Wednesday, December 14, 2016

[Haul] Liz Lisa 'Bear' Series

Hi! Hi!

Liz Lisa released this cutest bear print items recently and I simply had to have something - however something turned into one of everything really quickly

I tried to make these outfits outfits you can wear sometime over the festive season and I tried to make a variety of looks. I hope you see something you like. 

Also, this post is brought to you by the colour Bordeaux.  


くまチャームインナーキャミソール / Bear Charm Inner Camisole in Red 

There's not much to say about this as a inner because the design is the same as most inners from Liz Lisa but I really liked the chain detail on this one. The tartan bows, fluffy pom poms and bear charm were too hard to resist - especially since I purchased the skirt as well. 
I don't currently have an inner this colour or even close to this colour so I'm happy to have a red one. 
The little details on the chain are super cute and everything is finished nicely. I almost wish that I had matching hair ribbons though. 

Worn below 

フェザーロングカーディガン / Feather long cardigan in white




I wanted this because, a few of my co-workers wear something similar to work (though in black,) and it's not entirenly the same but close enough. I really liked it on them and kind of wanted one too but it was at a store I normally never go to so I never really went out of my way to get one. But then Liz Lisa released this one and I really wanted it but waited for a sale. I'm so glad that I purchased this one. It's a lot shorter on me than the model thankfully! 
I really like that it doesn't have any buttons or ties on it as well. 
Also the fabric on the pockets is really nice lol. It's like a stretchy fabric. It's nice. Lol. 
I kind of feel like I'm wrapped in a marshmallow wearing this and it makes me happy.  

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa big ribbon beret in red (see below), Liz Lisa bear charm inner in red, Tralala skirt in white, Liz Lisa bow scarf in Bordeaux, Liz Lisa ribbon bag in white and Liz Lisa pom pom pumps in bordeaux (here

Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa Effle cup velous hair clips in bordeaux (here), Liz Lisa ribbon floral dress in bordeaux (here), Liz Lisa belt in gold, Oh la la clutch and Liz Lisa glitter pumps in white.

 Outfit Three; 

 with Liz Lisa ear muffs in white, Tralala blouse in Bordeaux, Ambra jeggings in black, Tralala 2-way bag in black and Tralala shoes in black.


テディベアブック柄スカート / Teddy Bear Book Pattern Skirt in Red


There was an interesting release for this, Liz Lisa posted a few 'teasers' of the items and the novelty they would be promoting in store. I kind of fell in love with the print. The print is pretty intense but I like books and teddy bears (or any stuffed toy in general) and berries and tartan so I couldn't resist the skirt. 
I have to admit I was more interested in the dress but I doubted I would wear it often at all so I opted for the skirt. 
The skirt has a layer of tulle under the skirt so it sits a bit poofier than other skirts I have. 
Unfortunately there were a few pulled threads on this skirt when it arrived but it's easy to snip those off and not see them. 

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa big ribbon beret in red (see below), Liz Lisa Ribbon Jumper in White, Liz Lisa Pom Pom Pumps in Bordeaux (here)

Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa big ribbon beret in red (see below), Liz Lisa Lace Blouse in white (here), Oh la la clutch bag and Liz Lisa Glitter Pumps in 'White'.

Outfit Three; 

with Liz Lisa Eiffle cup velour hair clips in Bordeaux (here), Liz Lisa knitted cardigan in beige, Liz Lisa notsuri tops in white (here) and Liz Lisa 17th anniversary boots in beige (here)


ハートフリルバッグ / Heart Frill Bag in White


 I kind of fell in love with this bag when I saw it and when I received it I knew I liked it. I feel like smiling when I see it so I'm glad I purchased it. 
The 'white' colour way is so lovely - the red velvet and the cream kind of makes me think of a chocolate (?) I don't know why. 
The bag feels really nice as well - the lining is super lovely. It feels so soft and lovely. 
There's one pocket on the inside of the bag and none on the outside which is fine. I doubt that this bag could accomodate a big pocket on the outside. 
My only concern is - will the red velvet stain the white? I hope it'll be okay.  

ビッグリボンベレー帽 / Big ribbon beret in red


I don't need any new berets or hats but... of course I needed to buy more. The big bow on the hat is just so cute. The velvet bow on the back is so cute. 
To be honest, when I recieved this I was a little bothered by the fact that the beret seems more like a berry or plum red than a red like the bow. But I still think the hat is cute regardless of that. 
(worn above)

ベアチョーカー / Bear Choker in Red


Totally didn't need this but the red colour really caught my eye and I couldn't let it go. The little bear is sweet and I don't think it's too much for my own style. The little bow on the bear is a lovely little delicate touch. 

(Choker is worn throughout,)  

Hope you all enjoyed this post and you liked the stuff I hauled. The bear series is super cute and I'm glad I went and got all the red things wtf. I don't need anything else red for a while I think.

Thanks for reading. 

Berri Doll  



  1. Lol the bag reminded me of chocolate too XD I like how the cardigan looked on u! All the bear series items are so cute~

    1. Oh really? I'm so glad I'm not the only one!
      The cardigan is so nicely.
      The bear items are really lovely and I'm glad I got them... all in red.

  2. Outfit 1 with the skirt is definitely my favorite. I love how you incorporated the accessories throughout <3

    1. Really? I thought you might have liked outfit 2 more XD.
      I tried lol. I'll try to change it up more if I can in future :p


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