Friday, July 24, 2015

[Haul] Liz Lisa x My Melody 6th Collab

 Hi! Hi!

Oh my gosh, this post is so ridiculously overdue I really apologize.

This collab was released in two volumes but I'll post both volumes today.
If you partook in buying this dress online you might have seen or heard that volume 1 was released a week earlier then advertised and I decided to purchase it with a bunch of other Liz Lisa fans because it was up so it must be for sale.
Later on, it turned out it was a mistake on Tokyo Kawaii Life's end but they still sold the dresses to everyone who bought it earlier.

Volume 1

I actually purchased 3 of these dresses, 2 in white and 1 in pink because at the time it was released Emi was on a plane heading to Japan for her holiday with her family, so I bought one pink and one white in case she missed out in store since the day of the release in store we were going to the Kyoto store and we weren't sure we would miss it or not since neither of us had any experience with the store releases and how long it would be available for.
Anyways, Emi bought her own and I managed to sell the extra white to a friend.
(Also, thanks to Catherine for helping me with all my decision making,)
I ended up with both a white and a pink in the end and I was really convinced I was going to sell the pink (I originally only liked the white,) however, I really liked the pink when I saw it - a lot more than I thought I ever would.

 When it was released online by mistake it wasn't called the My Melody Collab dress or have the correct cover photo on the listing - if I didn't look twice I would have missed it.

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab dress in White

 I really feel very girlie and princess-y in this dress overall. It fits well too which is really nice as well. The print is so nice - roses, sweets and My Melody - What could be more perfect about this dress?

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab Dress in Pink

 I super loves the pink one more than I thought I would. Actually I expected to hate it so that I liked it even a little bit was a surprise and I really can't decide which one I like more.

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab My Melody Keychain

I bought one of these a while ago, with the second or third collab I think but I haven't bought one since. I decided to buy this one because I really love this collab lol.

Volume 2

The collab this time had a lot more items for sale than they normally do and they decided to do two volumes. I'm not sure if it's because the collab is popular or because it's the 40th anniversary.

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab Jumper Skirt in 'White'

I bought both the blouse and the jumper skirt but I think I bought the jumper skirt because everyone else seemed too really liked it. I've never bought a jumper skirt before so I really regretted buying this straight after buying it because... when will I wear it?

I really like the blouse however. I do like the half sleeve and I love the fabric on the sleeves on this blouse -I have a dress with a similar fabric and I really like it.

 The blouse doesn't feel like the best quality so I'll have to be careful with it when wearing this and washing it.

I really love the patterns on this skirt so much.

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab Ribbon Dress in Pink

 This was originally the only thing I was going to get from the collab however I bought a lot more. I'm not completely happy with this dress - I just don't really like these bows too much and I don't think that they do anything for me personally.
I do think the dress is really cute but I'm debating selling it or seeing if I'll wear it first before selling it.

I'm interested in selling this for what I paid for it, please contact me directly if you're interested in it.

Liz Lisa My Melody Collab Pillow
I actually bought this months after the release when it was on sale (I think 50% off?) XD. It was too cute to pass up and as I said earlier, I love the print too much to pass on it.
I currently have this on my bed and I'm still really happy when I look at it.

Okay, so that was what I got with this collab - it was a lot more than I originally intended on buying but I'm quite happy with everything I got in the end.
I ended up liked the volume 1 dress a lot more than I thought I would but I also really like the jumper skirt and I'm glad I purchased it in the end.

I also bought from the 40th anniversary and the Lizmelo releases as well so I'll post that once I get the chance.

Again, sorry it took me so long to release this post. ^.^

Let me know, which Liz Lisa My Melody Collab has been your favorite so far?

Thank you so much for reading!
Berri Doll


  1. Looking lovely in all your coords <3

  2. Finally! I forgot that you got so many things lol! <3

  3. You look so nice in everything!~ :o I'd love to have a dress like one of these just for fun, but I don't think I would wear them 'cause I can't pull off looks like this T_T Hull...
    Junniku blog

    1. Thank you so much! Awww, I'm sure you would look stunning in cute style - I think cute stuff suits everyone :p

  4. Oh my gosh Liz Lisa looks so good on you! I'm incredibly jealous - I would love to own some of their My Melody x Liz Lisa collabs!

    1. XD Thank you sweetie - the photos didn't really come out how I wanted though :/ Awww, please don't be jealous lol. They normally do at least two collabs a year - maybe you'll be able to buy the next one?

  5. Everything looks super cute on you! I really like the ribbon dress, wow so cute~ I always seem to miss these collabs, ahhh this post makes me regret my forgetfulness haha!

    1. Ahaha I wish I slept through it so I didn't buy so much in the end XD.


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