Friday, March 31, 2017

[Haul] Etude House WonderFun Park Collection

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Cute packaging for make up is a complete must for me so when I saw the promotional images for this collection from Etude House I knew I wanted to purchase at least a few things.

I purchased this set of make up because I wanted both the eyeshadow and the highlighter - the lip tint wasn't something I was super interested it however I did like the colour. The model looks really pretty wearing the set.

Inside the set; 

 Wonder Fun Park Colour Eyes in Parade at Midnight

- Link -

I typically don't go for these colours as well so I'm excited to have something new. Even though this collection came out for Spring I think that these will look really nice going into Autumn / Winter in Australia.
I think this would be a great pallet to travel with because it has a good mix of wearable everyday neutrals and glitters and darker colours for night (or whenever you fancy, really.)
These were nice to swatch and some of the darker colours were quite hard to remove even with make up remover.

Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint in RD301 Crispy Apple Soda

- Link -

I do like a good red tint and I tend to favor the more glossy, juicy fruit kinds of red. Looking at this one I'm glad it was included cause it looks really nice however I don't think I would have purchased it on my own if it wasn't in the set.

Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter

- Link! -

I've used this a few times now and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't and I'm not sure what I do when I like it lol. I guess there's a nack to using it and I haven't been able to figure it out yet.

Non set items;

Wonder Fun Park Color Eyes #01 - Going around the Ferris Wheel

- Link! -

Some of these colours were a little bit chalky (looking at that pretty lavender - how dare you!) however they look quite nice swatched on my arm and the dark browns on the end have some serious staying power! (They were really hard to wash off even with cleansing oils) I think with primer the pastels will actually be quite nice on the eyes.

Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint in BL601 Exciting Milky Soda

- Link -

This colour was way too unique to not purchase XD. I really like the look of this colour both in the tube and on the models lips. Also... I think it would be so fun to pull this out and see how they react to it.

Wonder Fun Park Hair Perfume Mist 

- Link -

I'm always a big fan of hair mists because I hate when my hair catches all the bad odors outside so I find wearing a hair mist really prevents that. Plus they make your hair smell so nice - and is there anything better than sweet smelling hair?

Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter Brush 

- Link

I couldn't resist this pastel highlighter brush. I've had the same brushes for a while now and while some still look great some are getting a little old so I think I can replace my old highlighter brush with this one.

Wonder Fun Park Candy Cheek Brush 

- Link -

I really didn't need this I just couldn't resist the pastel hairs. The brush feels really soft and the handles aren't too heavy either which is nice. I prefer my brushes to be light because I find that the most comfortable to use.

Big Cover Top Concealer 

- Link -

I'm slowly using up my surprise concealer by Etude House and I will need a new one sooner rather than later so I thought I would try this out and see if I like it. I think I got the lightest colourin this because I like to use this for under the eyes.

Big Cover Concealer Kit 

- Link -

Same as the above, I've been using the older design of this pallet and I've really been liking it so I wanted to get the newer version as well. The older surprise concealer kit only has two colours so I'm not sure about what the darker colour is for? Is it just for mixing together to get the right colour? I'll have a little play with it anyways.

Lip & Eye Remover 

- Link -

I ran out of this and I need this to remove eye make up lol. This removes my eye make without too much effort and doesn't disagree with my skin so I decided to just stick with this product. 

That was all I got from this haul. I really need to try and hold back more when it comes to Etude House Limited stuff lol. I buy way too much. (But the packaging) Hopefully this post was enjoyable :D

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Berri Doll


Friday, March 24, 2017

Summer Favorites 2017

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I always really like watching monthly favorites however, I'm not organized enough to do these monthly so I want to do them seasonally and share items that I've really been liking or enjoying. I don't know. Sorry, I know I've done a few 'favorite' themed posts recently but this one is kind of 'seasonal' so I kind of had to do it now...

Make Up 

Jill Stuart Glitter Eyeliner

I've had this for a long time and I had never used it (it was unopen at the time I found it) however it is amazing. Whenever I use glitter eyeliners I normally find that they can be drying on the eye however this is doesn't dry uncomfortably on the eye! It's just a really pretty glitter - it's not super strong however it's so nice for everyday. 

Etude House Big Cover Cushion Concealer in Illuminate 

This is a really sweet pinkish highlight that isn't too much. I really love highlighter however I'm not one for super over done strong highlight so this is perfect. I normally apply this to my hand then from my hand apply it to my face. 

Etude House Lucid-dreaming Highlighter in 01 Hawaiian

This highlighter is also pretty old and I used it for ages a while ago however I recently rediscovered it. This used with the cushion highlighter above gives are really pretty, soft yet defined highlight which isn't too much for every day.

Etude House Pink Skull Eye shadow in PK001

 Not the best 'Summer' pallet but I've really been liking and enjoying this. The colours aren't that dramatic or that different from each other but that's why I've been liking this. I don't have the types of eyes where I can get away with just one eyeshadow on my eyes however some days I don't want to look like I'm wearing heaps of shadows on my eyes so this pallet is perfect.

Etude House Play Ice Cream Pallet 

I'm not sure if this was a limited edition at the time or not. It's not on the global site anymore however I've seen it on other websites. This pallet has great for summer because it's a nice combination of pretty, bright colours and wearable neutrals. All the colours are really nice, the only let down is the pretty cool mint colour which is more of a glitter instead of a proper shadow.


Liz Lisa x My Melody Blouse in white

I've always liked this blouse however, it wasn't until it was really hot that I kind of really liked it. It's a bit of a baggier cut and the fabric is quite light so it's perfect for hot summer days. I'm not the kind of person who likes wearing super tight minimal clothing in summer no matter how hot it is so I prefer to wear something like this when it's hot.

Tralala Ribbon Shorts in Blue

Kind of a 'forgotten' or an unspectacular item in my closet however I really enjoyed those when it was really hot out. The light fabric was super nice on hot days and they kind of look like a skirt because they're so loose and floaty. Bonus is they have pockets. I really liked wearing these shorts with the above blouse for a simple but cute look that was perfect for warmer weather.

Liz Lisa overalls

I'm just gonna leave a picture here and not say anything about these at this point. 

Liz Lisa 'Luster' T-shirt in White

I just really liked wearing this with the overalls to be perfectly honest and I think that they pair well together. The outfit is super casual and easy to wear which is probably why I gravitated towards it so much over Summer


 I actually received this for free when I made an online purchase so I didn't purchase it. I really like this and I've worn it so many times over Summer - the little triangle is super discoloured but I really like it anyways so I don't care. It's also really comfortable and isn't too tight to wear. I mostly wore this with the overalls and the t-shirt above.

Okay! That's all everything for this post. It's super late cause lately it's been so rainy and cloudy so Autumn is definitely here. I actually have a few 'autumn' themed posts planned but we'll see if I do them lmao.

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll

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