Friday, July 21, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira 06 June

Hi! Hi!

This post is this months Kira Kira Crate's contents! I really like this month's items and I can see myself using them all eventually so let's look closer shall we?

The box was a little flatter and smaller this time. I actually like this shape more than the more cube shape. XD

I actually like the orange and aqua combo - it's so fresh and happy looking.

Booklet - neon make up is a cool trend. I kind of like it but not enough to try it personally but I like the toned down version in the booklet. It's surprisingly wearable if you want to try the look without being obvious.


Hydrogen Spa Bath Ball

I always love receiving bath bombs in kira kira crate because I always like trying new bath bombs. I'm interested to try this because what makes it so 'spa' like lol. This bath bomb is suppose to be good for muscle aches, stress relief and irritated skin (And other things!) so I'm going to wait for a good time to use this as well.

Hello Kitty x Doraemon Lip Cream 

How cute this this!? I have to admit, I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to lip balms so I'm happy with this. Lip balms are always useful and welcome lol.

Magic Lip Tattoo in Mandarin Orange 

I've seen these before (although not this brand) and I've never been interested enough to purchase one on my own - so I'm actually kind of glad to get this since I've been wearing more tints lately anyways. 
Also happy to get the orange since I wear orange and red the most lately.

Fluffy Milky White Headband

This is so soft! I normally use the cat ear headband one from Etude House (that I think everyone has and uses) but it's getting a little bit old and grotty now so it's good to have a new one. Plus did I mention how soft this is? It's really soft. 

Pure Smile Toner

 This is so small and cute. I'm torn between using this once I use my Lush toner up or saving it for traveling since the small size is quite portable. This toner includes hyraloronic acid, collagen and vitamin E so it should be nice and moisturizing.

Pure Smile Milky Essence Sheet Masks (Vitamin and Royal Jelly) 

Face Masks again - I don't actually mind because so far they've all be quite different and this month there's two! Both look quite good and I don't think I've used a royal jelly mask before (I've used lemon but never mixed citrus masks before) so I'll add them to my collection. :D 

That was all for this crate. I really liked everything this time around and I can see myself using this stuff as well which is nice. 

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll


Friday, July 14, 2017

[Haul] Liz Lisa Spring 2017 - Rabbit Ribbon, Love Letter and Strawberrry Gingham

Hi! Hi!

Time for another haul!
Personally, I've been loving Liz Lisa spring collection this year and there's so many cute clothes and goods available this year. This haul in particular isn't super clothing heavy but hopefully you like it anyways.

I originally wrote this post as two posts but I accidentally deleted one post (pt 2) by mistake and it was kind of hard to remember which item was in which post so I just decided to make one massive spring post. This is super late anyways so oh well.


ギンガムリボンカーディガン / Gingham Ribbon Cardigan in Pink 

 171 - 3002 - 0


I had to get Emi to purchase this for me while she was on holiday in Japan. (Thank you Emi!) I missed out on this online so I was happy she was able to get it for me - and on sale as well. I really like this cardigan - it's super soft :D I love that this is neither too pink or too lilac so it goes with lots of my clothes.
At first I was a little annoyed because the gingham ribbons are so obviously a different colour from the cardigan but now it's okay, it doesn't bother me so much.

Outfit One;

 with Miss Shop t-shirt, Liz Lisa rabbit ribbon sukapan in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in white, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

Outfit Two;

with Liz Lisa rose bouquet set up in pink, Mimco clutch in lilac, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

チョーカー風スカラップトップス  / Choker Style Scallop Top in White
 171 - 2002 - 0



Originally I passed on this because I was worried this would be a thick, stiff material but I really liked the design and it was on sale so I risked it. I think I can see myself wearing this quite often so I'm glad I did risk it and purchase it.
I really like this transparent shoulder detail - I don't think it's a trendy thing but I always really like that detail on my clothes. 

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa houndstooth flower skirt in Blue, Tutuanna socks, Liz Lisa 3-way pom pom bag in blue and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom pumps in white (minus pom poms)

Outfit Two;

 with Liz Lisa bear print skirt in red, Liz Lisa quilted bag in white, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps in bordeaux.

