Friday, February 24, 2017

[Haul] Jill Stuart Spring 2017

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Isn't Jill Stuart's limited collection so sweet? Lol.
The sweet theme collection was simply too cute for me to resist so I had to purchase a few items from the collection.
The packaging is the classic crystal look of all Jill Stuart items however it has gorgeous pastel macaroon and sweet theme illustration is really cute.

I purchased the Eyeshadow pallet in 02 Cookies and Cream Assort, Mix blush compact N in 21 strawberry tarte, Mix Blush Compact More Colours in 22 Fruit Mille Crepe and Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer in 07 Pinky Lychee.

Eye Shadow Pallet in 02 Cookies and Cream Assort

-Link -

I really wanted 01 peach and melon assort however I didn't think it would be the most practical for me so I went with 02. I think this would be a lovely pallet for everyday and I think every colour goes together nicely.
I don't normally use the little applicators that come with the eyeshadow pallet's but it's okay.

 Mix blush compact N in 21 strawberry tarte

- Link -

If you don't already know, I basically collect the blushes from Jill Stuart. I have quite a few now and I've given up trying to limit myself because I can always justify a new one when it releases. This one bares resemblance to one from an autumn collection many years ago now and it's actually one of my favorite blushes so I'm actually happy about that. Even though it looks slightly different in the pans - I'm hoping they apply similarly.

Mix Blush Compact More Colours in Fruit Mille Crepe

- Link

These mix blushes launched for the first time last spring and while they look pretty in the pan I don't find them better or any different to the mix blush with 4 colours (texture / application wise colours are of course different,). Though they are really pretty to look at and they do apply nicely. 

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer in 07 Pinky Lychee

- Link

I wouldn't have purchased this because I have quite a few lip sticks/glosses already however, lately I've been noticing pale pinks are harder and harder to find and seems to be pushed out of the market place so I thought I should purchase this one while I had seen it. I quite like these lip glosses, they're a little sticky but not enough to get your hair stuck in your gloss or and they're a little sheer but I like that personally.
The packaging of course, speaks for itself.

I managed to get a few free samples with my order;

Shampoo and condition set. I have another of these and I'm thinking of saving them for when I travel.

Jill Stuart Lip Pump Oil - I've actually never used a plumping oil or lip plumping product before and I know big, plump lips are trendy right now (But, let's be honest, Risa has the best lips,) and I don't think it would suit me much at all but at least this is a little one to try. XD

The packaging is so cute for this collection I almost don't want to throw it away. Hopefully you enjoyed this little post. I don't normally share Jill Stuart cosmetics online because I think they're a little pricey but the packaging is so lovely it's worth sharing ^^

I purchased all my Jill Stuart Cosmetics from Bon Bon Cosmetics - here -

Thank you so much for reading!

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Friday, February 17, 2017

[Haul] Liz Lisa Winter 2017 pt 1

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I went and purchased a few pieces from the 'winter' collection (Some stuff is from the Autumn collection but it's all good). I normally dismiss the Liz Lisa winter collection and only buy a few bits and pieces because I don't really like winter so therefore I don't like winter clothes but this year I've really been loving what they're released so I went a bit overboard this year but it's okay because I don't feel like I had a good winter wardrobe to begin with. (But I do now so it's all good).

One Piece; 

千鳥花ワンピース / Staggered flower one piece in Pink



I managed to get this for 50% off which I thought was reasonable. I quite liked it when I saw it but decided against purchasing it however I kept looking at it so I know when I do that it must mean I like it quite a lot.
I thought I had managed to purchase the last pink but after I purchased it - the pink was still available so I don't know. I seriously think TKL is bugged cause I feel like I went and purchased a few things and it's been '1 left' but it's quickly restocked or not sold out. 
I actually liked the cut of the hem - the way it rises in the front a little bit I think it makes legs look thinner and longer lol.  
(Also, can I please have Rima's legs k. Thanks,)  

I was a bit worried this dress was going to be tweed however it's simply a textured fabric (it looks like tweed however it doesn't feel like tweed so all good!) The dress feels warm and weighty but it's not too heavy at all and it would be nice on it's own or layered with a cardigan or a jacket.
When I first got this I had it hanging on the back of my door and I kept staring at it and I was just like, I really love this dress.

  The fit is quite nice and I really like it. Sometimes with dresses (even from Liz Lisa) the bust area is too big for me however, the arm holes for this dress fit really well and they aren't too big or roomy however the bust area is still quite roomy (wtf?).  I don't really hate the fit of it over all but it's interesting especially compared to other dresses and my own experiences.
Also, there's a piece of fabric on the inner hem of the dress which give it it's unique shape. It's really nice, feminine and lady like.

outfit one;

 with off brand hairband, Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal cardigan in white, Liz Lisa 3D flower clutch in white and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige.

Outfit two; 

with off brand hair band, Liz Lisa bijou G jacket in dark blue, off brand bag and Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink. 


