Monday, June 1, 2015

[Travel] Japan Day 11: Disney Sea

Hi! Hi!

 This day was my second last day in Japan and we were going to Disney Sea! No one had been to Disney Sea out of my friends so it was a completely new experience.

Disney Sea isn't as close to our hotel as Disney Land so we arrived a bit later than we wanted to (we wanted to get in 15 minutes earlier since we had the passes,) but it wasn't too bad since it wasn't too crowded that day.

I didn't look up either Disney Sea or Land prior to going to the parks but I was really impressed with Disney Sea just because it's so pretty and it's so much bigger than DisneyLand (I think?) They were both fantastic and I would go to both again in a heartbeat but I think that Disney Sea was really special.

 My friend and I went to see this show after Lunch but more on that in a bit.

 Tower of Terror.

I actually don't like curry flavor at all, but I did try this and it was very good! Worth a try if you want to try something different and new.

 Ariel's underwater area! The rides here are really tame but they're cute!

 Cappuccino Popcorn- I think this is only sold at the Little Mermaid area of Disney Sea. We decided to try it because it was a bit unusual sounding.

 For Lunch we went to the Italian place, and I had some pizza and a hot tea.

Afterwards we went to  the Tower of Terror because my friends had fast pass for it.
So I took photos for the Easter Theme while they were on the ride.

Easter Eggs.

My friend and I went to check out the new 'Toy Story' area of the park but it was really small and not that interesting to us. When we first went  got there in the morning there was a really long line for it but we didn't get the fuss over it - maybe it was because it was new?
 The show we went to see! Our little group decided to split into two groups of two because two wanted to go and ride Tower of Terror and some more intense rides while me and my other friend really aren't into that so we split up and we were wondering around and decided to see this because... lol, we didn't know what to do. The show was enjoyable but if you're not into this sort of thing it might be uninteresting to you.

Afterwards, we went to the Duffy Store near by when something terrible happened.
My friend realized she had lost her phone somewhere at Disney Sea. It had been hours since she had lost it at this stage and she got so upset she started crying. We retraced our steps and went back to the Broadway show since that was the last place we had been.
I'm so sorry to the staff who was trying to understand my English with my poor friend who was bawling her eyes out.
She was really lovely and tried her best - she asked us where we were sitting so she could get the cleaner to look for the phone - if she lost it there and let us sit in the entrance area even though it was closed to the public while they cleaned.
She must have called around and told us that there was a phone at the place we had eaten in lost property.
She gave us a map and we sent off to the restaurant but I swear I'm terrible at reading maps and we took the LONGEST way to the restaurant.
I'm also sorry to my friend who I made walk the longest way while crying in the cold and I'm also sorry for the bad jokes in a sad attempt at making you laugh.

Thankfully we found her phone in the restaurant. I'm also sorry to the poor staff member I went up to and confused by asking about 'lost property' however thank you to Apple and Disney for making 'iPhone' and 'Snow White' understandable in any language!

We ended up sitting in the cafe with coffee for a while (til 3:00 PM) where we would meet our other friends at the meeting spot.
The whole ordeal really did put a damper on the day and it was a super stressful situation but thankfully it had a happy ending.
Thank you to the helpful staff at Disney Sea :D

Until we went to the meeting spot at 3:15 PM (I'm really bad with maps, we took the worst way, thank you Disney Sea staff for helping us and pointing us in the right direction,) but our friends weren't there.
Unfortunately, two friends were having a bit of a off day and weren't being super warm with each other so we were thinking they had ditched us (or waited about 5 minutes than left,) we walked around the meeting spot twice, and though the near by shops as well as the characters that were posing twice as well but we just couldn't find them. At this point Disney Sea really started to get cold and started raining a bit.
My friend and I decided to walk around Disney Sea once and see if we can find our other friends but if we couldn't we would just go back to the hotel.
We went to the Aztec area to see if we could find them at the ride there they wanted to go on and... we...
Disney Magic or what? 
We sat around while they went on their ride.

After that, it was kinda late in the afternoon so we decided to go back the the Resort, rest, warm up and eat in the hotel and maybe after we would go back to Disney Sea at night.

We went back to the hotel and was resting when something not so great happened again!
My friend and I were leaving the next day, we had booked the Shuttle service to take us directly to the airport the day we arrived at the resort but they called us up and said that it was fully booked at the time we wanted to go and we had a few options,
- catch the later bus (which we couldn't do as it left 2 hours before our flight which meant we would get to the airport an hour before leaving - which is terribly last minute if you're catching an international flight,)
- Catch a train
- Taxi.

I was pretty okay with the taxi cause I had a bit of YEN left which I knew would cover it but I think after the ordeal with her phone my friend go super upset and stressed over it.

Anyways, Disney were total stars and pulled some Disney magic and somehow got two spaces on our original bus.

After such a cold and stressful day I decided to treat myself to a bath! I don't know if you're familiar with Japanese baths but they're generally deeper but shorter than a typical Western bath BUT this bath was both deep AND long!
It was like a Japanese + Western bath in one. And it was amazing.

The water is blue like that because I had an Alice in Wonderland themed bath set I bought in Tokyo to use while I was in the hotel room!

So that was what happened on this day! Quite a lot.
Tomorrow will be our last day at Disney as well as Japan so I have one more post to do in this series so I hope you look forward to it. 

 Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll

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  1. Aw I remember reading about this on Dayre and I was so sad for you guys! But at least the phone was rescued! And wow you certainly did take a lot of photos lol <3

    1. :D Luckily the staff are diligent and do their jobs right so they found it quickly. Awww, did I upload too many photos? TT_TT


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