Friday, June 2, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira Crate 07 May

Hi! Hi!

 This month's Kira Kira Crate is super cute! The booklet has a pretty cherry blossom pattern.

 Soy Milk Yogurt Face Mask

Face masks seem pretty standard in each Kira Kira Crate every month but that's okay! Since they're only one time use I don't really mind. The packaging is really cute and tropical for this and milk/yogurt products are normally good for my skin so I'm looking forward to using this one!

Lux Sakura Dream Body Soap 

I'm actually really excited by this - which is really dumb because it's just soap lol. I really love cherry blossom scent but this is actually jasmine and cherry blossom! I really love jasmine scent and I'm excited to try it!

My Melody BB Cream

I'm not sure what the difference between regular BB cream and 'Premium' is but okay. The packaging is really cute but the product is quite small. I like the look of the 'older' (I don't really know what to call it? Original maybe?) My Melody. I have no idea what brand or who makes this but I did notice it's only for sale in Japan? I don't know, I haven't decided if I want to try this personally or if I want to gift it on to someone at this point.

Natural Jonjac Sponge for Facial Wash

 Ohmygosh, this is fabulous. I've used this since I received it and it's been really great. This is a sponge for cleaning your face and I've really liked using this recently - it's so gentle and easy to use! I used to have a clarisonic and I have to admit it is like... 100x better. It just leaves the skin feels so silky and soft after using it.

Tansan Kakumei Carbonated Water Face Mask

 To be honest... I'm most likely not going to use this. I don't particularly enjoy putting my face underwater and no matter what the skin benefits... I'll probably pass lol.

Rilakkuma Bath Ball

This is a super cute bath bomb! I love baths and bath bombs so this is a nice! It smelt really good when I first received it - even through the packet. This is meant to smell like honey but it kind of has that artificial honey scent.
The bath bomb also has a little 'prize' inside. I haven't used this yet but I don't really mind which on based on the illustrations.

I actually liked and will find a use for a few different things in this box. I really can't wait to use the bath bomb and the body wash. The sponge is amazing and I'll have to repurchase them in the future for sure!

That's all for this month's box!

Thank you for reading!
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  1. It's always exciting to see what you received! Hope you'll share how the bathbomb turns out!

    1. Maybe I'll insta stories it? I really want to try it out soon and see what googie I get XD


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