Friday, May 19, 2017

One Dress styled Five Ways

Hi! Hi!

This is one of those 'types' of posts I've wanted to do for a while however I've never really done one. I do try to make a few different looks when I haul items but I've never dedicated one post to one item being styled a variety of different ways.

 Outfit One;

I wanted to go for something simple and elegant. I wanted to create something that might be better for a party or a nice dinner. 

Aoi (yesstyle) navy ribbon bow, Topshop Pearl choker, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in navy.

Outfit Two; 

I wanted this look to be something you could wear out and about - like you're outside and shopping or going to a cute cafe or hanging out with friends. It's casual but still very trendy. 

 Liz Lisa ribbon felt had in beige, Liz Lisa embroidery logo top in white, Liz Lisa long chain necklace in pink, Samantha Vega bag in Pink and Tralala pumps in navy.

Outfit Three; 

For a more cosy, casual look I wanted to do more layering. I swear these shoes match the dress a lot better irl than in photos. 

 with Tralala 'M' jumper, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

Outfit Four;

A cute, girly layered look! I wanted to make the darker style more soft and sweet. 

 with Liz Lisa beret in white, Liz Lisa suede choker in pink, Forever New knit jumper in white, Samantha Vega bag in pink and Liz Lisa pom pom boots in brown.

Outfit Five; 

 My final outfit is the most simple but this is probably the most likely way I would wear this dress.

 with Liz Lisa hair bow, Liz Lisa bijou denim jacket in dark blue, Liz Lisa ribbon bag and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps in white (minus pom poms)

That's all for this post and I hope that you liked it! I quite liked styling the dress in different ways and I surprised myself with a few of them (the tralala jumper actually looked really nice layered with the dress imo,). I will have to try and do something similar again!
Let me know if there's any items in particular you'd like to see styled. lol

Thanks for reading! 
Berri Doll



  1. It's good to see this dress is so many different ways! Basically at least one for every season <3

    1. I wanted to go for versatility for this so I'm glad it worked out! And yeah - this dress is fun to style lol. It can be worn so many ways.

  2. That dress is beautiful! I love the print, the tailoring, and the drape of the dress. It looks beautiful in every one of the five different ways you styled it! My own personal favourite of the five is Outfit Three, but all of them are pretty.

    1. It's a nice dress lol. And thank you! It's a fun dress to style :D


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