Friday, January 29, 2016

[Review] Jill Stuart Destiny Closet Christmas Collection

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I decided to purchase last years Jill Stuart 'Christmas' collection this year because I bought one two years ago and I really liked it so I wanted to buy one this year because I love Christmas sets and collections and I decided that this would be the one I would get this year.

The concept for this collection is getting dressed up for a fabulous Christmas so the make up is decorated with dresses, accessories, shoes and other things.

The particular set includes;

Make up Bag

 Ribbon Couture Eye shadow in 11 Enchanted Jewel

Jill Stuart Blush Glow  + Brush

 Jelly Lip Gloss N in Dramatic High Heels 

  Nail lacquer R in 46 Happiness Ring

To be perfectly honest, I really liked the look of the make up but the make up bag seems a bit impractical to use as an everyday bag but I think it's more for aesthetic and looks rather than practicality.
I really love the mature yet girlish light grey, pink and red combination of the make up.

My box got a little dented in travel but that's okay because the contents are all safe. The box is nicely decorated and matches the make up.

The information if anyone is interested in this.

Close up of the prints.

On the inside of the lid there's a message.

The bow is super cute!
There are two zips - one with an elegant pearl and one with a coat hanger with a 'J' and a bow on it.

 All the items in the pouch.
 There's a pocket on the side.
The make up compared to the bag. The bag looks huge in the photo.

All the pretty make up up from the collection!

 First the eye shadow - Ribbon Couture Eye shadow in 11 Enchanted Jewel

There's a nice big mirror.

The eye shadow has five colours; a champagne colour, a pale pink, a light grey, a dark grey and a white.

Swatches, the colours are not super pigmented but they're suitable for day wear and buildable if you want. The champagne colour kind of blends into my skin too much so it's really hard to take a picture of it.

I really love the eyeshadows and I think they're my favorite item in the make up set. I actually reach for it pretty often but mostly for night time looks.

 Jill Stuart Blush Glow  + Brush
I normally really love the mix blushes from Jill Stuart because the four colours can be worn on their own on mixed together easily because of the square cuts. I think that this design makes it impossible for you do wear each colour on it's own - you kind of have to mix them together to use it.
But it is really pretty - it's a nice blush that's neither too red or too pink so it's quite flattering on the skin.

The brush is soft but I don't know when I would use it to be honest. It's nice to be given of course but I don't really see the value in it, personally.

 I really love a sheer red lip gloss and I'm always looking for a new one so I'm really glad to have this one. The packaging is really nice and it looks really Christmas-y.
I still haven't used this yet because I have a few other lip glosses I want to use up before I use this one. 

I actually really like this nail polish for when ever I really don't feel like painting my nails because it's almost like a clear with a pink shimmer. It dries pretty quickly as well and is surprisingly long lasting.

It also males a nice top coat as well over plain cream colours as well for something a bit different to a normal top coat.

I bought mine from here if anyone is curious.

Overall, I really love the Jill Stuart Christmas Collections and I'm glad I got the 2015 collection because the items were quite nice and I really do reach for them often.
I think if there was someone in your life that really liked Jill Stuart or you want someone to feel like a princess then I think the sets make a really nice gift as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this review.

Thank you so much for reading!
Berri Doll

Friday, January 22, 2016

[Haul] Liz Lisa Autumn Haul

Hi! Hi!

I'm going to try dividing my hauls from Liz Lisa over the season into 'Autumn' and 'Winter'. I really didn't make a lot of big orders this season I made smaller orders over the season so I just bulked it together. It looks like a lot like this but these go back quite quite a while.


G Jean with Bijoux in Indigo




This were both released as 'early Autumn' items and I actually had Emiii purchase these for me with my Liz Lisa card because I had a completed one that I wanted to use while I had the chance. (Thank you Emi!)

A slight backstory, I have a denim jacket in white from Liz Lisa which I love and wear pretty regularly however, I noticed that there was some weird yellow stain on the shoulder (no idea what it is, I've washed it and tried to get it out but nothing seems to remove it,) so I figured it was time to get a new one.

Liz Lisa jackets normally have some sort of detail on the back - normally corset detail or maybe writing or stitching and to be honest, I'm not really a massive fan of it most of the time so I like that jacket had a plain back.

This jacket also came in a light blue but I went with the indigo or dark blue option.

Lace Trench Coat 

 Separate Blog post here

Dot Flower 'Piece' in White




Sweet Daihana Piece in Navy




These were both released as 'early Autumn' items and I actually had Emiii purchase these for me with my Liz Lisa card.
Funnily enough, Emi bought the same dresses.
I've worn the White Rose and Dot dress before but I still haven't worn the navy floral one.

Both are surprisingly light in fabric and they fit nicely.

I actually forgot to include these until the last minute so I don't actually have any 'worn' photos but if and when I take some, I'll update this post.