レースリブトップス / Lace Rib Top in Pink 

171 - 2024 - 0

I think Liz Lisa released something similar to this last year. I thought this would be cute to go with the denim skirt I purchased (see below) and I don't own a super lot of colours tops so I settled on this one! I really like the cropped length - not great for pairing with everything but cute with high waisted stuff. 
 Also if anyone has this, how do you keep the folded down piece down... while I was taking pictures it kept riding up and sitting awfully. Would fashion tape work?

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa ribbon clip in pink, Liz Lisa wagon skirt in white, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in pink and Liz Lisa ribbons pumps in pink

Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa ribbon clip in pink, Liz Lisa scallop denim skirt in white, unknown brand bag and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige.

バックレースアップトップス / Back lace up top in white  
 171 - 3015 - 0


I bought this to be a layering pieces for Autumn/Spring... or even just on it's own. I don't currently own anything like this so when it went on sale I was purchased it.  
I have actually worn this top quite a few times lmao. I think my record is 3x in a row (a few hours at a time, please). It's super easy to pair with other clothes and the details on it are actually quite nice. 

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa ribbon hat, Liz Lisa picnic skirt in pink, Samantha Vega Bag in pink and Liz Lisa 3-D pumps in white.

 Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa floral dress in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in white and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

オープンショルダーニットトップス / Open Shoulder Knit Top in White and Pink
 171 - 3010 -0 

 I ended up purchasing this in both colourways because I kind of want to move away from always buying white tops (I own too many) but at the time, I still really liked the white so both it was in the end. I quite like the simple but detailed design and I think it will look nice with lots of bottoms.

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa rose bouquet skirt, Liz Lisa quilted bag in white, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

 Outfit Two; 


with Liz Lisa rabbit ribbon skirt in pink, DreamV heart bag in red, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa lace up pumps in red.


【雑誌掲載アイテム】ストロベリーギンガムスカパン / Strawberry Gingham Skirt in Pink

- Link

Of course I am a sucker for gingham and anything berry or fruit theme so I pretty much had to have this. Plus I knew it most likely would sell out before making it to a sale so I purchased this at full price.
I ended up purchasing the pink colour because I think I liked it best at the time. (I kind of regret not purchasing the red, thanks past-self,)
The sukapan features a cute strawberry lace hem and the bow on the back are super cute.
I have to admit, I don't super love where this hits on my legs. It's just too short and kind of hits me at a point I don't particularly like. I would be willing to sell this if anyone is interested in it please contact me if your interested in it. 

Outfit One;  

 with Liz Lisa strawberry clip in pink, Liz Lisa ruffle G jacket in blue, Penderie blouse in white, DreamV Heart bag in red, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa lace up pumps in red.

Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa strawberry clip in pink, Penderie blouse in white, Liz Lisa gingham ribbon cardigan in pink, unknown brand bag and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige.

フラワーレター柄スカパン / Flower Letter Pattern Sukapan in white

- Link

 To be honest, I purchase this after a month of not spending on Liz Lisa and caved and purchased this stupidly without really thinking about it as a purchase. You know when you really fixate on something because you can't have it? This skirt.

I don't really find the length of this skirt to be the best for myself so I'm not super in love with it for myself. 
That being said, I'm not opposed to selling it if someone wants it. I do want to keep it and see if I'll wear it personally but if someone else is desperate for it then please contact me.

Outfit One;


with Liz Lisa choker knit top in white, Liz Lisa quilted bag in white, Tutuanna socks in white and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps in white. 

Outfit Two; 

with gingham ribbon cardigan in pink, Liz Lisa 3D flower clutch in pink, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa 3D flower pumps in white. 

【予約】ラビットリボンスカパン / Rabbit Ribbon Sukapan in Pink
- Link

I knew I wanted this when I saw it because it's so cute. I also think I'm the biggest sucker ever when Liz Lisa releases these types of prints. I've purchased something from the picnic rabbit and the rabbit ribbon series regardless of if I 'need' it or not every single release.
I don't think the colours in this make a huge difference in between the white and the pink however I really liked the pink.

