Friday, December 30, 2016

[Japan Crate] Kira Kira 02 Box

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I'm not sure what drew me to the particular service, however I ended up deciding to try Japan Crate's Kira Kira box which is a monthly subscription service which will deliver an assortment of 'beauty' related items for a cost.
The contents are random every month but that makes it more exciting.
I've only ever tried one other month subscription service in the past and it was only okay so I was excited to try this one.

The box is shipped directly from Japan as well. I was thinking it would come from somewhere else but nope! Comes from Japan. 

The box that arrives is super cute! I really love the aqua colour. You can even gift this box to someone - how nice would it be to surprise someone with this box arriving for them?

Every part of this box is decorated so it's really lovely to open and look at. They really put a lot of thought into the design.

The contents inside!

The box comes with a book with the products.

 I really liked this page at the beginning highlighting some looks that are popular right now!

 The last page includes a list of everything included.

The pamphlet is nicely printed and informative and includes both information on the products and also directions on how to use the contents of the box which is super handy.

Ashirira Sheet Lavender

I actually have wanted to try this type of product for a while. I don't really do much for my feet in terms of taking care of them which is pretty bad. I take care of my face and hands but barely do much for my feet.
This product is meant to draw out toxins from your feet as well as help with foot pain and muscle aches.
It sounds interesting and if it works then I would be happy to look into buying it in future.

PureSmile Green Tea Mask

A good sheet mask is always welcome in my eyes lol. 
 Green tea is always a favorite so I can't really complain about this one at all. I've never tried this particular brand but I've seen it around online so I'm interested in trying it.

Yogrip 'Rose and Honey' Mask

At least I think this is a mask? Lol, the book didn't make it super clear but the directions say to wash it off after 5-10 minutes so I assume it's a mask.
I normally like rose face masks and honey is suppose to be really good for dry skin so I think I'll save this for winter.

Morning Surprise Monroe Peach Hand Cream

This is super cheat cause it's actually a Korean brand. I normally really like peach scented stuff but I currently have enough hand cream so I think I'll put this to the side and give it as a gift to a friend or family member (I have a few birthdays coming up,). Apparently this is a best seller according to the booklet.

(Pelican Soap) Ichigo Milk Flavor Milk Bath + Milk Soap

 I think we all know I really love anything strawberry scented or decorated or anything along those lines so I was really excited to see this in the box. I'm super interested in trying the bath salts in the future. The soap looks interesting. I've never used a soap on my face before but I'm interested to try it out.

(Also I'm not sure why Kira Kira crate didn't include the brand name for this product in the book?)

 Dear Laura 9 Colors Lip and Cheek Palette

This is really cute. Lip palettes seem to be getting popular recently (I've seen a few brands doing palette's like this,) and I'm not a super big fan. I don't find them practical because I don't want to have to carry a big palette like this around to touch up my make up. Although I do really like the lip colours in this - I think that they're really nice and they seem like the colours I would go for.

If you're interested in Japan Crate Kira Kira box - you can click here!

The bottom of the box has this cute illustration! I'm not sure what it says but it's a nice touch.

The box is also easily flattened which is nice - it makes it easier to recycle.

The contents were nice for December - there's a good mix of items - from bath, to skin care and masks. I quite liked the contents even if I don't have a use for everything.

Everything is full sized which is nice as well.

I quite liked this box overall and I'm interested in seeing what other items the Kira Kira boxes contain in future.

Japan Crate also makes other boxes - like snacks and misc. type items as well so it might be a cute gift idea for someone or even yourself.

Do you subscribe to any monthly box services?

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll

Friday, December 23, 2016

Etude House Haul #05 - My Little Nut Collection

Hi! Hi!

What is it about Christmas collections for make up that are so special? I'm always a big sucker for any Christmas collection and this year I decided to buy from Etude Houses' collection.

Etude Houses' Little Nut collection was super cute though I'm not sure how I feel about the collection name. Lol.

