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[Review] Sailor Moon x Isetan Samantha Vega Collaboration Sailor Guardians Long Wallet

 Hi! Hi!

Sailor Moon has been collaborating with a lot of different brands over the past year for the 20th anniversary and this particular collaboration was with bag and small goods brand - Samantha Vega in collaboration with Isetan!

This collab was only available at certain Isetans and was released on the 31st of the 3rd.

The collab consisted of two bags, one wallet and a mini multicase.

I was originally interested in everything but Samantha Vega isn't a cheap brand so I knew getting everything was out of the question.

I was mostly interested in the Sailor Guardians Long Wallet because it's the most practical item (for me,). I do happen to like that long envelope style wallet anyways I knew it wasn't going to be a gamble or a risk to buy it.
I was also interested in the Luna bag but the original cost was quite expensive and at the time there was no stock photos other than the one above so I had no idea what the size was either.

I actually contacted Tokyo Pirates about the wallet because even though I was in Japan at the time, the closest store with the collab was still pretty far away and our schedules were really packed at the time (And I wasn't in Tokyo until after the week end) so I knew it would be hard to get my own hands on this wallet.

Collabs with Sailor Moon are really popular and I knew I wanted the wallet in Sailor Moon or Chibi-usa and I knew they would be the first two to go if the collab was popular.
Jamie was really great and answered my questions I had about the Luna Bag and the wallet.
As it turns out the bag came in two sizes and they were really pricey! I wasn't sure about it so I decided to not buy the bag but I still wanted the wallet of course!

I was actually pretty undecided over the wallet still at this time but I was merely getting it because I was scared I would regret it if I didn't. I do like this particular style of wallet and I of course, love Sailor Moon but I wasn't 100% sold on the wallet to be honest.
Emi convinced me I wanted it however and told me if I still wasn't in love with it when I got it I could try and sell it since the collab stuff is normally popular out of Japan anyways. Thank you for convincing me Emi. 

After this, it turned out the wallet and moon stick bag were released online and I tried to buy it online myself but it didn't work out but Jamie was still happy to get the wallet for me. Thank you Jamie - I know it must have been annoying to put up with me like that.

Fast forward and I received my wallet after I got back from Japan!
(and thank you to Tokyo Pirates - there was a mix up with the shipping but she was so kind and generous fixing it for me!) 

And I love the wallet.

I was so skeptical about it and I wasn't excited to open it at all to be honest but when I did I instantly fell in love with it and I was so excited to have it.

I'm so glad I bought this wallet in the end because I just really love it so much!
I was really bracing myself to try to force myself to like it or to be underwhelmed by it but I really wasn't and I'm so glad that I like it more than I was expecting myself too.

 The package came in the Isetan paper with a cute sticker and ribbon on it. I'm sure it's not intentional but it really matches the Sailor Moon theme.

Inside is the box with the wallet. I have another Samantha Vega Wallet and it also came in a plain box. To be honest, I wish that the packaging said something about it being Samamtha Vega at the very least. A cute box to match the collab would have been really nice however. Of course, this doesn't take away the appeal of the contents for me at all but I wish there was something else to it.

 Isn't the wallet really cute? It arrived looking exactly the same as the picture showed it and there was really no surprises with this wallet at all.
The only thing that is different is the wallet has a small amount of glitter on it. This is glitter in the material and it won't simply fall off like regular glitter. The glitter is so fine and small that it's super hard to pick up on camera and it's even quite hard to notice in real life unless you're looking for it or the wallet is under direct light. 
It's super subtle but a lovely touch. Even if you're someone who doesn't like glitter I doubt it would bother you at all.
 The wallet has Sailor Moon and Samantha Vega printed on it which I like. It's not super obvious but it's definitely there.
 The back of the wallet is plain white.
 Zipper is hot pink.

 It arrived with foam to help the wallet keep the shape.
 And it has Samantha Vega Printed in the wallet as well.
You can see all the compartments in the wallet and the zip compartment is open to reveal a spacious inside. 
 The fabric on the wallet is lovely as well. I like wallets with bright lining because it's easier to find small coins and other small items in your wallet.

 The tag with the official Toei authorization - I don't like to buy anything without this sticker because I want to support my favorite series by buying the real merchandise.

One thing that I really like about the wallet is that it doesn't look overly Sailor Moon - as in, if you didn't know what Sailor Moon was or you weren't familiar with it you wouldn't notice this wallet as a Sailor Moon wallet. I really like that because I feel like I can happily use this wallet for years to come and I don't have to worry about it looking 'childish' or 'immature,' over time.

I'm definitely really happy with this purchase and I super love it. I don't regret it at all like I originally thought I would.
Tokyo Pirates was really wonderful as a shopping service as well and I completely recommend her and her service as I had a great experience!

Have any of you bought into any of the Sailor Moon Merchandise?

Thank you for reading!
Berri Doll


  1. Omg it looks so beautiful! The colours are gorgeous, I'm jealous!

    { }

    1. It's a lovely wallet. I'm glad I got the sailor moon but it was a touch choice overall - so many of the combo's were nice!

  2. Finally! I'm happy to finally see it :)

    1. Awww, you're making me feel bad I took so long XD

  3. The wallet is absolutely adorable!! I really wish I would have gotten something from this collaboration but it was indeed pricey. Glad you're happy with it! ^ ^

    1. It's a great wallet overall - even though it's pricey but I think a nice wallet never dates. I'm super glad I got it in the end!

  4. I was always more into card captor sakura more than sailor moon myself, but that wallet looks super good quality, and even someone like me would love using it

  5. so jelly that you got one of the Sailor Moon collab stuff from Samantha Vega! The inside of the wallet is gorgeous *-*

  6. This wallet is super pretty^^ Glad you got it~~

  7. This wallet is super pretty^^ Glad you got it~~

  8. Hello, may I ask how much did your sailor moon wallet cost?


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