Wednesday, September 30, 2015

[Review] Etude House Sugar Tint Balm in #05 PK002 Pink Macaron

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Today I want to review this lip balm from Etude House. This is their Sugar Tint Lip Balm.
It claims to be a tinted lip balm that promised to hydrate with a buildable color. This lip balm comes in 8 colours, ranging from light to bright to dark. 


The lip balm comes in a simple yet cute box. The illustrations remind me of a cupcake with sprinkles and a cute patty pan. The metallic text is a lovely touch as well. 

The tint itself it comes in a pretty average lip balm container with a twist for the lip balm. This style lip balm is great for when you're out and about because you can easily reapply without worrying about messing up your hands to apply it.

The lid is a twist off lid that feels secure once it's twisted on in place.
Each lid matches the colour of the lip balm which is nice so you always know which colour your reaching for.

This product is very interesting - I find it interesting, at least, as combining a tint and a lip balm is new to me. Normally, I find tints to be a little on the drying side and hard to maintain through the day so I really like that this combines the practicality of a balm and colour of a tint.  I wouldn't say this is a replacement lip balm but it's a great way to get some colour and some hydration when you're on the go. 

The colour is buildable from a soft to a very vibrant pink. Reapplying this product through the day will intensify your look by night time. 
The colour I purchased is quite bright so I do need a mirror to apply it because it is quite bright.
If you want a more subtle colour you can apply a lip concealer on your lips prior to application of this balm, for a soft, light look.

This product comes in 8 lovely colours. 


This product does come with a scent, it's a very sweet scent that reminds me of a fruity (I can't pin point it personally but it smells almost like peach or apricot) candy. It's a summery scent that is very girlish. It's not an over powering scent which you can smell when the product is close by. 

 This product costs US$8.00 for 4g or 0.14oz. 

 What I think; 
Overall, I think this is a really great lip balm which gives subtle colour to you lips. It's a great every day lip balm for when your out and about and you want to hydrate your lips on the go but still want a little more than a clear gloss. 
I think it's a great 'lazy' product, because you get a tint and a lip balm in one so you can apply both easily with one product. 
If you re apply this throughout the day, then you won't need to carry a second lip colour either as you can easily build the colour up over the day for a more mature vibrant lip with little effort. 

I personally really like the colour selection as well and there's something for everyone.

That being said, if you have really dry lips, because despite it being a lip balm, the balm isn't super long lasting nor super hydrating.  

The only negative is a think the price is a little steep but it doesn't put me off buying this product again at all because I really like the product and I'm interested in trying different colours. 

Tell me; what's your preferred lip product - lip balm, lip stick, gloss, tint or something else? 

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Berri Doll


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[Haul] Liz Lisa Summer Sale

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(Delayed update) 

Another late update, my apologies.
The was the second last 'haul' from Liz Lisa for the Summer but it was the bigger of the two. I had a pretty good idea of the items I wanted from the sale when it happened because I had my eye on some items in particular.
This sale was super hard, because a lot of the Summer stuff was still in stock, I think at one point I had a lot of items in my cart but I really narrowed it down the just the items I really wanted - I was super happy with this order overall however, so it was very worth it to sort though the mess I had made in my cart.

The first item I knew I wanted was this lovely romper. Risa Nakamura wore it in the Tokyo Girls Collection Runway show in white, and I originally wanted the white but Emi said get the pink so I did.
(I'd glad I however I quite like the pink,)

I'll have to share my small collection of these dress like rompers because I have a good amount (I've purchased at least one every Summer,)

 I paired it with Liz Lisa sun hat from Summer 2013 (I think?) and wedges from Summer 2014.

 I think out of all the rompers I own like this, this is the hardest to wear simply because it's a bit hard to get into/ out of - I think it's just because of the strap that cross over in the back which means it might not be the best for if you just want to 'throw' something on and head out quickly. 
I can't wait for warm Summer days to wear it.

The second item was also a romper however, they're both completely different so I think it's totally alright. I feel in love with the white one on Yui Kanno in the promo pictures but I also really liked the pale blue. After some thought and thinking about it I ended up purchasing the blue one.

 I really like that the blue looks like 2 pieces that match together over one piece like the white.
This romper is a really great mix of retro and modern. The tie waist and chambray looking top really feel quite retro and pin-up style but the shorts and the lace feel more fresh and modern. I love that this item has so many pockets as well. I have no idea why I need like, 5 pockets on one garment but I guess if I ever need to wear something with a lot of pockets, I can wear this wtf.
The lace on the top isn't itchy or uncomfortable at all which is a relief. I have a blouse from Tralala with similar lace and I found that it was a bit itchy on my skin but so far this lace seems okay.

I already have this top in navy but I really loved it so I wanted to get another colour way. I ended up choosing the grey option.

And finally, we move onto accessories.

I ended up purchasing these in the yellow. I bought these before I went to Japan and I wore them on holiday, however - I once I got back home, I was completely unable to find them anywhere, since the yellow was the only ones left online I decided to purchase the yellow colour because I'd rather have these hair clips than not.

