Friday, April 8, 2016

[Haul] Liz Lisa Spring Haul

Hi! Hi!! 

I know it's super soon after my Winter haul but... hey - this one is in a reasonable time! 

Liz Lisa Spring 2016 has been a really beautiful collection so far and I've seen so many pieces I've wanted to purchase but I've purchased a few items I really wanted.
I paid full price items because if I missed out on them I would be disappointed. 
Also, I apologize in advance, the day I took these photos was a little over cast so they photos are either really bright or a bit grainy. I tried to choose the best of what I took. 

Tulip Pattern Sleeveless Dress




This dress comes in 3 colours; white, pink and yellow and I purchased the yellow colour way. 

I saw this dress on the LLGals' in all colour ways and it looked really cute so I really wanted to buy it. The simple cut and pattern is simple but girlie.

This dress really reminded me of the a previous Yui Kanno Collab dress from Spring. I really like the Yui Kanno one (minus the fact that every time I wear it I spill or drop or dirty it somehow,). 

The dress is heavier than I thought it would be - it's almost like a scuba fabric but a lot lighter and less stretchy? I have no idea what the fabric is actually but that's the only way I can describe it.

  (Paired with Miss Shop 'Ivy' Wedges in white)

There's no shirring in the dress either so I don't think that this dress is the best purchase for anyone who tends to rely or need shirring in the pieces they choose from Liz Lisa.  

I have to admit. I was really disappointed in this when I first received it. I didn't like the fabric and I couldn't think of a way to style it nicely but after taking photos in it I've grown to like it a lot more than I originally did. 

 (Paired with Tralala Cardigan, Liz Lisa Ribbon 3-way bag and Pumps in Navy) 

(Paired with Tralala x Sailor Moon Collab Cardigan, Liz Lisa bag and Liz Lisa Web Limited pumps,) 

 (Paired with Liz Lisa Bijou Jacket, Liz Lisa Bag and Tralala Wedges)

It makes it a nice spring dress though because it would be suitable for windy or more tempter mental weather. 

The baby yellow is really on trend and I don't have any baby yellow in my wardrobe so win win for me. 

Tulip Pattern Skirt



The same pattern skirt also comes in white, pink and yellow and I purchased the pink colour way.
 The fabric for this skirt is the same as the dress and there's no shirring on this skirt either so I would be careful if you're interested in purchasing this.

I really love the shape of this skirt and I thought it was a pretty unique cut and shape  (for Liz Lisa,) but it it's still cute. 

 (Paired with Liz Lisa everything,) 

 (Paired with Liz Lisa bag and shoes, Forever New knit top)

 (Paired with Liz Lisa Blouse and Sun hat, Tralala wedges and Samantha Vega Bag with Liz Lisa x My Melody Scarf and Liz Lisa charm,)  

I do have a few gripes about both these items however - the fabric is super difficult to wear. Normally with Liz Lisa, I find it easy to wear and I don't need to worry too much about under garments or lines showing etc. but this fabric shows pretty much everything. 
Even if you wear a camisole underneath this skirt and it creases slightly, you can see the crease under the fabric which means you really have to be careful with what you pair with this skirt. 
You can either wear a body suit (which I don't have,) or pair it with an over sized knit like the LL Gal's styled it above. 
It's not a completely unworkable piece but it's not 'easy' 'throw it on with anything' if that makes sense. 

That being said, dark colours are fine under neath so it's just lines you have to worry about. 

Organdy x lace dress



This dress comes in white, yellow and navy and I purchased the white.  

I'm pretty sure everyone is sick of me going on about this dress and how much I wanted it to release so when it released I knew I wanted it straight away. 

Warning this dress is quite sheer and you will need to wear nude undergarments with this dress you know, unless you want people to see that. 

I simply love the elegant and romantic look of this dress and the plain design means you can pair it with anything so I think it'll be fun to style. 
The lace neckline on the dress also is quite 'Victoriana' in trend (Link) but it's still really himekaji in style. Okay, I'll stop gushing how versatile I think this piece is as share outfits.

A small side story; I originally owned this skirt from Liz Lisa (winter 2013 I think?) and I sold it because I had nothing to wear it with and found it hard to style (thus never wearing it,). Normally I never miss what I sell but this skirt is the one item I've always kind of regretted selling it but this dress from Spring really reminds me of this design (even the lace is similar,) so I'm really glad I have the dress and it's so much easier to style.

 With Liz Lisa Yellow Wedges and Liz Lisa Yellow bag. 

 With Forever New Beret, Liz Lisa jacket, Dream V bag and Liz Lisa Wedges. 

I doubt I would wear this out like this but I thought it would be cute to make a navy, red and white code. 

With Liz Lisa hair band and matching bag, Liz Lisa Wedges.

Actually I really like this look XD. I think the tropical pattern stuff looks fresh and fun with the dress and it would be a nice way to wear the dress in Summer. 

Picnic pattern behind ribbon skirt


This was kind of a dumb purchase because how could I not purchase it? I own two very similar skirts and I really love both of them so I knew I was going to like this. 
I purchased it in pink because I knew it would be the first to sell but I really love all 3 colour ways. 
The picnic theme is cute, and the print is super Liz Lisa.

(Paired with Liz Lisa Blouse and Wedges, flower crown (Might be Mialer Mew?), and Samantha Vega Bag with Liz Lisa x My Melody Scarf and Liz Lisa charm,)

 (Paired with Tralala Blouse, Exmsite Cardigan and Liz Lisa Pumps,)

I'm really waiting for a sale so I can buy more items from the Spring collection cause I'm really liking some items. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! 

Thank you so much for reading.




  1. So many amazing spring pieces! I loved every single one of the coordinates with the white dress - definitely made me think about purchasing it. The fit of the yellow tulip dress is also amazing on you! The skirt flares just right!
    I also liked that you used denim in a few outfits. I think it pairs really well!

    1. Spring has been amazing IMO so I'm glad I own a few things so far (need more lmao,). I'm glad you liked the co-ordinate of the white dress. It's surprisingly easy to style. Really? You like the yellow tulip dress? It's still growing on me - I really didn't love it originally. Denim pairs nicely with most things lmao. Nothing wrong with a little denim. ^^

  2. Both skirts are really lovely, especially the floral one!

    1. Thank you! I'm really happy with both of them.

  3. So cute clothes and outfit *o* you look so pretty!


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