Tuesday, September 8, 2015

[Haul] Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno

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(Super delayed post)

Before I went on holiday Yui Kanno Collaboration with Liz Lisa went on sale. I've been a Yui Kanno fan for a while and I always like her collab with Liz Lisa at a lot.
I knew once it was announced I was interested in seeing what was to offer - I think personally, this was my favorite of the collabs so far! All the items were really nice this time and I bought two dresses.

 The first dress I knew I wanted was this dress. I really liked the pattern and the cut. The dress is cute with it's peter pan collar and I really liked the back of it - it's not something you expect to see on the back of the dress so it's an unexpected touch. I got this dress in pink.

 Paired with Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal Vol. II Cardigan, Liz Lisa Bag and Liz Lisa Shoes.

 The dress features grey scale roses and some female names. Personally,  wasn't super concerned over the names because I don't think it really means anything. It's not super obvious that people will wonder why you have names on your dress.

 Front and back on it's own.

Comes with a Yui Kanno x Liz Lisa Collab Swing Tag with the rose emblem used in the collab.

Despite the open back and the elastic waist, I found that this dress is a good fit. It's not really stretchy but luckily it fits me well.

I actually thought this dress would make a nice layering piece as well. I think it would make a great Spring or Autumn item.

 And then I purchased this dress as well. I liked this dress when I saw it online but I wasn't 'in love' with it like the other one. Actually, seeing it on the online model scared me a little because it looks quite big on her chest area so I was sure the dress would fit big - but it doesn't thank fully and it fits me a lot nicer than I was expecting.

Also, totally not sure what flowers these are meant to be? Any one have any ideas?

 Paired with Tralala wedges.

 Paired with Liz Lisa wedges.

The dress definitely makes a cute summer dress! The fabric of this dress is really nice as well, it's not too heavy or too light - it would be great for Spring and early Summer or late Summer (it gets too hot here for me to wear this in the middle of Summer). It seems really versatile and great everyday, sweet and effortless style dress and I'm sure I will get lots of wear out of it. This dress is also not really very stretchy but I found it fits me pretty well.
The only thing is, this dress is hard to pair with other things, it matches very simple things (like a denim jacket, or beige shoes,) but it's not super versatile.
 I also really like the length on this dress as well, it's not too short or too long. 

I purchased this dress in yellow because I like yellow. All three colours were really nice on this dress as well.

Sailor Moon Crystal x Tralala Collaboration Volume II 

Dress and Cardigan - - - Blouse and Skirt

I don't know about anyone else but it was a surprise when Tralala announced the release of the second volume of the Sailor Moon Crystal collab simply because - I don't think anyone knew about it online. 
It was released only a short time after the announcement as well. I'm not sure it it was a surprise or if they just didn't announce it online. 

The collab was really cute but since I bought so much from Volume I I tried to hold back. I did really like the collab overall but it wasn't super special like the first one was. I only purchased the cardigan this time simply because I can't resist Sailor Moon Collab items at all. 
I was really safe and purchased it in white although it was available in the cutest of pastel colours.

Artemis and Luna are in pink this time - and it's really cute, I'm glad it wasn't a dark colour like the cable knit cardigan of volume i. 

Cute little pink bow on the inside of the cardigan - although I'm not sure why it's on the inside - I think it would be really cute on the outside.

Authorized of course!

 It's completely plain on the back of it.

Overall, it's a great cardigan - although, if it weren't sailor moon, I wouldn't have bought it full price.

Sorry again for the really late post - there's still more late posts to come (all hauls lololol, I hope you guys like Liz Lisa)

Thank you for reading!
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  1. Lol finallyyyyyyyyyyy I get to see you in these! So cute!

  2. Both you and Emi look so good in the second OP you showed! I regret not getting it and I love your coords

    1. The dress looks plain online but it's a really nice fit - and thank you. I really didn't know what to pair the dresses with... somehow came up with something.

  3. Everything looks lovely on you! I was surprised to see Tralala do a second collab as well but I agree it didn't have that "I need this!!!" type of feel when I saw it LOL, but still the cardigan is a nice, subtle piece!

    1. Thank you ^^ The cardigan is a great basic IMO, it's not super flash but it's cute and functional!


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