So let's get the boring stuff over with first;

 My Beauty Tool Cotton Puff 
- Link -

My Beauty Tool Cotton Pads. I always buy these and use these ones. I really like them vs. other cotton pads.

 My Beauty Tool Brush 352 Eyebrow Screw
- Link -

I don't have one of these because my old one was really dirty and old so I threw it away and I bought this one in stead. I really love how light it feels in my hand. Lol. 

My Beauty Tool Brush My 140 Powder 
- Link

I'm not really sure why I ordered this one specifically. My old powder brush is still okay, though it has shed a bit over the years and is a bit rough when I use it so I wanted to buy a new one to replace it.

Balm&Color Tint Lip Concealer 
- Link -

Kind of curious to try this. I've tried various lip concealers over time and I've never found one I super really like so here's to hoping this one it good.

The swatches kind of blended into my skin but there's a swatch of the lip concealer, and then the two separate colours above it.

Dear My Enamel Lips - Talk
- Link -

I purchase two of these. I can't really remember what drew me to these specifically but I'm quite glad I bought them. 



This is almost like a lip balm with some glitter in it. Looking at it online I don't think what I received and what I thought it would be but I'm still quite happy with it. I guess this style of lip stick is quite on trend right now lol. I've seen a few people wearing them online and rocking super glittery lips.


PK006 & WH901 & WH901 over PK006

My Little Nut Collection

My Little Nut Colourful Scent Perfume Roll On Set (3 Fragrance)
- Link -

I actually love roll ball perfumes for two reasons.
Firstly, they're so good for bringing with you every day as opposed to a big perfume. And secondly, they're great for people like me that get sick of scents really quickly.

My Little Nut Collection Scent Perfume Hand Cream Set [3 pcs]
- Link -  

I'm a hand cream junkie. I really like the size of the Etude House ones because they're small enough for your hand bag but they're still a decent size.
This collection features scents; My Little Nut, Pure and Sweet.
The box these come in is super cute and is quite nice.

This is also a cute set if you want to share it with some friends.

My Little But Kissful Lip Care Set [3pcs] 
- Link -

The three scents are (01) Peach, (02) Strawberry and (03) Cherry.

Normally I really like pot lip balms because I find them more moisturizing but they're completely impractical for carrying when you're out and about so I can try these ones now!
I have no idea which scent to use first though.

My Little Nut Fantastic Color Eyes 
- Link -

I'm always drawn to red eye shadows lately and this rose gold/red combo palette is too pretty to resist.
The navy blue is nice - I don't have a lot of dark eye shadows so I thought it was a reasonably priced palette like this one.

The red one is really nice and sparkly. The colours really work well together and are really Christmass without being over the top in your face Christmas colours. 

This palette looks less Christmas like but I think it's a great palette for the holiday season and just winter (if it's winter where you live ofc,) in general. The colours would be nice for both an easy day look or a more smokey night look.
I actually think that this would be a great palette to take on a holiday because it's a nice mix of neutrals and colours.

My Little Nut Dear my Enamel Lips - Talk 
- Link -

Of course I had to get some Christmas lip sticks. The packaging is so pretty! Pink and rose gold - does it get better than that? 

Even though the product is from the same line the boxes are slightly different.


 I think that this colour is most likely meant to be worn over a tint or an other lip stick. The pinkish gold is really pretty.
It applies really glittery - but it's more of a smooth fine glitter. It's really pretty on the lips.


Normally, when I choose an orange, I prefer a softer sweeter shade of orange but this bright orange is nice for summer! (Even though it's from the Etude House winter collection)

OR207 & PK009 & PK009 over OR2017

This was the free sample I qualified for on the website. Tbh, I wasn't particulary interested in this line but free lol. These sets are always so good for traveling because the small size is both easy to use and transport.

I ended up placing a much larger haul than intended but oh well. I do really like the stuff I got ^^ 

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll

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