Friday, February 10, 2017

[Master Post] Summer Wardrobe 2017

Hi! Hi!

Yay! On to sharing my Summer wardrobe. I always love Summer fashion because I think it's easy to wear - like you just need clothes, shoes and bag. Plus Summer time is bight and colourful!

For Summer, I love dresses (and rompers,) and I pretty much exclusively bought dresses over Summer 2016. This year I also purchased a few set ups as well which is something I always swore myself off of but I do quite like the ones I bought personally.



One Piece; 

 Liz Lisa High-Low Dress in White; I purchased this from Emi and it kind of how we became friends (hi Emi,) so I treasure this dress a lot <3. I think the high-low style is really out of trend at the minute but I love the details in this. 

Liz Lisa Vivid Dress in Red (here): I'm actually saving this for Christmas because I think it would be the best day to wear this dress. 
Liz Lisa Strawberry Jam Dress in red and Strawberry Jam Cardigan in Red (here): I actually hang these together so hence picture together. The super cute strawberry jam print is so sweet.


Liz Lisa Lace Border Dress in White (here): New to my wardrobe for 2016/2017 yet I still haven't worn this.
Liz Lisa Fruit Print Op in White: Have to admit this is one of my favorite Liz Lisa dresses and I love wearing it. It doesn't look too special when you look at it but I really like the fabric and the pattern and the cut.

Liz Lisa Flower Dress in Pink (here): I really don't wear this enough. It's a pretty unique length for my wardrobe and I think the design is flattering.

Tralala Mock Two-Piece in Pink: Seriously, if I'm ever going somewhere casual or I just need to get dressed quickly, I reach for this! It's so comfy and it looks like you've gone to so much effort to get dressed and style yourself but the reality is you're wearing one piece.
Liz Lisa One Piece in Pink: I have a love hate the with piece. I find the side zipper really difficult to work with however I like the cut/shape of this romper. It's just shorts but when you wear it really looks like a dress.
Liz Lisa Checkered in Pink (here): This was one of the first ever items I purchased from Tokyo Kawaii Life (omg, it was VENT then,) and cause of that I don't think I'm ever willing to let this dress go even though it's not really my tastes any more (it's pretty short,).

Liz Lisa Constellation One Piece in Navy (here): I wore this dress to a house party and my cousin knocked the table and split all kinds of alcoholic beverages over my dress TT_TT. Sorry dress! I really love this dress - if you ever see it online please but it! It's super flattering and it's so well made.
Liz Lisa Web Limited Dress in (Pink? White?): Another favorite dress. I really like the cut and the fabric of this dress. It's just really easy to wear and it ends up being really appropriate for a lot of situations. Definitely a dress worth the purchase. 

Liz Lisa Denim Mock 2-Piece Romper (here): I always fool people into thinking I'm wearing two separate pieces when I wear this but it's a romper.
Liz Lisa Fruit Print Romper in White (here): This is one of my favorites! I think it really looks like a short dress and it's super cute. 
 Liz Lisa Floral Romper: I really like this piece cause the colour is really unique and I don't have anything else this colour. However, I do not remember ordering this item at all and it's kind of been a mystery ever since it entered my possession. 

 Liz Lisa Ribbon Romper in Pink: I lucky to purchase this from Emi! I really love the ribbons on the back (which you totally can't see here). 

 Liz Lisa Flower Romper in Pink (here): To be honest, this isn't the best fit for me personally. it's quite big in the chest area so I tend to wear this on super hot days only. 

Tralala mock two piece dress in white; The cut of this dress ended up being really flattering though it is a little on the short side for me but I do normally wear it in summer so I guess it's okay. 
Tralala Dress in black; Normally I just wear this to work but I haven't really lately. 

Set Up; 

Tralala Set up in Blue: I simply love this skirt cause it's kind of school girl-like without being an exact school girl skirt. To be honest, I haven't worn the top but I'm still glad I purchased it lol. Maybe I'll try wearing it with a top underneath it. 
Liz Lisa Gingham set in Navy (here): Super cute and I can't wait to wear this on really warm days. 
Liz Lisa Sunflower x Parfait Set up in Pink (here): I like that I can easily mix and match these with items I already have in my wardrobe or wear them together. Sadly, I haven't had much chance to wear this but soon hopefully. 


