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[Master Post] Spring Wardrobe 2016

Hi! Hi!

This post is a collection of all my Spring clothing. Most of my clothing is Liz Lisa this can also be considered a master post I guess.
I have to admit I used (still have but don't update,) to have a big post of clothing from Liz Lisa (and Tralala) however, I didn't like it for a few reasons; 

1.) I really wanted the original post as a way to keep an archive or track of all the Liz Lisa (and Tralala) items I had however, I tend to sell or donate things I just don't wear or don't like any more so I had no way to keep record of those items with that particular post. 

2.) Continually updating that post was annoying and time consuming.

3.) I don't personally find it really helpful or resourceful so I didn't think anyone else would either.

So I thought I can try to do it this way! 

I actually contemplated doing this as Spring / Summer (and then Autumn / Winter) but I was thinking this might be a little less over whelming this way though I don't know if I might change it to A/W or S/S eventually. 
I'm also trying to keep this post 'Spring' items only so even though I might wear Summer or Autumn stuff still in Spring. Again, I might change this. Idk.

I currently sell in two places;
Ebay - here
Facebook - here  (If you want to add me it's okay but album should be public,) 

I don't really update at any specific time so I guess just keep checking lol, sorry. 
(Although please feel free to contact me and ask about stuff and if I'd be willing to sell,) 

Currently, I think my style is has two sides, I like more Otona girlie style or more casual, relaxed style. I like wearing more casual styles for every day or just when I'm running errands. 

I've also grown fond of one pieces and it's mainly what I try to buy.

(Also, I know it's October when I post this but Australia has been quite cold still for September so I was still wearing a lot of my winter stuff in that month,)  

(Oh and yes, I'm happy that most of my wardrobe is mostly Liz Lisa clothing, I have a few non Liz Lisa items like, plain t-shirts and pjs and work out stuff but yeah, mostly LL,) 


Liz Lisa Khaki Jacket -I really love pairing this jacket with my girlie florals and pinks because it kind of toughens them up a bit.
Liz Lisa Denim Jacket - Actually this is from Autumn but I only have one denim jacket. Normally Liz Lisa does make a variety of denim jackets in Spring but I haven't seen one I like more than this one so I haven't felt the need to add another to my collection.
Liz Lisa peach oversized blazer - I super love this but... I really don't have a lot to match it but... I really like. You can roll up the sleeves (there's lace on the inner sleeves,) or wear it down and it has this cute scallop edge to it. Liz Lisa seriously needs to add blazers to their collections.

One Piece; 

 Liz Lisa One Piece - I'll admit I still haven't worn this but I still like it. I'm kind of waiting for something to wear this too. It's too out there for every day and I just haven't been anywhere appropriate to wear this sadly. Maybe one day... 

 Rienda Dress in Black x White - again something I don't wear often enough but I do love it. It's fun to style because it goes with both black and white but also pops of colour as well. 

 Rienda Mock 2-Piece Denim dress - I've worn this a few times - it's a great piece to just throw on and go.
Liz Lisa Denim Overalls in Light Blue - I tried to wear these a while ago but it was too cold.

 Liz Lisa Gingham dress in blue - how old is this now? Lol. I still wear this and reach for it. It's good for Perth cause Perth is quite windy so since this is heavier it works for our climate quite well. Plus the fit is really nice on this one.
Liz Lisa Floral Dress in blue - this is something I tend to save for more dressy occasions so I don't wear it super often but I still really love this dress.

Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno Collab Dress in Yellow - Actually I regret not purchasing this in other colours since I love this dress. It's both super flattering on the figure and a great piece to wear casually or dress up and it basically goes with everything.
Liz Lisa Margret Cherry OP in Yellow - Again, I still haven't had much chance to wear this OP which is a shame because it's so beautiful. 
Liz Lisa Tulip Print OP in Yellow -Still haven't worn this yet TT_TT. Hopefully one day soon! 

 JugeETTA OP in Orange - I try to save this for more dressy occasions but I love the bright print and colours on this OP.
Tralala OP in white -(I think it was white,) again, just a dress I like to wear casually. It doesn't have a zip so it's so easy to wear lol.

Liz Lisa Stripe Op in Pink - Tbh, I love this dress but the peek-a-boo style is still something I'm not 100% comfortable with wearing so I normally pair it with a cardigan.
Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno Op in Pink - Same as the other Yui Kanno OP this is a great fit and it's really easy to wear everyday. The peter pan collar is so cute and girlie.
Liz Lisa Floral Op in Pink -another favorite yet I don't think I wear it often enough TT_TT. I do like pairing this with the kahki jacket best.

Liz Lisa Lace Organdy OP in White - I haven't had much chance to wear this sadly. I still feel like it's quite dressy and I haven't had anything more fancy to go to. TT_TT

Various Mm Collabs OPS - I barely wear these, if at all sadly but I love them lmao. 


Liz Lisa Pink Knit - I don't really wear this often because it's kind of hard to match with what I have.
Liz Lisa Orange stripe Knit - This is one of my favorites. I actually bought it as part of a set but I have since sold the skirt but kept the top. I wish I could have purchased the pink x white version as well since I love this one.
Liz Lisa White Knit Top - A new knit to my collection. I've worn this a few times and I like it a bit. 
Liz Lisa Deep Pink Knit - Again, I don't really wear this often because it's hard to match but I really like it.


