Friday, December 1, 2017

Jill Stuart Holiday Collection

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Jill Stuart released their super cute Christmas Collection and I knew I really wanted to get it. It's a collaboration with Morgan Lane - which was something I hadn't heard of before but it's a cute (but sexy) sleepwear/lingerie shop and it's like a sister brand to Jill Stuart.

This Christmas collection came in two packaging types.
Type A is more like a black netting with polka dots and Type B is like the illustrations made by Morgan Lane. I ended up getting Type A because I once had a make up bag with this netting like this one and I really liked that make up bag.

The set comes with the make up bag and 4 make up items, an illuminator, Eye shadow palette, Eye liner and a lip gloss. It's actually been a few years since I purchased a Jill Stuart Christmas Collection but I remembered buying one a few years ago and I really liked the stuff I got that time so wasn't too worried buying this one.

The box is really pretty and matches the contents.

 The bows on the side are a nice touch too!

Inside are the instructions on how to tie a bow which I tried however I can not tie a bow this way. I use another method but nice try Jill Stuart.

I actually forgot that Jill Stuart includes these little 'poems' or sayings on the side of the boxes.

When you take the bag out of the box, it looks like this - it almost looks like a cake. 

See Jill Stuart? I can still tie a bow. Works the same.

The items come wrapped nicely, the presentation is perfect.

The contents all match the pouch!

The first item is a liquid eyeliner in 01 Black Negligee.



I always use black eyeliner so this is useful.

There's also one lip gloss in 12 girls talk. 



I've used Jill Stuart glosses before and I did try this one out. There's not a lot of colour to it but it would be nice over a tint or a lip stick. It's quite glittery in the tube but it's not too glittery on the lips.

Dreamy eye shadow palette.




The colours are nice! They're sparkly and there's a nice variety to colours too.

Moonlight Illumiator




This product kind of confuses me to be honest, it says it's an illumiator but it seems to be a but more like a very light blush. I guess if you want a very mimimal make up look and just want one product for blush/highlight this might be a nice product. It's really cute though!

The illustration is just printed on the top of the product.

And the brush is not only adorable - it's also really soft and it's quite good quality as well - it's nice and dense.
I wish Jill Stuart would make brushes that look exactly like this.

Overall, I'm really happy with this collection. The make up is all really nice and I can see myself using this all. The packaging is so cute.
As usual I purchased mine from here~

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Berri Doll

Friday, November 24, 2017

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira 13 November

Hi! Hi!



 This month's package from Kira Kira was actually really nice lol. I think I can see myself using this stuff and the bottle of shampoo was a nice surprise.


Booklet is super cute this too!

Milrish Silky Shampoo


This was an item I was really excited for originally but I don't know about trying a new shampoo. Once I tried a shampoo and condition and it was honestly, the worst thing I ever did (that sounds really dramatic but it was pretty awful,). I do like that it has a pump and I like the packaging.

Crayon Hand Mask


I haven't used a hand mask in so long but I really really need one lately lol. My hands have been so dry recently and just cream isn't helping.

Kumamon Alkaline Bath Salts


I think this is cherry blossom scented bath salts. I really love anything cherry blossom scented so I like this.

Malibu Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is really cute. The colour isn't too bad for me. I like this kind of colour. I hope the formula is okay.

Tsum Tsum Face Mask; 04 Snow White


Firstly, I really like Tsum Tsum's and I like face masks so this is nice, the only thing I'm a bit eh, over it's apparently placenta extract which I'm not sure about. I'll probably use it cause that's how I am but yeah....

Malibu Beauty Collection Eye shadow: MBSE 01


I actually really like this! The eyeshadows look really pretty and wearable but still soft and delicate.

That's all for this box. I really like everything but I'm not sure if I'll use everything but it's fun to receive it all.

Thank you so much for reading!

Berri Doll
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