Sunday, April 17, 2016

[Haul] Etude Global Haul #03 + #04

Hi! Hi!

Etude House did a cute collaboration with Margarin Fingers and everything was berry themed so of course I have to purchase a few things. Or a lot.
I actually ordered in two orders because everything from the collection went on sale and I wanted the monthly freebies at the time. Lmao. Freebies get me every time. 

Play Nail Sticker - Link!

I'm a sucker for cute nail stickers even though I barely use them but I still keep buying them. I guess it's okay because they're normally pretty inexpensive but I really need to use them.

Lash Perm Curl Fix in Strawberry Choco Fondue - Link!

I actually have this mascara in both black and pink (I've only used the pink so far,) but I do need a new brown mascara so I went with this one. I've heard that this is a great mascara - though it's really hard to remove so I'll see how this one goes.

Fantastic Color Eyes in Strawberry Fondue and Strawberry Mojito 

 I super couldn't decide which eye shadows I wanted so I ended up purchasing both. XD.

 The packaging is really cute. The eye shadows are really small which make them perfect for travelling.

 Strawberry Mojito is really neutral and a good, simple palette for every day. The colours go together really well and you can easily use any colours together without too much effort.

Strawberry Fondue is very pink and cute for a girly look.
While I think both palettes are really nice however I really like the simplicity and the wear ability of Strawberry Mojito.

Strawberry Body Milk - Link!

Strawberry Body Lotion. I haven't actually used it yet because I need to finish my current body lotion before opening this one.

Strawberry Lip Jam Treatment  - Link!
Strawberry Lip Jam Scrub - Link!

The treatment promises to moisturize dry lips and I fell for it. I haven't tried this yet either but I it smells like strawberry bubblegum. Actually, the jar is quite big and heavy so I don't think this is a good product to carry everyday with you but it might be good to keep next to your bed so you apply it before bed or after you wake up.

The scrub was an impulse purchase. I haven't actually used a scrub for years. I used to use one from Lush years ago but I realized my lips didn't really need it anymore. I haven't used one for so long I don't even know if I really need it.

Color in Liquid Lips (Goddess Look) - Link!

I had one of these before in a different colour and pretty much used it all up and this set was quite modestly priced. There's also a 'dolly' look one (here) but I went with this one because I kind of wanted the darker looking colour - I have nothing else like it.

Honey Sera Priming Eye Serum - Link!

I saw this one the Etude House Twitter and I was really curious to try it. The metal tip on the product is really nice and cooling as well.

My Beauty Tool Cotton Puff - Link!

And of course, I stocked up on these cotton puffs as well.

Any Cushion (Link!) and Any Cushion Case (Link!)

 I've never used cushion foundations before so this will be my first. 
I actually used this already and I am really happy with this product. Super impressed with this cushion foundation.

 Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips_ Juicy (Link!)

 I was just really curious what colour this green would apply as. I originally thought it would be like a gloss but it's like a colour changing lip gloss. Kind of fun - right? I can't wait to use this in public and confuse people.

Balm and Color Tint - Link!

I've tried using this a few times, and it works pretty well. It's a really convenient way to do gradient lips - especially on the go. You can also use one colour at a time.

That's everything from this haul. I hope it was interesting for you all. If there's anything you're interested in seeing a review on please let me know.

Thank you for reading!
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  1. OMG THE CUSHION CASE. I already have the Minnie Mouse one but this berry one is so damn cute!


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