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Jill Stuart Blush Collection

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I think I've done a post similar to this on Dayre but I kind of wanted to do something similar on my blog.
I've been collecting Jill Stuart blushes for quite a few years now and probably many more to come.  They're my absolute favorites and they're the the only blushes I've bought for a while as well.

Also, I have had a few other blushes however I have used them up so they're not included since they aren't currently in my collection.

Jill Stuart blushes don't really watch well when you use a finger to watch them on your skin - you really need to use a brush for the best pay off.


Mix Blush Compact in Berry Tiramisu

This may be one of my oldest blushes and this is possibly my favorite blush as well. Mixed together it makes the prettiest pink on the cheeks and gives for the nicest most natural colour on the cheeks.

Mixed Blush Compact in Fig Tart

One of the blushes I haven't used yet. Kind of embarrassing but at least I can show you some nice looking blushes and not retched used ones so I guess there's a plus to this. I still have the box for this so you can see this collection came with this pretty white packaging - it kind of reminds me of a sugared almond or wedding packaging.

Mix Blush in Candle Symphony

This was from the autumn collection the year before last and I really like this one. I wore it a lot last year and I'm surprised it looks like I haven't touched it. I'm excited for Autumn to come again so I can start wearing this more often.


Blush Glow

This came from the Christmas set 2015 - you can read my post here.
This is nice though I don't think it's the most unique or the best Jill Stuart blush and if it weren't in the set I wouldn't have purchased it on it's own although I do use it occasionally.


Mix Compact Blush in Tulip Fields 

Another one I haven't used. I really like the colours in this - it's such a pretty gradient. This is from the spring collection called thumbelina.

Mix Blush More Colours in Eternal Bouquet 

This is the blush I go for the most lately. It's a soft, sweet pink on the cheeks that is really flattering for most days. Tbh, these blushes look really nice but I don't find the more colours any better (or worse) than the mix blush (4 colours ones).

Mix Blush in Strawberry Tarte

 I just hauled this here. I haven't used this yet so I can't say much about it but the packaging is the cutest.

Mix Blush More Colours in Mille Fruit Crepe

 I just hauled this here. Again I haven't had the chance to use this since I only got it recently.


Mix Blush in Shelley Gem

This isn't my favorite blush out of all of them. It's a hot pink blush which might suit some people's complexions or make up looks but for me it's a little bit much so I always have to use the lightest of hands to apply this.
When this was new it had the prettiest glitter pattern on the top however I used all the glitter so there's none left now.

Mix Blush in Lovely Afternoon

Another pink blush, of course. I really like this one because it's quite warm on the cheeks. The packaging is so cute for this collection.
Both the blushes from this collection are two of my favorites.

 Mix Blush in Sunny Morning

This has actually been my favorite blush recently. It applies as a warm red colour on the cheeks. I almost like it so much I don't want to stop using it. Lol.The colour is so nice and lovely.

Hopefully this post is somewhat interesting. I don't know if anyone really wanted to see this but I did it anyways lol.
Also I did want to swatch the blushes but... some just didn't turn out super well so I didn't include them in this post.

 If you have any questions about any particular blushes then I can try and answer them if I can.

Thank you for reading this post

Berri Doll

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  1. Haha I had no idea you had so many of these! It's really interesting to see them all at once.


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