Friday, July 31, 2015

[Haul] Lizmelo

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Another late post.

Lizmelo is collaboration between Liz Lisa and My Melody (Sanrio) the label normally makes a small collection every season of cute room wear, clothing and accessories that is sold at Shimamura exclusively.

Lizmelo is a new addition to Tokyo Kawaii Life. They released a small capsule collection of room wear online.

If you've read other hauls and posts from me before, you know that I really love room wear and My Melody so I really wanted to purchase some things from the collection.

BIG Silhouette T-shirt in Pink
- BIGシルエットTシャツ 

I think this was really over priced at full price but I'm still really glad purchased it. It's a really over sized t-shirt with My Melody printed on the front.

 The t-shirt has a slight trapeze cut which gives it the extra fabric and shape.

I really like the extra detail on the back that gives that drape. It gives a little extra something and keeps it from being like any other t-shirt.

The fabric on this top is also really nice - it's really stretchy and thick so it's quite nice quality.

Note that the tag is different from Liz Lisa tags. I haven't seen the shimamura personally but I'm under the impression that these labels are different.

Heather logo Parker in Grey
- 杢ロゴパーカー 

Mokuurake shorts in Grey
I was skeptical over the quality over these items because they're 'Summer' items I was worried they would be to thin or flimsy but I'm really glad that I was worrying over nothing. 

 The jumper has 3/4 sleeves and I really like the length - I normally push my sleeves up while I'm doing things like cooking or cleaning or playing games so it's comfy to have them be that length already.

I really like the rope-like ties on the set as well, it's a little bit nautical looking which is cute since this is a Summer set. 

 The shorts surprised me - there was no model wearing these online so I was a bit worried they might be too short but they're actually longer than I thought they would be - I don't mind this because I like being able to move around and sit however I like when I'm at home so the fact that they're longer is great. 
They also look nice with the longer cut top so you can still see you're wearing shorts underneath.

The whole outfit is super comfortable and easy to wear and it's really cute as well. I like that they're plain because all my room wear is actually patterned so it's nice to have something that's plain - plus I don't think it's room 'sleep wear' like, so you can wear them to answer the door or if you have a friend over and not look like you haven't gotten changed since you were asleep.

The only thing I'm not crazy over is the hoodie - most room wear items come with them and I'm not sure the point of hoodies when you're inside. 

I was really hoping this line would be a replacement for the Coucher a Chambre line Liz Lisa had ages ago and would make cute room accessories like mugs, bedding, and pillows but it doesn't seem that it is unfortunately.
Forever wishing Coucher a Chambre to return. 

Let me know if you bought anything from this line and you're thoughts on it if you did.

Thank you for reading! 
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  1. This whole outfit is super cute and casual I love how comfy it looks! The hoodie is probably because they thought they'd include it in case people wanted to throw it on for a quick run outside to the store or wherever.

    Anyway super adorable!

    1. It's really comfy! That's true, I guess I don't really wear hoodies up so I don't see much use for them but I guess some people like them!

  2. This is all so cute omg! I need to invest in adding some more "you can answer the door in this" roomwear LOL. I really hope TKL adds more from Lizmelo, i've been seeing a lot of cute items from them

    1. Yeah, this is cute and cozy but not... sleepwear like ^.^ so it's perfect. The small collections are really nice - I hope they do a new collection for Autumn/Winter.

  3. Wow this outfit looks so comfy and cute! I love the LizMelo collection~ Really want to buy something from there! >//<

    1. It's currently on sale! It's super cute and the quality is not bad either!

  4. The tshirt is definitely my favorite!~ Glad you tried a few things!!


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