Floral Shoulder Ribbon Dress




 Pink Details

Bordeaux Detail

Originally I was determined to wait for a sale to purchase this dress - I particularly liked the Bordeaux colour but I actually liked all three colours so I was happy to wait for it to sale. However it sold out before it ever even went on sale. The pink colour later restocked and I purchased it (with my points on Tokyo Kawaii Life because it still wasn't on sale at this point,).

After purchasing the pink, I really liked the Bordeaux still and kind of still wanted it more than the pink. I used the 'email when stock becomes available' feature and eventually it did come back in stock. I think I did get the Bordeaux on sale but it was only a really small discount.

I'm trying to stop buying things in more than one colour but honestly, I really love this dress and I think it fits really nicely. Even though they're the same dress I think they look really different because the pattern is so obvious on the Bordeaux colour.

 With Liz Lisa heels

 with DreamV / Mary Rose heels

Transfer floral dress (?) 


In Pink

This dress wasn't one I really interested in purchasing but I did look at it often - how cute are the LL girls modelling the 3 colours together. 
Tokyo Kawaii Life had a buy 2 get 20% offer and the dress was already 50% off  so I bought it because it was cheap.
Never a good reason to purchase an item but I actually ended up really liking the dress so I guess I got lucky. 
I was also looking at another dress to purchase but my ideal colour way wasn't available anymore so I just purchased this and some hand towels to get the 20% off. (Pictures further down,)

I really liked the almost sweet heart neckline and the sleeves (straps?) of the dress. The cut really makes me feel elegant and ladylike when I wear it. 

 With Liz Lisa Heels

 This dress has an almost 'velvet' texture to the fabric with I personally really like but it makes the dress feel heavy. The length of the dress is also quite nice as well - I don't feel like it's either too short or too long on me. 
The best part about this dress is it actually has pockets.
The buttons are all fully functional.

Tralala Dress
No longer online?

 I actually bought this as a dress to wear to work and I really love the cut of it. The transparent shoulders are really nice and I love the little ruffle on the hem of the skirt.
It kind of reminds me a little bit of Wednesday Adams. 

Accessories / Outlet Items

Lucky Bunny Backpack in Pink

I was really into all the bunny themed items from Liz Lisa this Autumn and I really wanted this pack back because... well, it's adorable. I did purchase this full price because I knew it would sell out.

I'm pretty sure I would get laughed at for using this so I have no idea when I'll actually use it but it's so cute!

 Hand towels I purchased with the transfer floral dress to get the multi buy discount. I've actually gotten into the habit of carrying of of these with me at all times so stocking up when they're on sale is handy.

My Melody and Sweet Piano Charms 

These were released as the Volume 1 of the My Melody x Sweet Piano x Liz Lisa Collaboration. I did like the dresses but I don't think they're really my style so I passed on them and I just got the key chains.

Outlet Items

I also raided the outlet for mainly accessories back in November. I think they must have restocked a little bit so there was some stuff that wasn't there before and it was all pretty cheap.

Bracelet in white. I actually have the matching earrings but they're more beige than this bracelet sadly. I still quite like this though - it's really elegant.

I just really like fluffy things. This is a handbag charm/phone strap/ phone plug.

To be honest, I thought I would like this more than I actually do. It's pretty but I'm not really sure how often I'll wear it but it works really well for more elegant and sophisticated looks.

Kind of random but I bought this mirror and then someone actually gifted me a very similar item after I purchased this. I'm kind of scared to use this cause it's white though.
Also, I can't for the life of my figure out what the pouch is suppose to be used for - it's a cosmetic mirror so what can you use the pocket for?

 Cinderella's Carriage studs. I really like dainty simple stuff like this and I actually didn't buy anything thing from the Cinderella series so... forever late to the party.

Emiii has this as well and I always liked it on her. We all know I'm a hair accessory fiend so might as well add this to the collection.

Champouf. I love Champouf but Liz Lisa just doesn't make enough stuff with Champouf on it anymore. TT_TT Liz Lisa please, make more Champouf.

Sunflower hair clip. It's really simple but I've worn it a few times since I got it so I guess it was a good purchase in the end.

I really love this pattern and I also like these types of bags from Liz Lisa. They're a great shape and I use them often.

These I'm not completely happy with. I thought they would be smaller than they were then they are and they're also really heavy as well. I'm not sure I would wear them often at all.

I don't know why I bought these but they're actually quite small and light and I kind of like how quirky they are. Plus they make me think of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I actually liked the red or black in these best but the blue was in the outlet and they were quite cheap so I got them lol. I thought they were really funny and they would be cute if your going to the movies or having a movie night.

I also have this in the pink x mint and I really like it so when it went to the outlet and it was 30% off, I got the pink x navy.

I don't know why I keep buying this stuff. lmao but it's cute

I've actually be wearing this kind of often recently. It's cute and really light. I like that it's summery but not over the top mermaid theme.

Yes, so that's everything from 'Autumn' that I bought. I will have another haul post soon so hopefully you look forward to it. It's going to be really small lmao. I really didn't plan these posts out well Lmao.

Thanks for reading anyways. 
Berri Doll 

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