhhh so many pretty items! I'm really regretting not getting the strawberry or the ribbon dresses!!! They're sold out now too...guess I'll have to hope I find them secondhand lol


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