Wednesday, June 3, 2015

[Travel] Japan Day 12: Disney Land and Last Day in Japan

Hi! Hi!

Sadly, this was the last day in Japan for me and my friend but we were spending it at Disney Land so it wasn't a bad way to go about it.

Unfortunately, the weather was horrific this day was a ridiculous 5 degrees (Celsius) on this day and it was raining all day. I've never been out in such cold weather nor did I pack anything even acceptable for this kind of cold. I wore many layers and about 5 heat patches and I was still cold.

I guess one plus was when we woke up - it was snowing!! I've never seen snow before so it was really exciting to see if falling from the sky (it was too warm for the snow and it melted before hitting the ground.)

But that's kind of where my excitement ended.

Last breakfast in Japan - Matcha Latte, Strawberry and cream sandwich and onigiri.

This day were were successful and got into the park 15 minutes earlier and got to watch the opening ceremony.

We quickly went and got our fast passes to go on the Haunted House which I ended up chickening out of before we went on TT_TT. Sorry friends!

We went on the Snow White ride, Pinocchio and Pirates of the Caribbean - the only one I wasn't scared on was Pirates XD. If you scare easily don't go on the other two - okay?

We also went into Cinderella's Castle! On the first day there was quite a long line to go into view the interior but today there was no line at all so we decided to go up. 

 All the stages of Cinderella are done by different artists - I think? Some were really amazing to look at!

 You can pretend to be Cinderella!

And outside, you can see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

Actually after all three rides I started to get quite miserable - I'd only brought one pair of shoes to Japan with me, and I guess after all the walking I had done in them they got holes in them so I ended up walking around with very wet very cold feet.

I hate the cold.

We went and got lunch at the buffet place there (I think I literally ate nothing but the creamy potatoes there XD my plate didn't look appetizing at all,) and we watched the Spring Parade while we ate as well!

After we rushed back to the hotel and checked out and put our luggage into storage.

I decided not to go back to the theme park because I wasn't having a good time and I didn't want to have bad memories of Disney so I stayed in the lobby and watch Alice in Wonderland on the TV with the kids XD.
Our friend was coming to see us off anyways, so I saw her and we got to chat a bit before the others came back.

My Haul from Disney Land!
 All my goodies!
 Stuff from the Winnie the Pooh Shop! Hand towel, IC stickers and more stickers :D Japan has the best stationary.
 Key chains I have since given away as gifts.
 Pens, I wanted to give these away to friends but I didn't know who to give them too so I didn't in the end.
 The cup from the Queen of Hearts Buffet!
Flower straps - the Alice one is mine but I still have the Tinkerbell one to give as gift to a friend.

  I forgot to share my purchases at Disney Sea...

Big spender at Disney Sea XD. All I bought was this Easter Theme Duffy and Shelly Mae bag charms!

Since our shuttle was no longer cancelled we ended up taking that to the airport.

I ended up falling asleep on the bus so that was good.

We went to the airport but because we were so early there was not many lines or crowds - luckily!

We walked around the airport a bit and I ended up feeling a bit ill but I used some change to buy my friend and I some ice cream from a vending machine and I felt a bit better after that!
The raspberry (or was it cherry) and apple from the Seventeen ice cream vending machine is really yummy and refreshing!

My friend also enjoyed hers.

Our flight was at about 9 so we got a light dinner!

I had terriyaki chicken and rice.

The flight was super uneventful because I slept the whole way to Singapore - then in Changi, and then all the way back home XD.

I basically got 13 hours sleep. :D

Sorry this post was a bit shorter than the others but I hope you found it just as enjoyable!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I got up to on my trip! :D

Hopefully one day I can go back and do even more sightseeing and traveling in Japan!

 Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll

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  1. Sucky weather is sucky. I love the Alice and Tinkerbell flower straps though!

    1. I know right! They also had Tangled but I only saw it in one shop and there was only one left.


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