Outfit One;

with Liz Lisa four fruits hair clips in red, Miss Shop T-shirt, Liz Lisa strawberry jam cardigan in red, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa lace up pumps in red.

Outfit Two;

 Liz Lisa four fruits hair clips in red, Miss Shop T-shirt, Liz Lisa bijou cardigan in white, Liz Lisa quilted bag in white, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

Accessories/ Small goods;

【雑誌掲載アイテム】ストロベリーギンガムポーチ / Strawberry gingham pouch in pink 

- Link -


I actually completely forgot that I had ordered this pouch lmao. I like the shape of this one and that it doesn't have any ears so it'll hopefully be easy to use and fit into a variety of bags.  
This make up bag is a lot bigger than I was expecting but it's actually a pretty decent size - if most likely won't fit in every single bag (due to it's size) but if you're travelling this might be a pretty decent size. 
【予約】ラビットリボンポーチ / Rabbit ribbon pouch in Pink 

- Link -

 I actually have the picnic series make up bag and I've been using it recently and really liking it so why not get this one. FML. Why did I buy two make up bags this season?

This one has two different compartments which makes it good for dividing your belongings.

ローズチュールピアス / Rose tulle earrings in White


I ended up purchasing these because I really like the hair beret that matches these so I thought it would be cute to purchase the earrings to match and Liz Lisa has been making more 'non piercing' earring lately and I don't know how I feel about that. 

シュガーフラワーピアス / Sugar Flower Earrings in White 
- Link -

I just purchased these to go with the love letter skirt because why not lol. I like that these aren't too heavy and they're elegant and ladylike without being too stuffy.

イチゴリボンバレッタ / Strawberry ribbon Valletta in Pink 


Actually I had Emi purchase this for me from Japan (here) since it sold out online at the time. I really love hair ribbons and I'm a sucker for things with berries so... sold.
Hair bows are pretty much my all time favorite hair accessory and I don't think I can ever get tired or bored of them or own too many.
I think this would match nicely with the strawberry gingham skirt.

ギンガムかごバッグ / Gingham bag basket in Red 



I actually got this because I really regretted not purchasing last years version of the basket bag. I ended up getting the red because I think I can match it to the strawberry series from 2017 and the strawberry jam series from 2016 as well. I've never had a basket bag before but I'm excited to use this.
I kind of expected this bag to be a little bit bigger than it was when it arrived but it's quite soft which I wasn't expecting and I quite like.
The bag is a lot lighter (in weight) than I was anticipating as well which is good. No one likes a bag that's too heavy before you put your stuff into it as well. 

キャンディーポシェット / Candy Pouchette in White 
171 - 9407 - 0 

I love novelty bags and I knew I had to have this one when I saw it - it's simply too sweet to resist (I'm trying to be punny, forgive me,). 
I really liked the red but the white seemed a little safer. I was hoping this would have been a little bigger but it's okay. It's a novelty bag - I doubt that this will be a bag I reach for on a daily basis anyways.

リボン2個セットクリップ / Ribbon 2 piece set clip in Pink


Ah, I really am a sucker for all these cute hair ribbons. Plus this was paired with the rabbit ribbon so therefor I needed it lol. I just really like hair ribbons and I like that these come with two pack so you can wear them with twin tails.

ラビットモチーフ2連ネックレス / Rabbit Motif 2 Necklace 

 171 - 9106 - 0

Of course to match the rabbit print skirt as well lol. The little bunny in the basket is so super cute!

レースアップパンプス /  Lace up pumps in red
171 - 9604 - 0

I purchased these because they looked so nice on Emi. I really needed a new pair of red shoes to wear with my red items since I don't have any (that are the right colour). These are also super comfy. The only thing I don't really care for is the writing on the side of the shoes but I'll deal with it since its not super noticeable.

That's all for this haul. Hopefully this was enjoyable for you to read and see what I got even if it's super late lmao.

Thank you for reading my post!

Berri Doll 

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