Friday, February 24, 2017

[Haul] Jill Stuart Spring 2017

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Isn't Jill Stuart's limited collection so sweet? Lol.
The sweet theme collection was simply too cute for me to resist so I had to purchase a few items from the collection.
The packaging is the classic crystal look of all Jill Stuart items however it has gorgeous pastel macaroon and sweet theme illustration is really cute.

I purchased the Eyeshadow pallet in 02 Cookies and Cream Assort, Mix blush compact N in 21 strawberry tarte, Mix Blush Compact More Colours in 22 Fruit Mille Crepe and Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer in 07 Pinky Lychee.

Eye Shadow Pallet in 02 Cookies and Cream Assort

-Link -

I really wanted 01 peach and melon assort however I didn't think it would be the most practical for me so I went with 02. I think this would be a lovely pallet for everyday and I think every colour goes together nicely.
I don't normally use the little applicators that come with the eyeshadow pallet's but it's okay.

 Mix blush compact N in 21 strawberry tarte

- Link -

If you don't already know, I basically collect the blushes from Jill Stuart. I have quite a few now and I've given up trying to limit myself because I can always justify a new one when it releases. This one bares resemblance to one from an autumn collection many years ago now and it's actually one of my favorite blushes so I'm actually happy about that. Even though it looks slightly different in the pans - I'm hoping they apply similarly.

Mix Blush Compact More Colours in Fruit Mille Crepe

- Link

These mix blushes launched for the first time last spring and while they look pretty in the pan I don't find them better or any different to the mix blush with 4 colours (texture / application wise colours are of course different,). Though they are really pretty to look at and they do apply nicely. 

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer in 07 Pinky Lychee

- Link

I wouldn't have purchased this because I have quite a few lip sticks/glosses already however, lately I've been noticing pale pinks are harder and harder to find and seems to be pushed out of the market place so I thought I should purchase this one while I had seen it. I quite like these lip glosses, they're a little sticky but not enough to get your hair stuck in your gloss or and they're a little sheer but I like that personally.
The packaging of course, speaks for itself.

I managed to get a few free samples with my order;

Shampoo and condition set. I have another of these and I'm thinking of saving them for when I travel.

Jill Stuart Lip Pump Oil - I've actually never used a plumping oil or lip plumping product before and I know big, plump lips are trendy right now (But, let's be honest, Risa has the best lips,) and I don't think it would suit me much at all but at least this is a little one to try. XD

The packaging is so cute for this collection I almost don't want to throw it away. Hopefully you enjoyed this little post. I don't normally share Jill Stuart cosmetics online because I think they're a little pricey but the packaging is so lovely it's worth sharing ^^

I purchased all my Jill Stuart Cosmetics from Bon Bon Cosmetics - here -

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. I finally walked into a Jill Stuart store in Japan in person and I totally get why you can't resist the items!

    1. Hehehe, it's way to pretty to resist right?


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