Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Wardrobe MVP 2017

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I think we all have those items in our wardrobe that we consider the 'star' players - those pieces we reach for over and over, that we hold onto season after season, no matter the wear and tear we still consider acceptable to wear.
I know I have had quite a few over the years and I really wanted to make a post highlighting what I consider to be my 'Most Valuable Pieces' in my closet.

For me, my MVP aren't the most expensive or the most extravagant, I went with the pieces that prove to me every time I wear them why I like them so much.

MVP are pieces I can reach for in a rush I know they're going to look okay, or they're easy to style or they're just those items when I'm shopping I go 'Hey, this would look great with (item)'.

I really tried to narrow it down and pick one piece per category though some categories I really struggled with choosing only one item. (One dress over of 50?!? Impossible!)

 I did sub categorize slightly (ie. Winter vs. Summer for dresses or Blouse vs. Knit for tops) because it was too hard to narrow it down between some favorites.


Liz Lisa Bijou Jacket in Dark Blue

This is something I reach for constantly, I wear it with skirts, dresses, pants etc. I wear it day and night.

 Paired with; Liz Lisa mock 2-piece dress in navy, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy and Liz Lisa ribbon pumps in navy.


Tralala Fukubukuro Coat

To be perfectly honest, I really need to get this cleaned because it's got a few marks and stains on it. When I got this coat I was pretty unimpressed, I didn't expect much and tbh, it's a coat I reach for. I guess I don't really care if it gets rain on it or I leave it lying around because the colour isn't super delicate. I like that it's quite short as well because then the hem of my dress or skirt shows which is cute IMO. (If your coat is too long then you can't see any part of your outfit,)

 Paired with; Penderie bloouse in white, Liz Lisa skirt in pink, Simon de Winter socks and Yesstyle boots.



Penderie by Tralala Blouse in White

Hands down my favorite blouse. I love that this is simple enough I can easily layer it under a knit but it's detailed enough for me to wear it on it's own. It's cut well (with some structure) but it's also a good size for me as well - not too loose not too tight. 
I've even worn this in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. 

- Paired with; Liz Lisa wagon skirt in pink, Tralala ribbon wedges in beige and Samantha Vega bag in pink.


Tralala Rose Jumper in White 

I have a lot of knits I like and enjoy wearing however, this is a firm favorite for me. I love the simple rose patter, the colour and the bagginess. It's girlie but not too girlie. It pairs well with skirts and jeans because of it's length. 

Paired with; Penderie blouse in white (shown above), JeansWest denim shorts, CanCam magazine tote, Simon de Winter socks and Liz Lisa wedges in beige (see below) 
Honorable mentions; 

Tralala Denim Blouse
I never would have thought that this would be a wardrobe staple but I really like it.

 Liz Lisa Knit in Deep Pink 

I got this in a Fukubukuro and I really like it. I love wearing it with pants or skirts. It's super soft and comfy. I know it's not everyone's style or tastes but I really like it.

Liz Lisa Blouse

 This is a similar situation to the Penderie one however this one is quite old now as white does it shows wear and this one is starting to show wear a bit. It looks fine when I wear it but I think if you look closely to it you can see that.


Liz Lisa Skirt in Pink

This is probably my most worn skirt from my closet. I've worn this countless times and I've worn it over and over again. This is one of those items I kind of purchased on a whim and didn't think much of it at the time but it's been completely worth the purchase. 
Also this skirt came with matching suspenders which I have never worn with this skirt.

Paired with; Penderie blouse in white (shown above), Liz Lisa ribbon knit in white, Liz Lisa 'lucky bunny' backpack in pink, Simon de Winter socks and Yesstyle boots. 

One Piece; 

 Tralala Plaid Dress in Red

Possibly one of the earlier purchases from (the former VENT international) Tokyo Kawaii Life and one of my favorites. I even have this dress in green and beige thought the red is a firm favorite. 

 Paired with; Tralala ankle boots in black (shown below), Tralala velour heart 2-way bag in black

 Liz Lisa Floral Angora Knit OP in Beige (White? Idk)

 I really love this Op. I really like to wear it folded up like a blouse however, wearing it as an OP is nice as well. So warm and cozy. 

Paired with; Liz Lisa fringe clutch in pink, H&M slip (underneath), Simon de Winter Socks and Yesstyle boots (shown below). 

Liz Lisa Fruit Dress in white

The reason this is a favorite is is so easy to wear. It's so light and easy to wear I reach for it constantly. There's no zip or buttons. Plus, the shirring makes it so comfortable to wear.

 Paired with; Tralala denim blouse (shown above), Liz Lisa 3-D flower clutch in white and Tralala ribbon wedges in beige (see below)
Note; I'm wearing the waist tie as a hair band.

 Honorable mentions; 

 Liz Lisa Overalls in blue

 Honestly, this was going to be an MVP because I don't think a week has gone by without me wearing these since it's been warm enough to wear them. The only reason I haven't included these in my MVP list because I've only had them one season and the other items have really stood the test of being my favorites over years.

 Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno flower Dress in Yellow

I love this dress, it's an excellent fit, the fabric is nice it's a win for me. It's pretty casual which works well for an everyday basis. 

Liz Lisa Web Limited Checkered OP in Pink

Another dress I reach for quite often. The fabric is really nice and the shape suits my figure as well nicely (IMO). 



 Liz Lisa wedges in beige

I really like these. The heel isn't too high which makes them perfect for most occasions. They're also quite easy to put on/take off as well. These are getting kind of dirty and the heels are wearing out slowly but I will try and wear them until they die. Lol.

Honorable mention; 

Tralala Ribbon Wedges in Beige

These are really light and again, easy to wear. They're a little wide for my feet however I still find them pretty comfy regardless.


Tralala Ankle Boots in Black
I regret not purchasing these in the other colours  as well TT_TT. I really like these because they have a hidden wedge which adds height and these are really comfy as well.

Honorable mention; 

YesStyle Ankle Boots with Fleece Lining in Caramel 
(Here - Here)

I purchased these on a whim and I'm so glad I did. I really like these because they're lined with fleece so they're so comfy and warm but they're wedges so they give me height as well. A class mate once called them... slippers for short people. 

I don't know if this was particularly interesting or what but I hope you liked it regardless.
These are absolutely not my complete favorites from my wardrobe or my most special pieces, these are just the pieces I really like and enjoy wearing and if I've ever not sure what I want to wear or I just need something quickly. Hopefully there was some stuff in here that was unexpected or you haven't seen a whole lot of (tbh, most of this stuff doesn't get featured in blogs cause I wear it so often I'm so used to them).
I'm actually surprised there's so much Tralala actually. 
Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this post and found it interesting. 

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll
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