I think this necklace was really inexpensive so I bought it in the end. It's a classic style necklace that suits a lot of outfits. The necklace is really light and delicate so I'm a bit scared to break it actually.

And I purchased - I love double chain necklaces and this one was too cute to pass up. Kinda strange but I thought the gold looked really shiny online in the stock photos which is why I was so interested in it - and I'm glad it was as shiny as I hoped in person.

The lock is what I expected but the key looks a little bit more delicate than I was expecting. I'm sure it'll be fine as I've only ever broken one Liz Lisa doubly chain necklace (it was like, 2 years old and I wasn't the gentlest with it unfortunately,)

And, that;s everything I got from the Summer Secret sale - I feel it's a little bit boring but.. it's what I got.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Berri Doll


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

[Haul] Liz Lisa Secret Sale

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This post is super over due but okay, I have an excuse! There was a bit of a delay with this package because I sent it to my Dad's office while he was on holiday, there was a small bit of confusion where they said I had already collected it when I hadn't - anyways, it was okay. It all got sorted out in the end and I have this haul to share with you!

I purchased this in a secret sale and everything was 50% off, lucky for me there was a mix up on Tokyo Kawaii Life's end and they listed a few items that shouldn't have and I was able to get some items that I wanted for a good price.

The order came with the catalog.

Liz Lisa Fringe clutch in Pink

 I really like these size clutches -they're not too small you can't carry what you really need but at the same time, they're not so big like a regular everyday bag either - I really like these.
Fringe was a small trend this year, and I'm not really a big fan of it personally but I don't mind it on this bag. I love the lace with it as well.
 The bag is a fake suede texture and I really like the feel of this bag.

 It also comes with a gold chain but I'm not in love with the chain. It kind of scares me because I've seen and heard of other people who have had their hair gets stuck in the links so I might have to tie my hair up or be very careful when I do use it.

 It has a zip to keep all your items safe and a zip pocket and two pouches on the opposite side - so there's lots of places to store your belongings.
I really like the colour I got, the soft pink is feminine and subtle and it would be a great Summer bag.

Tralala Ribbon Strap Pumps in Black

This was a complete impulse buy, the price on these was really reasonable and I thought they would be a good very day shoe because they're not too high and I can see them going with a variety of co-ordinates.I figured if I hated them I could just wear them as work shoe and wear them out quickly and be done with them but luckily - I really like them and they fit really well.

I sometimes don't have a lot of luck with Tralala shoes but these ones fit pretty well and I really like them.

Floral Chiffon Sukapan in White

 I'm not a a big fan of sukapan's for me lately and I much prefer the regular skirts from Liz Lisa but this skirt really caught my attention after I saw Rima wearing it and the way she styled it.
She looks so cute and I really like the way she styled the skirt! It's a little bit grown up but it's still cute and young. I did look for it in Japan but I just wasn't able to find it in any store I went to. Luckily it was in the sale so I bought it.

Not sure what this dress was called but I think this was an item that was mistakenly placed in the sale as it was removed straight after I bought it. 

 This dress was something I liked but it was a bit scary because it was just an item that fit differently on everyone. A few staff wore this dress around it's release and the length was different on everyone. I think Emi sent this to me because Yui must be the same height as me? Or close too?
 It looked nice on her so I bought it. Pretty much straight after I checked out, this dress was removed from the sale so I don't think it was meant to be included.
I love the way Yui styled the dress but I think that this is a versatile dress and would look nice with sandals and flats even.
Actually, I think this dress would be the perfect Summer holiday dress. Too bad I have nothing like that planned at this stage.

The buttons are fully functioning on the dress and the dress is fully lined and even has pockets! 
The buttons are printed with a simple flower design which suits the dress. They also function the whole way down the dress as well.

OP in Navy

  This is something I actually tried on in Shibuya109 and I really liked it but I didn't think it was worth full price. Since it's such a unique piece, I wasn't sure how often I would wear it and if I can only wear something a few times that really puts me off paying full price so I decided to leave this item until it went on sale! I really love the navy and yellow combination and this OP is actually really comfortable.
The only thing is I find the calf area a little tight but that stops it from moving out of place which I think it useful. 

 It looks like I got one that was cut the exact same as the one the online model was wearing... I wonder if they were all cut the same? XD

This OP has four pockets on it as well. There's no zip however the draw string at the waist and elastic shoulders make it easy enough to wear.

The final item I purchased was the My Melody x Liz Lisa collaboration watch - I think this was the 5th collab? I can't remember but it's been on the site for a while and it never ever went on sale - but it was in the sale for 50% off!
I managed to snag one in the sale, only for it to be removed straight after I bought it. I was sharing what I bought with a friend and they asked for a link to watch but I couldn't find it, so I assume it wasn't meant to be on sale.

 Such a cute box!

Watch is super cute but it's really not an 'all the time watch' I don't wear this to work but I sometimes wear it on weekends or school if I want to be extra cute.
I like that this watch has so many holes available - I have really small wrists and normally every watch I own needs to be adjusted but this one didn't! ^^

I got a pretty good price on all these items so I went a bit crazy and I bought a bit!
I hope you all liked this post even though it's ridiculously late.

Thank you so much for reading!

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