Friday, August 19, 2016

Liz Lisa x Denim

Hi! Hi!

I've always wanted to do a a post with certain items to make so many outfits however I just never got around to it. It always seemed like a really easy item however I always thought it might be deceiving and actually quite hard to make so many outfits with so many clothes  to begin with.

I had also wanted to do a blog post on pairing Liz Lisa with denim because personally, I really like denim items and wearing Liz Lisa florals and lace with denim. No Liz Lisa Spring, Summer or Autumn collection is complete without something denim.
I tried to use as much Liz Lisa as I could but some stuff I just don't have in Liz Lisa so I used what I had.

Please note; This post also is also a kind of haul - a few items are new and I haven't hauled them yet so I used them in these post and do it all together in one post.

Apology one: I knocked my tripod a few times and wasn't able to get the same angle the whole way through. I'll try to be more careful in future.

Apology two: My hair decided to be resemble a lion's mane in this post.

Item 1: Liz Lisa Denim Bijou Jacket
 Item 2: Liz Lisa Border Lace dress (new)
Item 3 : Liz Lisa Strawberry Jam Top (new)
Item 4:  Liz Lisa Sunflower Parfait Set Top (new)
Item 5:  Tralala Denim Top

Item 6: Liz Lisa Overalls
Item 7: Liz Lisa Denim Skirt
Item 8: Liz Lisa Sunflower Parfait Skirt (new)
Item 9: Ambra Jeggings

Item 10: Liz Lisa Lace Sneakers
Item 11: Liz Lisa 3D Flower pumps
Item 12: Liz Lisa wedges
Item 13: Liz Lisa 3D Flower bag
Item 14: Samantha Vega Bag

Item 15: Yes Style Cap
Item 16: Liz Lisa cherry choker
Item 17: Liz Lisa Flower bracelet
Item 18: Liz Lisa Sunflower Hair bow

 I don't know if this got boring really quickly to read/look at but it was hard to keep putting outfits together.
Also, if anyone has any easier or better way to lay something like this out then I'd love to hear it I wasn't 100% sure how to do it so any suggestions is good!

I feel like this post took a while to organize and edit and upload but it's not every long FML.
I tried to include a variety of looks from more casual, to girly to more otona style!

Anyways, regardless I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading! 

Berri Doll


  1. Denim, variety and new Liz Lisa all in one? Yes, I'll take it! It's great to see how some items can be used again in different ways by some different styling. Great job <3

    1. Tbh, I think there's still more ways to style each item with different shoes/ bags accessories but let's not get too repetitive. XD And yeah, lol, how many themes can I put into one blog post?!?!?

  2. Really love the first 3 outfits :) btw I feel the 2 ponytail hairstyle really suits you hehe

    1. Thank you! And lol, I feel like it looks really wild and crazy wtf. XD


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