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[Haul] Clothing from Japan - Liz Lisa, Rienda and Ma*rs

Hi! Hi!

Better a bit late than never - right? I finally made some time to take pictures of all the clothing I bought while I was in Japan! I didn't realize how much it was until I started taking these pictures lol.

Let's go!

Ma*rs (Princess Melody) - Shibuya109 
Princess Melody Room wear set in pink - Link! 

 Princess Melody room wear is really cute so I really wanted to buy a set from them since it's not something I really ever want to purchase online (I can normally talk myself out of it,) so I took the chance to buy it when I was in Japan. Since I spend so much time at home, I love buying cute room wear!

This item is made in Japan O.O That's really awesome! I'm not sure if other items from Princess Melody or Ma*rs are made in Japan but I love that it is. The swing tag for Princess Melody is super adorable as well - totally reminds me of a magical girl!

The set comes with a hoodie and shorts - I was scared the short would be too short but they really aren't on me at all. I was also scared that they would be too tight but they're actually quite comfortable! 

 I ended up buying the pants as well because... well, why not lol.

 The room wear set is really cute together and even the shorts are really warm. It's winter in Australia right now and wearing these - I didn't feel too cold so that's good.
The fabric is really nice, it's a light velor fabric so it feels nice on the skin and very homely.
The whole set together- I really love it for around the house and being cute and warm at the same time.
I would definitely purchase an other set if I went back to Japan.

Rienda - Shibuya109
Spring Border Pleated OP - Link!

I really wanted to check out Rienda while I was in Japan - I blame their gorgeous models on instagram - I'm really loving the clothing and the onee look. 

 I saw this dress online and I really liked it - it's a pretty simple design but that's something I really like about it. It's from 'Spring' but I think that this dress really suits Summer a lot more because it seems really nautical.
I actually don't have a lot of 'night' or dressier items in my closet so I think this dress really fills a void in my closet.
The dress is quite heavy and it comes with a built in padding/bra.
I just really love the pleats and the border pattern. This is something I don't really see dating or looking old in two seasons either. I guess I really like this dress for a lot of reasons.

 I paired it with the cardigan I purchased from Sunshine city since it was cold. Plus it's probably how I would wear it.
Rienda makes clothing in two sizes, S and M. I purchased this dress in the S size.

Chiffon Denim Combination OP - Link!

 I actually saw this in store (it was the first thing that got my attention) and I really liked it. The mock two piece is really interesting and I love the floral and denim combination. I think this particular combination is really 'fresh' looking.
 Sorry it's a bit creased, but I love how easy this item is. The sales girl who put the transaction through for me was wearing it and she paired it with a long, oversized cardigan and I love how relaxed it looked on her.
A+ to the Rienda designers though I love how this dress just really flatters the female shape.

This is definitely something I can see myself dressing up or down easily.
I actually got this one in a size M because it's was the only one on the floor and I was really pressed for time so I didn't ask about the S. The M fits really well however so it's okay.
I don't know how I ended up with the S and the M fitting in Rienda but I think it's because one item is baggier on the bottom so I could wear the S while the other is tighter on the bottom so I needed the M in it?

I'm surprised I bought two strapless items since I don't think I've ever worn strapless before but I really like these two items regardless and it's nice to have something different in my wardrobe.

Sunshine City

I'm really not sure what store I bought this from but I remember it being really inexpensive (under 3,000YEN) so that's what made me buy this - that and I don't have a white cardigan so that seemed like a good reason to buy this.

Wonder Rocket

This was also quite cheap - it was 1990 YEN and I love how soft this is. This pattern (texture?) on knit tops is actually really common in Australia right now but this fabric is definitely much softer than anything I've felt here.

All my Liz Lisa stuff actually fit into my trunk!
I got the new catalog in store on my last day in Tokyo. My friend gave it too me lol. She was handing them out but when she finished Minami took her task and was handing them out! Minami is super pretty!

Liz Lisa x My Melody hand Towel in pink - Link!

My Melody Hand Towel
This was a twin purchase with Emi! <3 My Melody is super cute so that was good enough reason to buy this Lol.

Liz Lisa Rose hair Clip in Pink - Link!

Fruit Floral Hair Band - Link!

I really like these types of hair bands as it is but I also got the romper so I wanted to get the matching hair band.

Horse Drawn Carriage Pattern Mirror in White - Link!

I really love the wagon print and I have the skirt but I wanted to have something else in the print as well.

Liz Lisa Retro Pouchette - Link!
I actually bought this to use at Disneyland (I thought a small bag like this would be handy but I really didn't end up using it.

Thin Ribbon Actress Hat in beige - Link!
 Bought this because hates generally sell well on TKL and the colour I would want is always sold out by the time it goes on sale. (And I don't want to pay for shipping on a hat tbh) so I bought a hat while I was there. XD I think this is a nice hat for Autumn as well as Spring.

Liz Lisa Singlet with Flower Chain - Link!

Liz Lisa Flower Chain Cami in pale pink - Link!
I just love this floral chain on this cami - I couldn't resist! 

Liz Lisa Back Strink Blouston in Green - Link!

 Liz Lisa Sleeve aside strip top in pink - Link!
I really liked this online because I thought it was quite different with the v-neckline. I also really liked the salmon pink colour. 

Pansy Flower Plain Skinny Pants - in white (101) - Link!
I actually wasn't after these at all but when I saw them - I thought they would be really cute pants for Disney (I didn't want to mess up my skirts or really cute dresses,) so I got these as well. I really like them and wore them when I got home often so I think they were a good buy.

Border off Shoulder Top in Navy - Link!
I actually saw the staff wearing this in Kyoto and it looked so nice on her I bought it too. I really love how comfortable this top is - normally I don't like off the shoulder too much but this top doesn't bother me at all so I really like it because of that. 

Tricot Skirt in White - Link!
Another Kyoto influenced purchase - Midi skirts were really popular in Kyoto - there was a pin stripe style and a tulle style. I didn't like the Midi on me but I did like the tulle like skirt so I thought this skirt gave a similar look but would suit me more than the midi.

 I actually wore this outfit to dinner one night in Japan and I thought it was really cute.

Taddeta skirt with flowers in Yellow - Link!
 This was a longer style skirt I saw than I liked. I love the soft yellow colour and how simple it is.

Fruit Floral Romper in White - Link!
I was super eager to get this romper because it was released on my last day in  Tokyo and I really wanted to get this! I really love this style of romper that looks like a dress - I have quite a few in my collection already but I always have room for more! I love this pattern a lot as well. 

Stripe Dress in Pink - Link!
I really wanted this dress in pink but wasn't able to find it in any Liz Lisa I went to but luckily I found this on the last day.
I think this dress will be really nice for warm Summer days because it's so light.  

Adult Logo Flower Dress in Pink - Link!

 I personally like the look of the khaki jacket and the floral dress just because it's kinda unique for Liz Lisa. I really love this dress however I already wore it on Mother's Day - I'm sure I'll get to wear it more in Spring and Summer though. The jacket I wore everyday in Japan - I have good memories of it. Lol.

Simple Leather Booties - Link
 I tried on a few shoes from this season but I didn't have much luck with the sizing for some reason (normally Liz Lisa fits quite well for me,) but these fit okay. They're not an amazing fit but they're not bad in terms of comfort. I walked a good amount in these with no problems while I was away so I'm glad I got them. Despite their look - they're really light shoes which is nice.

 That's all the clothing I got in Japan ~ I hope you enjoyed this post.
I think it's funny how everything I got from Liz Lisa went so well together in the end and the items actually all match.
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