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[Haul] Liz Lisa Secret Sale

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Liz Lisa (and Tokyo Kawaii Life) have really been withholding on the sale department this season so when they finally had a secret sale I bought way too much stuff.
The Secret Sale online has occurred three times, once for 'gold' members, once for regular members and then a third time for the general public. Since I shop on Tokyo Kawaii Life so much I guess I qualify as a 'gold' member and had access to the secret sale the first time around.
The sale was super exciting because it coincided with the release of the strawberry jam series and the constellation series - the strawberry jam series had been promoted heavily by Liz Lisa shop staff heavily to its release.
I had a great time waiting for the sale to go up because I was chatting with my squad girls about the sale and what we were going to buy.
I went into the sale knowing exactly what I wanted and I really tried to only go for items I really wanted instead of this that and the other thing.

ストロベリージャムワンピース / Strawberry Jam One Piece in Red



I knew I really wanted this even if it wasn't in the sale however, it was! I was super undecided if I was going to get the red or the navy prior to purchase however I ended up going for the red when it released.
I super love the cutesy pattern and cut of the dress. My only problem is I really wish I had purchased the matching bag and hat as well cause it's sold out now and I don't know if they'll ever restock.

Outfit 1 

 Liz Lisa bag, Liz Lisa Rose Wedges.

Outfit 2

 Liz Lisa Felt Hat, Liz Lisa Cardigan, Dream V Heart Bag, Tralala Pumps.

Outfit 3

 Liz Lisa Bijou Cardigan, Dream V heart bag, Tralala Pumps. 

 Outfit 4

 Liz Lisa Cardigan, Samantha Vega Bag, Liz Lisa 3D Pumps in White.

ストロベリージャムカーディガン / Strawberry Jam Cardigan



I'm really glad I decided to purchase the cardigan as well because it's super cute. The short sleeve is different to what I own already and it matches really well with the dress. Since I didn't end up with the hat and bag I'm glad to at least have the cardigan (and it was most likely the most sensible buy out of the the 3 other items to be honest,). The cardigan works really nicely with the dress as well.

星座柄ワンピース / Constellation Pattern Dress in Navy 



Originally I had wanted this in the set up version because I thought the dress was a bit... much but after adding it with the other items to my cart the cost was still a bit steep for me so I opted for the OP and I do not regret the decision at all.  Luckily the same day there had also been some shop staff modelling the dress released. I'm so happy with this dress, the quality is fantastic on it and it's both cut and made really well. The fabric is quite hefty for a summer item (I was surprised by it's weight when I took it out of the box,) and the cut is super flattering on the figure. I don't know if this is a great dress for anyone with big busts but if you're more modestly shaped this is really flattering on the bust.


 The details on the dress are really lovely and there's subtle pink in the dress as well as white.

Outfit 1

 Paired with Constellation Charm inner camisole in Navy, Tralala Necklace, Liz Lisa Bag and Liz Lisa 3D Flower Pumps.

Outfit 2

 Liz Lisa Bijou Cardigan, Liz Lisa 3-Way Bag in Pink and Liz Lisa Ribbon Pumps in Pink.

Outfit 3 

 Liz Lisa Random Ribbon Knitted (Link!), Liz Lisa 2-way Bag in navy, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa Web Limited Pom Pom Pumps in White.

Outfit 4

 Liz Lisa Bijou Cardigan, Liz Lisa Sun Hat and Liz Lisa Rose Wedges in white.

チェリーチャーム付インナーキャミソール / Cherry Charm with Inner Camisole





This was an item after I ordered I went, why did I buy this? I don't super hate it but I really didn't need it but I just liked the cherry charm on the camisole. 


星座チャームインナーキャミソール / Constellation Charm inner camisole in Navy





I only bought this because I thought it would look really cute under the constellation OP and add something extra to the simple cut. I really like the beans and charms on this as well. 


ドームフラワーピアス / Dome Flower Earrings in Pink



I didn't really think about these much - I just really like the design of these - the little flowers trapped in the domes kind of make me think of something whimsical and fairy-like. This design of earring is popular - with the pearl backing. I normally wear my hair down but I think it looks nice with hair up. 


(I forgot to take my own picture of this item, whoops,) 


デニムサロペット / Denim Overalls in blue 



I super loved these when I saw them online and the shop staff wearing them only sold me more on this item as well. The overalls are really cute without being cutesy. They're also really comfortable and all the pockets are excellent for storing stuff on you as well. 

Though, this denim is quite stiff (hopefully it softens soon!)



Outfit 1

 Liz Lisa 'luster' t-shirt, Liz Lisa Picnic Rabbit Satchel in Pink and 3D Flower Pumps in White.

Outfit 2

 Liz Lisa 'luster' t-shirt, Tralala x Sailor Moon Cardigan and Liz Lisa Sneakers.

 Outfit 3

 Liz Lisa My Melody Collab Blouse, Liz Lisa 3-way bag in pink and Liz Lisa Rose wedges in white.

Okay, so that's everything that I purchased this time! I'm super happy with everything I got and I can't wait to wear them for real. lol.
Also, apologizes about the lighting this time. It was cloudy and rainy and sunny and then the sun was setting but hopefully it okay regardless.

 Thank you for reading!

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