Wednesday, January 13, 2016

[Haul] Liz Lisa Lace Trench Coat

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Sorry for being a little MIA over Christmas and the New Year but I'm back and I'm back to blogging!
Currently, I'm slightly (a lot,) backlogged on posts but that's okay - it means I have lots of content I want to work on so that's a plus.

This post needs a bit has a bit of a back story to it. Back in Spring 2013 (I think) Yui Kanno advertised a really gorgeous coat from Liz Lisa and I had my eye on it but it was pretty expensive and I was hopeful it would make it to a decent sale however it didn't and it never restocked online.
I think the next year I spent regretting that I didn't purchase this one so by the time this year rolled around I was super determined to purchase one!

This coat has a similar silhouette to the one from 2013 but doesn't have the cute scallop edge and it features more lace but it's a pretty close comparison. (Still loves the 2013 one more,)

Since it came in two colours and there was also a similar Web Limited one here I decided to risk it and wait for a sale on the coat. There was a buy 2 get 20% off sale on some item and the coat was included (It was already a percentile off on top of that so I purchased to purchase it,) I actually waiting to consolidate it with some other items to ship it which is why it took a while to get to me.

The coat is simply gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it. It's definitely a classic item that hopefully I'll have for a while. The dusty pink feels girlish and feminine but not too young or immature. It would look nice in Autumn and Spring as well. 

 The lace is on the hem and the extra fabric around the chest / collar area. I'm sure this extra fabric has a name but I'm not familiar with trench coats enough to know what it could be called. The lace is quite simple but cute as well.

The lining is gorgeous as well.

 The length of the coat is really suitable and I like that it also looks like a dress.

 While this coat is called a Trench Coat online, it's best to be advised that it's actually quite heavy and it has a substantial amount of weight to it. Since I consolidated I'm not sure how much the shipping was for this one item but it would be best to be wary that it's not a 'light' trench coat.
It's not as heavy as any coats I have from Tralala and Liz Lisa though. It's also not really weather (rain) proof.

Overall, I'm really glad I have this even though it's a lot heavier than I anticipated.  If you're wondering about the quality of the item, I can't say how it'll wear as it's Summer in Australia so I haven't been able to wear this yet but it feels nice and well made. It's a gorgeous trench coat and I'm happy with purchasing it - I hope I get lots of chances to wear it.

I also bought this little Tralala necklace to get the buy 2 get 20% offer. It's small and simple. I really just bought it because there's nothing else I liked in the sale.

Thank you so much for reading!
Berri Doll


  1. Omg the lace and lining are gorgeous and it looks STUNNING on you! So flattering and the design is classic yet girly and super cute! Makes me want to buy one wtf. Too bad this seems more like a regular coat than just a light trench because of the weight. Seriously. I'm sold.

    1. Aw thank you ^^. The coat is a great cut and super flattering. Yeah, it's a lot heavier than I thought it would be but that's okay - it's still lovely though.

  2. That coat is really pretty and super gorgeous! Everything about it is so lady-like. I love it when LizLisa releases something that's more mature than their usual release.

    1. It's a lovely piece and it feels nice and well made as well. The coat is a nice balance between lady-like but still cute IMO. It means it'll be super versatile for a large variety of outfits.

  3. It's so gorgeous! And such a lovely colour. I feel like it's something that you can wear with more casual clothes too! Great buy. :)

    1. I really hate the term 'investment piece' but I think this is the type of thing I would want to hang on to for many years to come.

  4. It suits you!!! =] Sometimes I'm usually hesitant about buying coats from LL because it might be too long. How tall are you? Just so I can get an idea of the length.

  5. I actually have the 2013 coat but I think the newer version is lovely! The quality of it actually looks a lot better than the 2013 one~ definitely a good buy ^ ^

  6. I love it! You look elegant in the trench coat.


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