Friday, January 20, 2017

Liz Lisa x My Melody Charm Collection

Hi! Hi!

I'm not sure I was thinking of doing this post for a while but I kind of kept putting it off and talking myself out of it but I decided to do it cause I really want to try and blog more this year so I might as well.

I want to share my Liz Lisa x My Melody charms. I don't have all of them (and I actually thought I had more prior to taking these pictures.

I don't think I've ever shared all my charm collection so I guess this might be helpful if any one was wondering what charms I owned or which charm went with which collab (even though I don't have the charms?) lol.

My Melody 3rd Collab 

 My Melody 6th Collab

 My Melody x My Sweet Piano 8th Collab

My Melody 9th Collab 

 My Melody 10th Collab (Volume One)

All together

Sorry, I kind of did think I did have more than 5 collabs worth of charms but I took the pictures so might as well post right?
I hope you have enjoyed this post regardless of it's simplicity. 
Hopefully, I'll have a more detailed post out soon.

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll


  1. Hahaha Why does the third one seem so much derpier than the later versions?

    1. She's special? Lol. I actually didn't notice til you pointed it out. She's a lil' different.

  2. She's losing weight every year! What's Melody's secret?!

    (Hey I love this post though :D hahaha)


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