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[Haul] Liz Lisa Winter Haul

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Today I'm going to be posting the items I purchased from Liz Lisa for my Winter Wardrobe. I really didn't get a lot from from the collection unfortunately. Personally, Winter is my least favorite season so I always like to pretend it doesn't exist.

This post is a combination of two hauls I consolidated at Tenso and shipped at once at a later date. Since it's Summer in Australia I didn't really see any need to rush this purchase.


 Flower Angora one Piece in White

I had my eye on a few sweater dresses from Liz Lisa because I have one from a few seasons ago and I thought it would be nice to have a different sweater dress to alternate with.
I really like this pattern because it's a subtle floral pattern.
I'm super happy with this item - Liz Lisa Sweater dresses are a really 'safe' purchase. I knew I was going to like it.

 Paired with Tralala Penderie Blouse, Tutuanna socks and Liz Lisa Wedges. (Other accessories featured in this post,)

 Paired with Liz Lisa Web Limited Shoes. I probably wouldn't wear these together in real life actually. I don't really like the way it looks together.


Houndstooth Flower Skirt in Navy

I had my eye on this skirt for a while so when it went to sale I decided to purchase it.
Actually I have to admit I thought I purchased the pink but the navy is quite nice and it's a lovely mature piece. I think this would make a nice work place skirt since it's a little longer in length and the shape is quite silhouette.
This skirt ended up being lighter that I anticipated and it would be a great skirt for Autumn Winter and even Spring.
The skirt is a light fit and I was hoping I could wear it with some long sleeve tops I have but I think they're too thick to pair with the skirt comfortably so I guess I'll stick with thin blouses and outers.

 With Tralala Blouse and Web Limited Pumps.

 Added Liz Lisa Novelty Cinderella Carriage Bag - it actually matches the skirts colours quite well.

 Paired with Liz Lisa denim jacket (which I didn't like paired with the skirt in the end,) DKNY tote and JugeETTA shoes (These are massive in sizing even with socks that fall off my foot,)

 I actually do like the skirt with the JugeETTA shoes despite the terrible fit though.

 Paired with Exemcit Cardigan, Liz Lisa bag and shoes. This skirt has small details of pink on the flowers and I kept trying to match the pink to that but it doesn't really match somehow - I guess the pink is so minute that you can't see it and it doesn't match super well.
So I guess I can only pair this skirt with navy or white shoes.

Liz Lisa 16th Anniversary Set

 This wasn't something I had really ever looked at prior to it being on sale however once it was on sale, I impulsively bought it. The necklace is so cute and I really like the hair clips in this set.
These bows are cute but the white velour catches every bit of dirt (and I've dirtied both with make up already,) - if you want to purchase white velour hair clips from Liz Lisa I would suggest being very careful or consider a different colour if you're not super careful with these things.

Lace Bow Scarf in Beige

New scarf! Actually, I buy a new scarf from Liz Lisa every year. That sounds really strange but I kind of look forward to it and this year I bought the beige colour (actually it was this or pink when it was on sale,) and I already have a pink one.
Liz Lisa scarves are kind of funny in quality, I have a bow scarf from two years ago that is amazing quality and looks really nice still even though I wore it a lot and then the one I bought the year before - I took it too Japan and wore it every day for two weeks and it doesn't look so nice any more. (I mean, it's okay for every day or casual things but I wouldn't wear it somewhere nice let's put it that way,) so I wonder if this one is any better.

 Liz Lisa Lace Gloves in White

I also purchased these gloves and I was really excited for them but after receiving them I'm not super in love with them. I thought I'd get something different this year and get the lace design (over fluffy) and I really don't like the lace design in real life as much as I thought I would.

Liz Lisa Cross earrings in Pink

 I'm not a massive fan of cross jewelry to be honest but I really liked the design of these and the bows and roses were really cute but I wanted something that would 'match' the 16th anniversary set and I felt that these were the best options online. Not perfect but close.

They're nice and light as well which is really important for me when it comes to jewelry because it means it's more comfortable to wear.

Liz Lisa Web Limited Heels in White

Believe it or not - these are the only shoes I bought from Autumn / Winter (actually I bought another but the order was cancelled unfortunately,) so I only ended up with these but I really love the look of these and I've been wanting some white pumps from Liz Lisa for a few seasons now. I love the cross strap detail and the removable pom poms. I doubt I would wear the pom poms too often simply because they're a bit out there for everyday.

I'm really happy with these shoes - I purchased them in size L (As I purchase all my Liz Lisa shoes and they fit really well,) I'm super glad I own them.
They don't feel too heavy although I am concerned for the white velour but I'll just try to not wear these in the rain. 

That was everything for 'Winter'. I feel like this was a really long post for not a whole lot of items but I hope you enjoyed this post regardless.

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Glad you did this! And I like the skirt in navy. I would've gotten it in another color except I find the belt kind of annoying. Or is it just me?

    1. Sorry it took so long XD. I've only tried it on and I didn't find it super annoying but taking outfit pictures is different to wearing it out and about.

  2. Gosh I am so jealous of everything you got! Winter is also my least favourite seasons so I try my best by buying pretty clothes, and I've always wanted a winter Liz Lisa wardrobe. Their scarves are so pretty!

    1. Yeah, I don't super love Winter stuff but I like the items I got this year. The scarves are really nice - they always have a nice variety of designs and styles.

  3. Lovely clothes, you look really really cute!
    And omg these heels are pretty perfect *-*


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