Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Halloween - Liz Lisa Wonderland Costume 2014

Hi! Hi!

Ahahaha, omg, this post is so freaking late. This is about the Halloween Costume I got from Liz Lisa last year.
It's okay if it's a little late - it's still good - right?

Last year, Liz Lisa released two costumes for Halloween - a cat costume and 'Wonderland' costume.

The cat costume was released on Tokyo Kawaii Life but the 'Wonderland' costume was available on Shibuya109 nets tore.  
I had to use a shopping service to purchase the costume (I don't think at the time Shibuya109 net store was shipping service friendly,). 

Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween - I decided to share pictures of the 'Wonderland' costume.

 The costume came in pink and white.

Pictures from Liz-Lisa tumblr.

The costume is quite short - you would really need to wear shorts underneath this costume or you will need to be extremely careful when wearing it.
The costume is actually good quality - however it's that type of fabric that stays poofy and in place. The top is almost a tweed like fabric with fluffy collar. The costume is also quite large. Without the apron the dress is actually quite shapeless and boxy - so it's a good thing the skirt is poofy so you can balance out the shape a bit more.

 The 'Wonderland' set is a 4 piece set with dress, apron, choker and tiara. You could use various elements of this costume to make another costume if you wanted to.

 The apron even has Liz Lisa printed on it.

 The necklace is good quality and can be worn on as a normal every day accessory if you wanted to.

The tiara is really cute - it's definitely my favorite part of the costume - besides the apron XD. 

I don't actually know anyone that bought the costumes from this year - so hopefully you found this post helpful. 

Thank you so much for reading and happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it

Berri Doll.



  1. Finally! I really like the tiara headband lol.

    1. Lol, it's still good. XD And yeah, it's super cute - I don't know what it has to do with 'Wonderland' though.

  2. Yay you wrote the post! And dang you tie bows really pretty, I just give up and tie them however. It's a super cute costume!

    1. Lol, yeah, finally XD. Do I? I kinda think the bow looked a bit uneven IMHO. And yeah, too bad Halloween isn't popular in Australia. Nowhere to wear it TT_TT

  3. Oh my gosh, you look ridiculously adorable! Their Halloween costumes are super pretty but a bit pricey, i'd be afraid to wear it out haha

    1. The costumes are super pricey but really cute! The costumes are not bad quality though. I still haven't worn mine outside XD


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