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[Haul] Liz Lisa Haul Spring Summer 2016

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Liz Lisa Spring Summer this year has had a really large variety of styles and the collection has featured a nice variety of styles from really cute styles and patterns to more casual styles to more grown up feminine styles and I've been really loving a variety of looks. 

This post in a collection orders over the season and I consolidated a few orders for this haul. 

Package 1

 This order consisted of the MM collab and the 3D pumps in white and the matching bag. 

立体フラワーパンプス / 3D Flower Pumps in White

 I pretty much knew when I saw these that these were going to be mine. I love the simple design but the 3D flowers add a nice detail with out being 'too much'. I also really love the cross straps on the shoes - it adds a cute detail but also functional as it keeps your foot in place as well. 

I forgot to take pictures of these on their own until it was way to dark to get a decent photo so hopefully I remember to take one later (someone remind me?) lmao. 

立体フラワークラッチ / 3D Flower Clutch in White



 I really had no need to purchase this but I did because I just thought these two together would look so sophisticated worn together. To be perfectly honest, I didn't look at it too much when I ordered and I'm not super into the zip on the flap of the clutch because it just seems like it would be annoying to use if you need to look in you bag often. 

Also this bag's inside smelled really bad when it arrived. It's not too bad now it's been airing out but it smelled kind of fishy originally. :/

ローズチュールバレッタ / Rose Tulle Valletta in White



 I merely purchased this because I thought it would look really nice with the Margaret Cherry Op (shown below) and the baby yellow matches perfectly. It's a nice touch to the dress without being too 'matchy matchy,'. 

マーガレットチェリーワンピース /  Margaret Cherry Piece


 I really loved the look of this dress online but I was hopeful it would be able to get it on sale but I wasn't able to sadly. I'm glad I purchased the dress regardless because I really love this dress. 
The flutter sleeves are really pretty and feminine and the ribbon tie in the back is a nice touch to the dress. 
The pattern is a lot more subtle in real like than it was online but I don't mind much. 
I have to admit that I did have a hard time styling the OP cause I thought just wearing white/beige pumps is really boring. 


Liz Lisa 3D Flower Pumps. Liz Lisa 3D Flower Clutch. Liz Lisa Rose Tulle Valletta. Tralala Flower Earrings. Simon De Winter Socks.

 Liz Lisa Rose Tulle Valletta. Tralala Earrings. Liz Lisa jacket. Liz Lisa bag. Liz Lisa Web Limited Pom Pom Pumps. Simon De Winter Socks.

 Tralala Panama hat. Liz Lisa Bijou Cardigan. 3D Flower Clutch in White. Tralala Ribbon Wedges in Beige.

ボーダーワンピース / Border Dress in Navy



I have to admit looking at this dress online I wasn't super interested in it but I saw it posted on the Liz Lisa instagram and various shop staff wearing this and I thought it was super cute. It's definitely nothing fancy or 'special' but I really like that about this - it's such a great piece to just throw on and wear for simple days like running errands or on the weekend when you don't want to get super dress up but you still want to look nice.
Plus it seemed like the type of item that you can really have a lot of fun styling and wearing lots of different ways which is always a plus in my books. 

 Tralala Panama Hat. Liz Lisa 3 way bag in navy. Liz Lisa Web Limited Pom Pom Pumps in White.

Liz Lisa Bijou Jacket. Liz Lisa 3D Flower Clutch. Liz Lisa 3D Flower Pumps. Simon De Winter Socks.

Yesstyle Cap. Liz Lisa Bijou jacket. Liz Lisa Sneakers.

Liz Lisa 3-way bag in navy. Liz Lisa Ribbon Pumps in navy. Simon de Winter Socks. 

前縛りボーダーTシャツ / Before Tied Boarder T-shirt in White 


I bought this as part of the OP x T-shirt offer and I'm really glad I did. I super love this shirt. While it's nothing 'special' the fabric and cut are really nice! The cut it really roomy and over sized but still flattering. The fabric is nice and stretchy and thick but not too thin either. 

 The logo says; 'it all begins with how you see yourself'. 

 Liz Lisa Clutch. Liz Lisa Knot Sandals. Ambra Jeggings.

ビビット花柄ワンピース / Vivid floral dress in Red



I super loved this dress online when I saw it because of the simple, summery print. I love the (almost?) water colour print flowers and all 3 colour ways were really lovely. Originally this sold out so I purchased this in the last colour way available at the time. 
The cut of this dress is really simple but really flattering on the figure. Though I did hope it would be slightly longer than it is on me.
This dress is also special because it's 'made in japan' which is really nice. The fabric is lovely thought it is delicate. I wouldn't wear it with any harsh or sharp jewelry because it will pull easily. 

 Mimco Hairband. Tralala Pearl necklace. Miss Shop 'Wendy' Wedge in Silver.

 Mimco Hairband. Tralala Pearl Necklace. Liz Lisa 3D Flower Pouch in White. Liz Lisa 3D Flower Pumps in White. 

Mimco hairband. DKNY Bag. Urban Soul Wedges.

ビジューボタンカーディガン / Bijou button cardigan in White



To be perfectly honest, I just got this cause of the offer. (Outer x OP offer) I wasn't super excited about it cause it's really just a cardigan and I really don't have a lot of white cardigans. I really like the fabric on this one as well. 
The bijou is a nice touch to the cardigan and adds a little sparkle to an otherwise plain cardigan. 
The cardigan is listed as 'white' but it's definitely more 'cream' than white. I don't have a cream cardigan so I'm not upset but if I had bought it to match something specific it might have not been that great. 

Paired about with the Margret Cherry OP above. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I don't think it was super interesting but I hope you like the looks I put together. 

Thanks for reading!

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