Friday, April 28, 2017

Summer to Autumn Outfits

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Lol, I'm sorry this post ended up being a bit late. I wanted to shoot this a lot earlier however I had work or other things on so I wasn't able to do this post. I'm just badly organized. Lol. Sorry.

I chose 3 items of clothing and made an outfit for Summer and an outfit for Autumn for this post. I wanted to pick versatile pieces that can work easily for both seasons.

Outfit One; 

The first item is this cute flower dot dress. This originally released very early in Autumn so it's perfect for those last warm summer days and makes for an easy piece to layer up.

For Summer;

with Tralala cardigan in navy, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink and Liz Lisa wedges in pink.

I paired this with a cardigan because in Summer I will still carry a cardigan in case of air conditioning that is too cold, to protect against the sun or in case it does get cold. 

For Autumn;

 with Liz Lisa bijoux denim jacket, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in navy.

 A denim jacket is must have for Autumn for me - it's perfect for keeping you warm without being too heavy or too much. 

Outfit Two; 

Liz Lisa Rose Ribbon Bouquet Sukapan. This is from winter however I think I could get away with it in early Autumn since it's so pretty I don't think I want to wear a coat over it too hide the set.

For Summer; 

 with Liz Lisa ribbon tie blouse in white, Liz Lisa ribbon bag in white and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom pumps in white (without pom poms).

The skirt isn't too heavy so I don't think it would be unwearable in Summer. I love the pleats and the colour. 

For Autumn;

with Liz Lisa ribbon rose blouse in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink and Liz Lisa 17th anniversary boots in beige. 

I'm in love with this set up. I think it looks so beautiful and princess-y and I actually hope I have a chance to wear this in the future.

Outfit Three;

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab Blouse in White. I really liked this in summer because it's airy and light and what wardrobe is complete without a blouse? I quite like the half sleeved because I think it makes it a more versatile 

 For Summer; 

with Liz Lisa picnic skirt in pink, Liz Lisa patent 2-way bag in pink and Liz Lisa 3-D flower pumps in white.

I think this is one of my favorite looks from Liz Lisa - I think you can't go wrong with a blouse and skirt combo.

For Autumn; 

with Liz Lisa faux suede trapezoid skirt in pink, Liz Lisa quilted bag in pink and Liz Lisa pom pom knee high boots in brown. 

Right now, Autumn is still pretty warm so I would just need something to protect and keep warm against the cold air since the sun is still pretty warm. 

That's all for this post. Luckily in Australia the Autumn months are pretty mild so I can get away with wearing a mixture of summer and autumn stuff which is nice.

Thank you for reading!

Berri. Doll


  1. The bouquet set up is perfect, especially with the boots!

  2. I especially love that last Autumn outfit! That skirt is just such a beautiful colour, isn't it? I'm so happy it's finally starting to cool down and I can actually wear LL without feeling like a waterfall is being created on my back D:

    1. Thank you! I really love the pink on the skirt, I quite like the duskier, more neutral pinks for Autumn/Winter. Ahaha, yeah it can get really warm where you are right? Can't wait to see some cute colder day codes from you!


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