Friday, July 21, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira 06 June

Hi! Hi!

This post is this months Kira Kira Crate's contents! I really like this month's items and I can see myself using them all eventually so let's look closer shall we?

The box was a little flatter and smaller this time. I actually like this shape more than the more cube shape. XD

I actually like the orange and aqua combo - it's so fresh and happy looking.

Booklet - neon make up is a cool trend. I kind of like it but not enough to try it personally but I like the toned down version in the booklet. It's surprisingly wearable if you want to try the look without being obvious.


Hydrogen Spa Bath Ball

I always love receiving bath bombs in kira kira crate because I always like trying new bath bombs. I'm interested to try this because what makes it so 'spa' like lol. This bath bomb is suppose to be good for muscle aches, stress relief and irritated skin (And other things!) so I'm going to wait for a good time to use this as well.

Hello Kitty x Doraemon Lip Cream 

How cute this this!? I have to admit, I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to lip balms so I'm happy with this. Lip balms are always useful and welcome lol.

Magic Lip Tattoo in Mandarin Orange 

I've seen these before (although not this brand) and I've never been interested enough to purchase one on my own - so I'm actually kind of glad to get this since I've been wearing more tints lately anyways. 
Also happy to get the orange since I wear orange and red the most lately.

Fluffy Milky White Headband

This is so soft! I normally use the cat ear headband one from Etude House (that I think everyone has and uses) but it's getting a little bit old and grotty now so it's good to have a new one. Plus did I mention how soft this is? It's really soft. 

Pure Smile Toner

 This is so small and cute. I'm torn between using this once I use my Lush toner up or saving it for traveling since the small size is quite portable. This toner includes hyraloronic acid, collagen and vitamin E so it should be nice and moisturizing.

Pure Smile Milky Essence Sheet Masks (Vitamin and Royal Jelly) 

Face Masks again - I don't actually mind because so far they've all be quite different and this month there's two! Both look quite good and I don't think I've used a royal jelly mask before (I've used lemon but never mixed citrus masks before) so I'll add them to my collection. :D 

That was all for this crate. I really liked everything this time around and I can see myself using this stuff as well which is nice. 

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll


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