Friday, November 25, 2016

[Haul] Liz Lisa Autumn 2016 Pt 2


Another Autumn collection Liz Lisa Haul. Lol. I can't help myself I guess. 
I guess at least this haul includes more stuff I got for sale price instead of full priced items so that's one plus. 
I'm really happy with this order because I got a lovely mix of items that I can see myself wearing frequently (weather permitting ofc,).
One Piece; 

小花柄ワンピース / Small Flower Print in White 
162 - 6013 - 0


I kind of fell in love with this one piece when I saw it online. The little pink flowers make me think of sweet little sakura blossoms which makes me really happy when I look at it. 
I'm actually surprised I was able to score this on 50% off online since it seems like an item that would have sold out prior to such a large discount but I'm not complaining at all. 

Fit: The waist and bottom half of this dress are really great however the bust area is a quite big on me. I'm not the biggest person on top but this feels quite a lot larger than usual for Liz Lisa. I guess it's so it's easier to layer a knit or top under neath it? 

Fabric: It's really nice! It's smooth to the touch. It's like a silky cotton like fabric.  

Outfit One; 

 with Samantha Thavasa bag in Pink and Liz Lisa double strap pumps in Pink.

 and - Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal cardigan in white.

 Outfit Two; 

with Liz Lisa suede riders jacket in pink, Jill Stuart spa bag (from gift set,), Liz Lisa heart pumps in pink.

Outfit Three;

 with Liz Lisa trench coat in pink and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom pumps (without pom poms) in white.

ノースリニットドッキングワンピース / Nosuri knit docking Piece in Navy
162 - 6002 - 0 

Not going to lie, I really love how this looks on Rima (her legs!) and I bought this hoping it would look similar on me. (Probably not, but worth a shot,) This is something really unique looking and I love the elegant, mature look of this outfit.
This is actually a 2-piece so it seems interesting to style and have. Liz Lisa released something similar last winter which I wasn't as interested in as this one. 

Knit: It's a light knit but it's still quite heavy, so it's suitable for Autumn. The knit is quite stretchy as well.
Slip: really light and silky. The ruffles start a bit lower than I was hoping. 

Outfit One; 

with Liz Lisa felt hat with ribbon in beige, Liz Lisa 'Playful' clutch in blue and Liz Lisa web-limited pom pom pumps (without pom pom) in white.

 Outfit Two; 

Slip only

 with Liz Lisa ribbon jumper in white, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in Navy and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom (without pom poms) pumps in white.

Outfit Three; 

 with Ambra Jeggings in white, Liz Lisa 3D flower clutch in white andLiz Lisa 3D flower pumps in white.


ノースリトップス / Nosuri Tops in White 
162 - 3009 - 0 

I think I bought something similar in my last haul (lol,) but none the less, I like this one too. this one is similar and I love that it doesn't have the ruffle around the neck and shoulders which I think might make it easier to wear. Again, it seems like a simple, easy item to pair and layer with skirts and pants.
 I really like the chiffon ribbon on the back and the little mini slit in the back as well.

 Fit;  I don't know what this fabric is made of exactly but it's so insanely stretchy. If you struggle with the fit of tops for Liz Lisa this is for you.

Outfit One; 

 with Liz Lisa 17th Anni Skirt, Samantha Vega bag and Liz Lisa 17th anni boots in beige.

Outfit Two; 

 with Liz Lisa denim skirt, Liz Lisa fringe clutch and Liz Lisa flower pumps in pink

フェイクスエード台形スカート / Faux Suede Trapezoid Skirt in Pink 
 I really wanted this skirt when I saw it but wanted to wait for a sale. I wasn't super in love with the lillies, because I don't particularly like the lily but it is a cute touch to the skirt. 
This skirt is also super soft and feels lovely. 
The buttons feel secure though when I was changing my shoes, the bottom button came undone XD. 

Fit; As expected lol. Love the fit of this.

 Outfit one; 

  with Liz Lisa sleeveless ruffle knit top in white, Liz Lisa suede fringe clutch in pink and Liz Lisa web limited pom pom (without pom pom) pumps in white. 

Outfit Two; 

with Liz Lisa Nosuri top in white, Liz Lisa riders seude jacket in pink and Liz Lisa 17th anni boots in beige.


エッフェルカップベロア2クリップ / Eiffel cup velor 2 clip in Bordeaux
162 - 9201 - 1 

I figured it would be a good time to purchase Bordeaux hair clips because I think it's a nice touch to any outfit. At the time, I kind of wanted them to wear with the Pom Pom Pumps (here) because I don't have any other bordeaux but you can tie an outfit together.

バスクリボンベレー / Basque ribbon beret in Bordeaux 
162 - 9501 - 1 

I really liked the look for bordeaux beret. I already have a bordeaux beret actually but it's from Tralala and completely different from this one. Tbh, I don't think you can have to many berets and hats. Again, like the clips, I thought this would go with the pumps.  
Sorry the sun was out that day, it was hard to take pictures of darker colours. 

スエードチョーカー / Suede Choker in Pink 


 The choker trend is huge right now and I really love it. I quite like that this is pink because black and tan seem to be most available in stores around me. I really like the sparkly heart and the pearls - it makes this seem more girly and feminine than most chokers I've seen. 

So that's everything for this haul. 
I hope you enjoyed reading it and you liked it

Thanks for reading!

Berri Doll  


  1. Especially love the first OP on you! The flare is just right ❤️ also super glad you got the lily skirt!

    1. I love the OP! I feel like a lady wearing it lol. And the lily skirt is really nice. I think I'll wear it really often.

  2. I really like how the lily skirt looks on you :D love the navy op too and how you separated the 2 parts! I was actually thinking of getting it too as I fell in love with how it looked on Rima haha wish it was more of a summer material then I'd definitely go for it XD (in syd Autumn doesn't last too long ><)

    1. The lily skirt is really nice. I'm glad I got it. ^^
      Urgh, I'm hella disappointed I didn't get instant long legs wearing it. T_T The slip isn't too easy to wear on it's own but the top seems nice to wear on it's own.

      And same with Perth girl, don't worry. I get it.

  3. Ah, the knit docking piece! It was so cute the moment I saw it on the website, I considered purchasing it, but it's sold out in the color I want now. ;w; It looks super cute on you though, and I love that choker!

    1. Oh, what colour did you want? I like the navy but I kind of wish I got pink instead XD.
      The choker is cute! Glad I got it.

  4. Aww, the lilies skirt looks really cute on you! I wanted to purchase it as well but I was not sure it could fit on my hips.
    On the website they listed 91 cm as the hips measurement, do you think it could fit even a bigger size? (like, 95 at the most)
    Thanks in advance!

    1. I think the skirt would fit someone with hips that are 95cm - if not even a little more. I'm not the skinniest in the hips and I found it comfortable personally so I think even someone up to 100 cm should be okay ^^
      Hope that helps!


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