Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Haul] Liz Lisa Summer Sale

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(Delayed update) 

Another late update, my apologies.
The was the second last 'haul' from Liz Lisa for the Summer but it was the bigger of the two. I had a pretty good idea of the items I wanted from the sale when it happened because I had my eye on some items in particular.
This sale was super hard, because a lot of the Summer stuff was still in stock, I think at one point I had a lot of items in my cart but I really narrowed it down the just the items I really wanted - I was super happy with this order overall however, so it was very worth it to sort though the mess I had made in my cart.

The first item I knew I wanted was this lovely romper. Risa Nakamura wore it in the Tokyo Girls Collection Runway show in white, and I originally wanted the white but Emi said get the pink so I did.
(I'd glad I however I quite like the pink,)

I'll have to share my small collection of these dress like rompers because I have a good amount (I've purchased at least one every Summer,)

 I paired it with Liz Lisa sun hat from Summer 2013 (I think?) and wedges from Summer 2014.

 I think out of all the rompers I own like this, this is the hardest to wear simply because it's a bit hard to get into/ out of - I think it's just because of the strap that cross over in the back which means it might not be the best for if you just want to 'throw' something on and head out quickly. 
I can't wait for warm Summer days to wear it.

The second item was also a romper however, they're both completely different so I think it's totally alright. I feel in love with the white one on Yui Kanno in the promo pictures but I also really liked the pale blue. After some thought and thinking about it I ended up purchasing the blue one.

 I really like that the blue looks like 2 pieces that match together over one piece like the white.
This romper is a really great mix of retro and modern. The tie waist and chambray looking top really feel quite retro and pin-up style but the shorts and the lace feel more fresh and modern. I love that this item has so many pockets as well. I have no idea why I need like, 5 pockets on one garment but I guess if I ever need to wear something with a lot of pockets, I can wear this wtf.
The lace on the top isn't itchy or uncomfortable at all which is a relief. I have a blouse from Tralala with similar lace and I found that it was a bit itchy on my skin but so far this lace seems okay.

I already have this top in navy but I really loved it so I wanted to get another colour way. I ended up choosing the grey option.

And finally, we move onto accessories.

I ended up purchasing these in the yellow. I bought these before I went to Japan and I wore them on holiday, however - I once I got back home, I was completely unable to find them anywhere, since the yellow was the only ones left online I decided to purchase the yellow colour because I'd rather have these hair clips than not.

I think this necklace was really inexpensive so I bought it in the end. It's a classic style necklace that suits a lot of outfits. The necklace is really light and delicate so I'm a bit scared to break it actually.

And I purchased - I love double chain necklaces and this one was too cute to pass up. Kinda strange but I thought the gold looked really shiny online in the stock photos which is why I was so interested in it - and I'm glad it was as shiny as I hoped in person.

The lock is what I expected but the key looks a little bit more delicate than I was expecting. I'm sure it'll be fine as I've only ever broken one Liz Lisa doubly chain necklace (it was like, 2 years old and I wasn't the gentlest with it unfortunately,)

And, that;s everything I got from the Summer Secret sale - I feel it's a little bit boring but.. it's what I got.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thank you for reading
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  1. I LOVE the shorts romper on you. The proportions are so perfect! I think it would be a crotch eater on me lol.

  2. It's a really nice piece! XD Lol, for once being short pays off lolololololol. The romper wasn't super tight, it's might have been okay?

  3. Oh my gosh those shorts are so beautiful! They look amazing on you :D Man I'm so jealous you can get away with wearing rompers, it'll be way too short on me (and incredibly uncomfortable) ;_;

    1. They show the best on the blue colour so that's what really sold me on it in the end. I actually wish I was taller but I guess there's a plus to being on the shorter side sometime :p

  4. That romper is gorgeous! I've been really into simple floral patterns and that one is to die for haha! You got some really nice items~

  5. Love the rompers you got! I have the first romper in white and I was tossing between pink and white so hard. Pink looks extremely lovely and easy to wear with accessories!


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