Bardot Lace Blouse on White; This used to be a work top but I don't really wear it to work much recently.
MissShop Silk Cami in Yellow; This is one of those really old tops but I can't get rid of it but I guess it's in style now so I guess it's okay? This came from a rather cheap label but it's actually silk which is super nice.  

Liz Lisa Gingham check pita top in red (here): I already wore this once and my mum called me a 'hill-billy' lol. I still like it regardless. XD 
Liz Lisa Blouse in white; I've had this for years now and I'm not really 100% what year or season it came from but I sill like it. 
Liz Lisa peplum blouse in white; The same as the above blouse. I don't really remember when I got this but I like it regardless. It's a little big in the bust on myself but it's okay. 

Liz Lisa bra lets; I really liked wearing these in the past but recently I haven't worn them recently unfortunately.


Liz Lisa floral pants in pink; I don't wear these often but I do like them because the fabric is nice and light so they're good for summer. 
Liz Lisa floral suspender skirt; I used to really quite like this but I've gone off it a bit recently so I'd be willing to sell this in future. 
Liz Lisa Floral Skirt in deep pink;  a favorite of mine. The colour is really unique and I like the pleats. 

Jeanswest denim shorts; Basic shorts that I wear for more casual days. 
Tralala ribbon shorts in blue; I love these. They're so comfy and easy to wear. Plus they kind of look like a skirt but it's not. (Also pockets) 
Liz Lisa denim shorts; Basically, these are a good fit because the waist is really tight and the hips fit well. The only problem is they're a little on the short side (even for shorts) 
Liz Lisa Lace Shorts in deep pink; I really like these and they're pretty comfy. 

Liz Lisa wedges in beige, white and pink; These are all from different years lol. I really love the beige pair and I wear them really often. The pink is also really nice. I have to admit I haven't worn the white out of a blog post scenario so I'm not opposed to selling them if anyone is interested. 

Miss Shop Eden 'sneakers' in black fabric and dusty pink; Thought I would include some non-Liz Lisa stuff too. Lol. I know these are yeesy knock-offs but they're cheap and they're so comfortable and I love them lol. 
 Liz Lisa lace sneakers in white; I super love these and wear them often. I like them with more casual styles or even cute dresses tbh. 

Tralala patent bow flats; I wear these way too often and I really like them. They're comfy and the colour means they go with everything.
Tralala ribbon wedges in beige; These are a great throw on with everything wedge. 
Liz Lisa knot wedges in yellow; These are so old and I don't get to wear them often but I love them and the colour is so cheerful. Liz Lisa pls make these again so I can buy in white or pink. 

Miss Shop 'ivy' wedges in white and silver; I bought both of these for super cheap (I think I got the silver in particular for like... AUD$7.00). They're super light weight and simple so they go with everything. 

 Of course, I also own a lot of thongs/flip flops but I don't really care to include those in pictures because they're not that pretty looking lol. 
So that's everything for my Summer wardrobe. It'll be interesting to compare what I'll have next year.

I currently sell in two places;
Ebay - here
Facebook - here  (If you want to add me it's okay but album should be public,) 

I don't really update at any specific time so I guess just keep checking lol, sorry. 

That's everything for this post. Hopefully my next post can be more new stuff!!

Thank you for reading! 

Berri Doll



  1. Love all the rompers and all the floral print! I forgot you had some of these items lmao. Hope to see you wearing them soon!

    1. Yeah, it's definitely a plus doing post like this cause you get a chance to forget you had some stuff. Lol, hopefully.

  2. Oh man yes!!! Your dress collection is on fire!!
    I really wish Tralala was still around... Their items were still cute but more casual and cheaper which was nice too.
    I'd love those shoes in white but I think you're an L? Is that right? And I'm an M so they won't fit me :'(

    I do hope to get some Liz Lisa wedges soon!!!

    1. Lol! I really like dresses :P
      Liz Lisa messed up with getting rid of Tralala TT_TT It was great for little bits and pieces and more casual stuff.
      Yeah, I wear an L - I should have specified - I'll keep it in mind for next time.


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