 Liz Lisa Stripped Off the Shoulder Knits in Navy and Grey - I really liked the navy one so I bought the grey one as well. I wore them quite often last year but I haven't reached for them much lately. :/ 
Tralala Palm Tree Tshirt, Liz Lisa Ride High Tshirt and Liz Lisa Luster Tshirt - Gotta have some t-shirts - even if they are just Liz Lisa right? Actually I do normally just wear t-shirts and shorts around the house and I really like the fabrics Liz Lisa/  Tralala uses for the t-shirts. 

Tralala Sailor Moon knit tops in Pink and White -I normally pair these with my jeggings for a casual look. 
Tralala Sailor Moon Top, Tralala Denim Blouse and Tralala Lemon Print Blouse  - The denim blouse is probably one of my favorite purchases ever. The lemon top looks cute with jeans for a casual every day look.

Tralala navy cardigan - Actually this used to be one of my cardigans I would reach for daily but I completely forgot about it! Good thing I saw it again XD
Tralala Yellow Cardigan - I bought this ages ago but it's funny how yellow was in again so soon so it was suitable for this season.

Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal Cardigan, Liz Lisa Bijou Cardigan in White, Exmsite cardigan in white, Portmans cardigan in white - I went on a bit of a white cardigan rampage these past few seasons. I think I should stop. I don't need anymore XD.
I think every season I say, 'I need to buy more tops,' lol. Idk why I don't like buying tops I seem to have enough lmao.

Liz Lisa Tulip Skirt in Pink - I've worn this a few times but I never take a picture when I do FML. It's super cute and I love the cut. 
Liz Lisa water colour *? in Pink - Shown without suspenders. I really love this skirt but I don't wear it often. I love the cut and style of it. 
Liz Lisa sukapan in White - Currently one of my only sukapan style skirts but I still really love this one. It's so cute and not over the top cutesy.

Liz Lisa Cherry Skirt in White - Super love this skirt but one time I wore it I nearly got a horrible stain on it so I'm always hesitant to wear it now. 
Liz Lisa Tulle Skirt in White - One of my only plain skirt lol. The only problem is it's a little sheer. 
Liz Lisa Yellow Skirt - Again another sheer item. I quite like this skirt for more mature look.
Liz Lisa Carousel (?) Skirt in Pink, Liz Lisa Wagon Skirt in Pink, Liz Lisa Picnic Skirt in Pink - Why do I have three skirts exactly the same? Do I need three skirts exactly the same? No. Not really but... every time I look at them, I'm like, they're all different. I'm being silly. But I love each unique print and the little things that make them different.
Ambra Jeggings - I ended up buying these in all available colours because I love them so much. They're high waisted and they ended up being the perfect length for me. I like pairing these with my Liz Lisa tops and knits for more casual day or just simply errands.

Liz Lisa Wedges - Tbh, these are a bit big on me but they're pretty easy to wear with anything. 
Liz Lisa 3D Pumps in White - White shoes are really in right now and I love the heel shape and cross strap details. 
Liz Lisa Lace Wedges with detachable bows in White - I've had these for a while now. I don't find them that comfortable so I don't wear them often tbh.
Liz Lisa Lace Sneakers in White - I wear these quite often and they're starting to show wear sadly.
JugeETTA pumps in navy - These are way to big for me - I have gel patches and bit to put into shoes but I haven't tried them with these yet. Sadly I don't really have anywhere to wear these T_T 
Liz Lisa Pumps in Pink -  I do like these are more nudy pink as opposed to the more strawberry pinks I have. 
Liz Lisa Ribbon Pumps in Pink - I don't know why I included these in this picture lol I think these weren't spring at all. I actually really like the navy ones of these but the pink I don't wear the pink as much to be honest. I find it harder to match that other shoes.
Liz Lisa Double Strap Pumps in Pink - Favorite shoes ever. I really need to wear these more because they're still my favorites over all these years.
Liz Lisa Platform Sneakers - These are starting to look old and scuffed up. The bottom is even peeling off the soles as well. But despite that I still like them. Lol. They're definitely conversation starters.
Liz Lisa Web Limited Sneakers - I don't really wear these as often as the white ones but I do quite like them still.

Spring Haul Posts; 

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Hmmm, Idk if this post ended up being interesting at all. I kind of found it hard to work on tbh. I guess that's why it ended up going so late in the season fml. 
I guess thanks for looking anyways XD 

Thanks for reading 

Berri Doll.



  1. This was really interesting! I loved seeing all the variety.

    1. Ahaha, thanks. I dunno how I feel about it still XD

  2. Sadly I can't wear a lot of these things in Spring because it's sooo hot. I wish there was a bit more variety in the temperature here! We didn't even really have a cold Winter this year :(
    I love almost everything in your wardrobe!

    Especially the shoe collection. I can't wait to build mine up, but I've bought 3 shoes and they all didn't fit so I'll wait till I go to Japan to make sure of my size :(


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