レースインナー / Lace Inner in Bordeaux 



 I actually really wanted this in white or pink but by the time it went to 50% off it was only available in Bordeaux.
This is a pretty common design from Liz Lisa and they release different colours and slightly different designs in different seasons. I've never managed to purchase a style like this before so I was wanting to try one this season.
Actually I was really surprised by this top! I was anticipating this to be a big disappointment and I just wouldn't like it but I'm quite fond of it. 
The lace is so soft and the fit it quite decent.
The top feels a little short in the length and the sleeves but I think I'm being silly and more of my clothing is high waisted so I think it'll be okay.

Outfit One; 


 with Liz Lisa suede lily skirt in pink, Liz Lisa 3 way bag in pink and Liz Lisa lace up pumps in Bordeaux.

Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa embroidered denim skirt in medium blue, Liz Lisa fringe bag in pink and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige.

Outfit Three;

 with Liz Lisa 17th anniversary skirt in pink, Samantha Vega bag in pink, Liz Lisa 17th anniversary boots in beige.

【雑誌掲載】花アンゴラトップス / Flower Angora Jumper in White


I have two knit OP from Liz Lisa and I really like them but most of the time I wear them rolled up like a top so I figured this year, I should buy a top version. I really like the bow on the back. Super cute.
I also managed to purchase this for 50% off.
Normally the knits like this from Liz Lisa are quite light (in feel) but this one feels more sturdy and weighted.

Outfit One; 

 with Ambra jeggings in dark blue, Liz Lisa lucky pack bag, Liz Lisa velour pumps (see below)

Outfit Two; 

with Liz Lisa 'fluffy bunny' backpack in pink, Liz Lisa quilted skirt in pink and Liz Lisa 17th anniversary boots in beige. 


None this time XD Sorry.


ムートンブーツ / Mouton Boots in Pink and Beige





 Someone remind me next year not to buy a new pair XD. I super love these and what's great about these is that they're suitable for both indoor and outdoor wear (although I have a pair of Liz Lisa boots and Tralala ones and I specifically wear those inside so I might use these ones for outside.) 

ベロアパンプス / Velour pumps in pink



I purchased these kind of impulsively but I'm loving the velour/velvet trend for shoes. I love the cross strap and the little bows (and the puff). The pearl isn't removable from the shoes which is okay... a little strange because normally the details like this are removable.
The velour kind of funny because it catches the light so much and can appear 'white' sometimes which I'm not sure how well it will match whatever I pair it with.
I've been seeing a lot of velour (and velvet) shoes and especially in this salmon (?) pink which is nice but kind of annoying. I like buying Liz Lisa because I feel like it's different to what I see in stores here but it's kind of similar. 


スエードリボン手袋 / Suede Ribbon Gloves in Pink



 I bought new gloves! I love Liz Lisa gloves and I bought pink ones a few seasons ago and I wanted a new pair cause mine are getting... old. I love the bow on the gloves. They're super cute.
I have a pair of gloves from a few years ago and they're still fine but they have little pearls on them and they're been falling off slowly (they're still fine and I can wear them but I thought it would be nice to buy new ones,)
I'm glad I did, I think Liz Lisa has improved their gloves this year. My old ones are quite thin however, I feel like these are thicker. 

ファーミトン / fur mittens in white


Actually I purchased these for a dumb reason.

Last winter whenever I would go out my mum would ask me if I have my mittens and every time I would be like, 'no, I have gloves,'. I don't know why she specified mittens cause I don't think I've ever had mittens in my life. I don't know why but I remember it and it bothers me that I don't have mittens?
I had a hard time deciding on the colour I wanted. I liked all 3 but went for white.

Omg, I love these so much. I wasn't sure about them when I bought them but once I put them on, I was so happy I purchased them. They're amazing and fluffy and I actually can't wait to wear them.

*Also I would like the say, the translation for this item was strange so I assume it's meant to be fur mittens?

レースアップポンポシェット / Lace up Pon Pochette in Blue



I kind of missed out on the Autumn collection version of this bag but I'm kind of glad I did because I really love this colour way. The blue x white is so lovely and charming I simply couldn't resist it's sweet combination.
I love the ribbon design on the handle as well though I hope it holds up well over time and doesn't flop or droop too much.
The bag is actually felt like material where it's white and the blue is fake leather so it's perfect for cooler months. 

【雑誌掲載】チェックリボンマフラー / Check ribbon muffler in white 




Liz Lisa released something similar last year and I've always regretted missing it so when they released these this year I knew I wanted to purchase one! I love my Liz Lisa scarves. I really liked both colours but the white just seemed to appeal to me a tiny little bit more so I went with that one. 

The colour on this is a little strange, the pink is more of a 'lavender' irl. I still like this scarf of course I just wasn't anticipating the shade of pink it ended up being thought it's likely I would have bought it any ways. 

That's everything for this time around. I've tried to change all the links to the new ones (since once something moves to the outlet the url changes,) if I've missed something please let me know so I can fix it. I think most of this stuff has sold out now but it might be helpful to someone in future so let me know.

Thank you for so much for reading. 

Berri Doll
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