Friday, May 19, 2017

One Dress styled Five Ways

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This is one of those 'types' of posts I've wanted to do for a while however I've never really done one. I do try to make a few different looks when I haul items but I've never dedicated one post to one item being styled a variety of different ways.

 Outfit One;

I wanted to go for something simple and elegant. I wanted to create something that might be better for a party or a nice dinner. 

Aoi (yesstyle) navy ribbon bow, Topshop Pearl choker, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in navy.

Outfit Two; 

I wanted this look to be something you could wear out and about - like you're outside and shopping or going to a cute cafe or hanging out with friends. It's casual but still very trendy. 

 Liz Lisa ribbon felt had in beige, Liz Lisa embroidery logo top in white, Liz Lisa long chain necklace in pink, Samantha Vega bag in Pink and Tralala pumps in navy.

Outfit Three; 

For a more cosy, casual look I wanted to do more layering. I swear these shoes match the dress a lot better irl than in photos. 

 with Tralala 'M' jumper, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

Outfit Four;

A cute, girly layered look! I wanted to make the darker style more soft and sweet. 

 with Liz Lisa beret in white, Liz Lisa suede choker in pink, Forever New knit jumper in white, Samantha Vega bag in pink and Liz Lisa pom pom boots in brown.

Outfit Five; 

 My final outfit is the most simple but this is probably the most likely way I would wear this dress.

 with Liz Lisa hair bow, Liz Lisa bijou denim jacket in dark blue, Liz Lisa ribbon bag and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps in white (minus pom poms)

That's all for this post and I hope that you liked it! I quite liked styling the dress in different ways and I surprised myself with a few of them (the tralala jumper actually looked really nice layered with the dress imo,). I will have to try and do something similar again!
Let me know if there's any items in particular you'd like to see styled. lol

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Berri Doll


Friday, May 12, 2017

[Japan Create] Kira Kira Crate 06

Hi! Hi!

 I had stopped getting Kira Kira crates for a while because I was hard core trying to save money but since I'm being frivolous again I didn't cancel this months and I'm glad I didn't! This crate has some really good useful items and I'm actually excited to try these new things.

Pretty aqua box as usual!

 The booklet cover is really pretty for this crate this time and the featured look is 'pretty tomboy' - I don't think I can pull off this look at all but it's fun to look at.

Disney Minnie Mouse Nail Decals

I actually have red ones very similar to this from a friend and I still haven't used them lol. I wish I lived near a Disney where wear these.

Hello Kitty Face Mask: Cherry Blossom/Green Tea

These are so cute! I love face masks and I would have been happy to get either the cherry blossom or the green tea ones but I'm glad I received the cherry blossom. I haven't opened these yet but it seems like they're all in one pack?
I think this says there is 8 masks but they're all in this one packet - normally sheet masks are in one pack but this seems like they're all in one packet. I have mixed feeling over this because I think it makes it harder to keep for longer (it might dry out) and it might be harder to use hygienically but this means there's less waste which is good. I'm willing to see how this goes though.

Light Liebe milk mango bath salts : Mango

I love getting bath salts in these boxes because they're not the types of things I buy on my own (actually I find them hard to find in stores) so getting them in these boxes is quite convenient. I love the smell of mango so I'm excited to try it.

Shiseido Super Milk Shampoo and Conditioner

I love how these are packaged and presented. They're really practically packed and they would be so good to take on a holiday. I'll be storing this for later on since I don't have any holidays planned at this point sadly.

 Fuwa Marsh Eyebrow Powder: 03 angel baby

This looks really cute! I've been using the same Dolly Wink Eyebrown powder since... well... I started filling in my brows so I'm interested to try this out.
The 4 colour palette is meant to create a gradient eyebrow look which I'm thinking might look nice.
I don't know anything about this brand but the packaging is cute so I have high hopes it works well.

Pure Smile Jewelry Scrub: Diamond / Sapphire

I was saying on Dayre I want to use more scrubs because I haven't used them for a while and I feel like my skin is a little bit dry lately so this has arrived in good time! I like the squeeze bottle and the packaging is really nice too. I don't normally go for products packaged like this but it's nice to receive them.
I'm actually glad that I got the 'Diamond' style one since I prefer them to sapphires XD.
 I think it product was incorrectly labeled as face when it's meant for body - I looked this up and it's meant to use crystals to help promote health and beauty. There's also matching lotions and sheet masks in this line.

I think this box had a good amount of items in it and mostly all full size which is really nice as well! I think I'm most excited to try the scrub because it actually looks really good. But of course everything looks nice.
I quite like this box and all the items included.

Japan crates site is [here]

Thank you for reading! 
Berri Doll
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