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[Haul] Liz Lisa Winter 2017 pt 2

Hi! Hi!

So this is the second part of my winter haul from Liz Lisa. I think last time I said I have bought way too much but this time, I've bought way too much. But I really like the stuff I purchased the first time so here's hoping I have the same luck the second time around?


えりつきショートファーコート / Short fur coat with collar in White



I simply fell in love with this when I saw it online though, I was not going to pay full price for it (nearly 16,000 YEN!) but when the white was still available for 50% off I knew I had to purchase it.
Looking at it online I kind of thought that this would be a suitable for day or night (with the right outfit of course) but this jacket is pretty dressy and it's quite heavy so if you're running around and doing things this might not be the best jacket. I don't mind this but I'm just wondering if I'll wear this as much as I thought I would when I purchased it.

Outfit One;

with, Liz Lisa Pom Pom earrings in white (worn throughout), Liz Lisa 'Bear' skirt in Red (here), Liz Lisa Knee High Boots in Brown (see below)

One Piece;

ファー付オフショルニットワンピース / Offshow Knitted Dress with Fur in White


Omg. I saw this and really knew I wanted to have it. I really love knit dresses and I like the off the shoulder style and the drop waist of this particular style.
It feels more grown up and elegant than cutesy which is nice as well.
I actually love this a lot more than I thought I would. The knitted fabric is really soft and the skirt area is actually lined which is awesome - normally when it comes to knitted dresses they're literally just knitted dresses so you have to be mindful of what you're wearing underneath (in case anything shows through!) but I feel like this is a little more 'safe'.
That being said, I'm unsure what kind of coat or outer layer you can wear with this because the chest area (where it's over lapping) is quite thick so I don't know how you can comfortably wear a coat or jacket (I guess a poncho will do?) If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Outfit One; 

with Liz Lisa Belt Belt in White (see below), Liz Lisa Knee High Boot in Brown (see below)

Outfit Two; 

with Tralala Heart Bag in Black, Liz Lisa Ribbon Belt in White and Liz Lisa Back Ribbon Pumps in White (see below)


アーガイルマシュマロニット / Argyle Marshmallow Knit in White


Of course, I had to have this the moment I saw it. I love the argyle design and the colours are so nice - plus it matches quite a few pieces I purchased this season.
I was prepared to pay full price but it listed at 20% off online when it listed so I guess it was my lucky day. 
(Also thanks to Emi for helping me get the white colour!) 

 Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa Skirt in Pink, Liz Lisa Quilted Bag in Pink and Liz Lisa Knee High Boots in Brown.

肩あきニットプルオーバー / Shoulder Neck Pullover in White



Again thanks for Emi for helping me commit to this jumper (I was debating this one or this one,) and I'm glad I went for this one. I love the open shoulder design because it seems really chic and quite trendy. The ruffle on the turtle neck is really pretty and it's pretty comfy and easy to wear. 
I do kind of question the placement of the bow on the back however. I feel like it's completely unnecessary and placed a little randomly. It's a nice touch for Liz Lisa style but I'm kind of thinking I want to cut it off.  

Outfit One; 

 with Tralala checker skirt in black, Tralala bag in black and Liz Lisa Web Limited Pom Pom Pumps in white (without pom poms).

Outfit Two; 

with Liz Lisa tweed sukapan in white, Liz Lisa 3-way pom pom bag in white (here) and Liz Lisa Back Ribbon Pumps in White.

スリットレース台形スカート/ Slit lace trapezoid skirt in Pink


(There's a similar style skirt in the outlet here if anyone is interested)
I feel like this skirt has an almost 'retro' or 'mod' look with the big buttons and slit on the side but it's still really cute and girly. Plus I also bought the top that they matched it with online so I had to get the skirt too - right? Lol. 
Actually I figured it was a good skirt and would go with quite a few things I purchased this season and I think it will pair nicely with lots of things.
 The pearl/ribbon on the zipper is removable if you wish as well. 
It is a little shorter than I anticipated however I think with tights/boots it will looks nice.

 Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa Argyle marshmallow Knit in white, Liz Lisa 2 way bag in pink and Liz Lisa Back Ribbon Pumps in White.

Outfit Two;

 with Liz Lisa Shoulder Neck Pullover in White and Liz Lisa Knee High Boots in Brown.

ツイードスカパン / Tweed Sukapan in White



Again with the white x blue combo. XD So pretty. I also like the almost... garter style with the ribbons on the front. The plus is this is a pretty basic (in a good way) skirt and it's not overly fussy so I think I can easily pair it with other tops and bits which is good because I actually don't have heaps of super plain bottoms. 

Outfit One; 

with Liz Lisa Argyle Marshmellow knit in white, Liz Lisa 2-way bag in pink and Liz Lisa ballet shoes in pink (see below).

Outfit Two;

with; Liz Lisa Bunny Jumper in Grey, Liz Lisa Ribbon Bag in White and Liz Lisa Web Limited Pom Pom Pumps in White (minus Pom poms.


オーガンジーピアス/ Organza earrings in White


Possibly just bought these because they were on sale. Who knows.
I like the unique design and I think these would look nicest with hair tied up or something pinned back.
Also the bows are a lot bigger than I anticipated for these.

ビジューフラワーネックレス / Bijou flower necklace in white



 I really like the style of necklace and I've been collecting them for a few seasons now and I do find myself reaching for them and wearing them often so might as well add a new one to the mix. I like that this one seems like one you can wear more as a choker or as a necklace.

リボンベルト / Ribbon belt in white and pink




 I purchased these to go with the jumper dress. I knew I would regret it if I didn't purchase them however I was super undecided on colour so I ended up purchasing both wtf. I mean, I like that they styled the white with the pink one but if I don't want to wear pink with the dress I wouldn't have a white belt to pair with it so might as well get both while I can. Lol.


【雑誌掲載】ニーハイブーツ / Knee high boots in Brown


I believe this an extremely similar design to a few years ago and I never purchased them. When they released these this year I knew I wanted them. I quite like the 2-ways you can wear them and the colour is quite nice. I've never owned a pair of boots this shade but I think it would look quite nice.

ポン付バレエシューズ / Ballet shoes with pom in Pink



 I'm surprised Liz Lisa made a pair of flats! I normally wear flats on a daily basis and I love the sweet scallop edge.
I bought these and I didn't realize the pom pom was removable when I purchased these but I'm glad that it is as I think it makes these pretty flats a little more practical.
I really like the pom poms because they make me think of Tinkerbell with the slightly pointed toe and the pom pom. Only me? Okay, I'll stop. 

後ろリボンパンプス/ Back Ribbon Pumps in White



I saw these on Emi and I really liked how they looked. I have a few white pumps already but I have to admit I've been really enjoying them lately and they pair well with pretty much everything in my wardrobe so no regrets over these. 
(Plus, haven't been loving the Spring shoe releases and I figured I thought these would be nice for both Winter and Spring, and I got them for a steal so they were too good to pass up.) 
The pearl matched the pearl on the pink skirt I got quite nicely as well which is quite nice. 

That was everything for this haul and pretty much everything for Winter. I just realized how much white I bought this time XD

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll 




  1. Wah there was way more stuff in this haul than I thought lol. So much good stuff I'm glad you purchased!

    1. Yeah, but I didn't buy it all at once so it's okay right? Lol. I think everything in this haul goes really nicely together and matches well so I'm pretty happy with it over all.

  2. So many beautiful things! You and Emiii always make me want to buy so many Liz Lisa pieces! But my wallet says no xD I love seeing your collection!

    1. Thank you :D Yeah, Emi is a bad influence lol. XD (I'm joking lol) Ahaha - my wallet says no but I do it anyways.


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