Friday, July 28, 2017

Liz Lisa x Cinnamonroll Collab

Hi! Hi!

If you know me even a little bit - you'll know my favorite sanrio character is Cinnamoroll. I've been wishing for a Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll collaboration for a while and looks like my wishes were answered lol.

When I first saw the dress I knew I wanted it I was just super torn over what colour I wanted to go for. I love the pink and blue options equally and I really wanted both but collabs are normally a blood bath and I would be lucky to get even one dress.
Normally for collabs there's a limit of only one dress per account - I assume this is to prevent people who are bulk buying to on sell the dresses at a higher cost so buying more than one can be difficult when an item is so limited.

However I was actually super lucky and got both the pink and blue. I also had minor server issues when I made my purchase luckily I persisted and got through it.
I actually also really liked the white colour as well however I kind of got the idea that it reminded me of weddings (like with the blue ribbons and the bouquets and lace etc.) and I couldn't get past it so I decided to purchase only the pink and the blue.

☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆ワンピース / ☆ LIZ LISA × Cinnamoroll ☆ One Piece



Both look so cute! I like how the roses stand out on the blue dress and the blue ribbons stand out on the pink.
The dress is super light weight and perfect for late Spring and Summer.

The dress has an almost apron design which is really cute if you're familiar with Cinnamoroll then Cinnamoroll and his friends all work at a cafe so it's a cute design touch.


Outfit One;


with Tralala pearl necklace (worn throughout), Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll Pouch and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white. 

Outfit Two;

with Liz Lisa fake suede jacket in pink, Liz Lisa 3-D flower clutch in white and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white.

Outfit Three; 

with Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal cardigan in white, Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white and Liz Lisa wedges in beige.


Outfit One;  

with Liz Lisa x Cinnamoroll pouch, Liz Lisa wedges in beige. 

Outfit Two; 

with Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan, Liz Lisa candy pouchette in white and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink. 

Outfit Three; 

 with Liz Lisa ruffle denim jacket in blue, Liz Lisa 3-D flower clutch in white and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white.

☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆ポーチ / ☆ LIZ LISA × Cinnamoroll ☆ Pouch



Pouches or character bags are released with My Melody collabs pretty frequently however I've never been tempted to purchase one however I love cinnamoroll so I wanted this. It's pretty childish (IMHO) but I don't care lol. I have no idea when I'm going to ever use this but I really love looking at cinnamoroll's cute little face.
The pouchette is quite small - to the point I question it's practicality.

☆LIZ LISA×シナモロール☆チャーム / ☆ LIZ LISA × Cinnamoroll ☆ Charm



And of course an other charm to add to my collection but this one is cinnamoroll so it's my new favorite. I quite like using cute little charms on my bags and I would say I have a very solid collection at this point in my life.

I didn't get the tote from the collab because I wasn't super sure I would use it all that often to justify the cost however it was the item that sold out the quickest so I don't think I would have gotten it if I wanted it.
I definitely spoiled myself with this collab but I love cinnamoroll (and Liz Lisa) so I had to have it lol.

Did anyone else get anything from the cinnamoroll collab? What did you get if you did?

Thank you for reading!
Berri Doll



  1. For some reason I've been having trouble commenting on your posts but I think it's something wrong on my end!

    Anyway I think the blue is quite suitable! Both are cute though. Love your love for Cinna.

    1. Awww, that sucks but glad it seems fixed (?) now! The blue is maybe nicer irl ... idk... It might grow on me hopefully. I love cinna lol. He's too cute to resist!


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