Friday, March 17, 2017

My Unexpected Favorites

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This is a post similar to one I did here although the theme is a little different.
The theme for this weeks post is my unexpected favorites, so things I really like and enjoy wearing though I wasn't completely convinced when I ordered them if I would like them as much as I did or do.
I have to admit this was kind of hard to narrow down because obviously, I like all my clothes otherwise I wouldn't have them and it's not to say these are my absolute favorite clothing items either they're just items I maybe didn't think as highly of when I ordered them or I didn't think I would wear them as much as I do.
 And some of these items are a bit older so it's hard to remember exactly what I was thinking at the time of purchase.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this post and you all enjoy it.

 Liz Lisa Floral Jumper in Deep Pink

Omg - this jumper. I received this in a fukubukuro (here) so I didn't necessarily purchase this particular item on my own however I really like it. It's a great jumper however. It's really soft and warm and the colour doesn't exactly go with everything but tbh, I like it so much I don't even care lol. 

with Liz Lisa skirt, Liz Lisa bag and Liz Lisa 17th anniversary boots in beige.

Liz Lisa Floral skirt

 Another Fukubukuro item which I also quite like! The colours and style are actually really easy to wear and pair with other items in my wardrobe so it's really great piece to just throw on. Bonus is it also looks quite nice with black tights (which I do need in winter).

 with, Liz Lisa Knitted cardigan in beige, Liz Lisa white knitted top, Liz Lisa Fringe bag in pink and Liz Lisa engineer boots in brown.

 Liz Lisa Overalls in blue

This is kind of a cheat item cause I did think I would like this however, I don't think I anticipated liking it as much as I do. I think over Summer I wore this at least once a week - I think at one point.. I wore this like three days straight. I think if I had the choice between these overalls and like... all my other dresses, I think I would choose these. Maybe. Probably not - please don't test me on that one.

 with Liz Lisa 'luster' t-shirt, Liz Lisa yellow bag and Liz Lisa knot wedges in yellow.

Liz Lisa Ribbon knit in white 

I really love this jumper - funnily it was originally released in spring however I normally wear it in winter. I love that it's a little bit longer and I can wear it with leggings or tight fitting jeans. Plus it's cute without being over the top cute so it's easy to wear on more casual days.

 with Tralala heart 2-way bag in black, Tralala corduroy pants in red and Tralala wedges in black.

Yesstyle hounds tooth skirt

 This was kind of an impulse purchase however I'm so glad I did. I really like this skirt because it's really easy to just throw on and go. I really like this for casual looks. All though, I will say, this skirt is cut horribly, I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a circle skirt however some parts are much longer than the other (which a slightly too short) normally it's okay I'll just twist it around so the shorter 'sides' are on my hips while the longer parts are in the front and back XD.

 with Forever New knit, Tralala 2-way bag in black, Simon de Winter Socks and Tralala wedges in black.

Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno dress in Yellow

Tbh, another cheat. I kind of new I would like this dress however... I didn't think it was going to be as nice as it was. It fits me really well and it's such a flattering cut and the length is not too short. The fabric is really nice and it's a good dress to just throw on and go.

 with Liz Lisa cargo jacket and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige.

I'm not sure if these post worked out the way I thought it would, but I hoped you enjoyed it non-the-less.
I think a lot of these are more casual items but I guess for every day more casual items are more appropriate.

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll



  1. I love that you love the overalls so much!

    1. They're actually the best purchase ever IMO. I'm actually sad I won't get to wear them much that it's winter.


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