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[Travel] Japan Day 5: Ikebukuro and Sunshine City

Hi! Hi!

Today, we were going to go to Ikebukuro and in particular Sunshine City.

This is the view from our apartment in Japan. Nothing special but I do miss it :(

We caught the train about 10 I think? We decided to have a bit of a slow start that morning because it was always early starts in Kyoto and also we wanted to miss peak hour traffic.

 The blossom tree near Hachiko was so pretty!
 Quick picture with Hachiko~
 Empty train station.
 Disney advert for the Spring theme. I got really excited seeing this because it reminded me we were going to Disney.

Pretty sure all these photos are out of order but walking through Ikebukuro.

Once getting to Sunshine City, the first thing we did was go up to the sky deck.

 They had a pop up restaurant at the time for Tokyo Ghoul but I didn't want to check it out because I don't follow Tokyo Ghoul. I believe the restaurant is gone now.

 The view! It was a bit cloudy that day the city just fades into the distance~

 I'm never going to be a scary person - okay?
Going down the elevator - there was this cool projection of tropical fish.
There's also an aquarium there as well but we didn't go this time.

 Then after we went shopping!

First place was of course DISNEY!
Actually I only went in this one because they had a stand out the front of the store advertising new Cinderella Merchandise including a really pretty pumpkin carriage snow globe (I needed it,) but they didn't have it out yet. But I got these other things. I actually didn't get the pens this time, but I forgot to put them in my other pictures.
 Tsum Tsums. I got Pooh because I love Pooh bear and Anna because she's my favorite Tsum Tsum. I wish I got more though TT_TT Why do I excise control at the wrong time.

Are these screen cleaners? They kinda remind me of beetles like this XD.

 Before really shopping we wanted to go get food, and we really wanted to go to Namja town in the shopping center but the line was so long so we decided to go somewhere else and go to Namja Town after wards when the line was smaller.  

 We decided to get pretty drinks and cakes! I got a grapefruit soda drink and this mixed berry parfait! The parfait was the best one I had in Japan and I really want it again T_T

Then we went shopping some more of course!
Next was the Sanrio store - another store we don't have in Australia!

I purchased some note books, masks, socks (they were 3 for 1000 YEN I believe,) a pacer and a pen and some plushies that look like Tsum Tsums!
 My Melody and Cinnamoroll Sakura 'Tsum Tsum' - not sure what Sanrio called these but they look like Tsums - right?

Egg Cinnamoroll.

 Little twin Stars pacer and My Melody Pen.

 Free gift - I think it's a magnet.

After Sanrio my friends went off to find a vending machine so two of us had to stop and wait for them. I don't know where they went but they were gone for what felt like ages to be honest.

And then we move on to the most disappointing part of my Japan Trip. I was really looking forward to Pokemon Center and I was really unimpressed with Pokemon Center.
Firstly, it was packed. There was so many people there it really made walking around kinda hard (you know when there's so many people it ruins your experience,) and also I just thought the things they were selling was really boring. They mostly sell plushies and game cards and a lot of the charms are things that you can get at souvenir shops. Considering that Pokemon has a appeal to both boys and girls and young and old I just expected more. They didn't even have many Nintendo 3ds accessories.
Anyways, I was really just expecting more from it (and more interesting things for sale,) so if you want to go to Sunshine City just for Pokemon Center, I wouldn't bother. It's quite boring and nothing special.
The staff were nice of course but the stuff they sell is really boring.

The things I bought, how pathetic is this? The pacers aren't even mine they're presents. They really need to step up the merchandise game.

 Anyways, after the Pokemon Center, we wanted to see if there was a nice for Namja Town and there wasn't. 

Cinema near Namja Town...
 IDK what this is.

So... the day we went here it was still school holidays and it was packed with screaming kids running around and we were pretty sure we were the only ones with no kids.
But we came for the food so you know...

Namja town has a small area dedicated to Gyoza from different regions - so you can try many different Gyoza in one small area! I think there's something like 100 different types? I'm not sure.

I got this, it was something with Beef and it was really nice. The man that we bought our Gyoza and this from was really kind. :D

 Cute drawings displayed on the wall.

The other reason we came to Namja Town was there's stalls that sell strange and unusual ice cream flavors. 

The place we went to, you can select 6 flavors to try.
They all look relatively normal - right?

 Such normal ice cream - right?
We tried, Shark Fin Noodle Soup, Tulip gelato, Mascarpone Cheese, Strawberry Milk, Basil and Imperial Vanilla with Honey.
Shark fin was of course gross. Basil was surprisingly nice however and tasted really nice.

Other interesting and unusual flavors are, Miso, Indian Curry, Beef Tongue,  Crab, Tomato, Coal, Eel, Oyster and others.

I think Namja Town only cost about 300 Yen (?) to get in so even if you go for the unusual ice cream, it's not too costly.
The ice cream was a bit pricey however, it's fun to try new things even if you don't like them. (I think we took one bite of Shark and didn't finish it,)

We actually turned the sheet over and had fun trying to guess which was which.

 I normally don't like sharing these things but it's cute! I got this set for quite cheap. One thing I like about Japanese bras is that they're convertible so you can wear them strapless or with straps. This set was under $30 so I couldn't resist.
There was another store called, Amo's Style from Triumph that I really liked as well but it was much pricier.

Then after that, we left Sunshine city and went to Alta (Alto?) I can't remember it's connected to sunshine city but it's different apparently.
Anyways, I did some more damage there. XD

 Look at how cute these accessories are!
 And the cute chokers, one says 'heart breaker' and one has a moon on it! So cute! I couldn't resist either one.

 I bought this at Wonder Rocket but the label says 'Fashion' on it. It was in the sale section and it was only 1,990 YEN and considering how soft this is - I think it was worth it.
I stupidly forgot while I was in Japan that these detail is super common here in Australia right now on knits. :/ So much for buying unique things in Japan.

I also bought this cardigan from this brand. I actually don't own a white cardigan (what?) so I saw this one and I liked it - it was also fairly inexpensive and had 20% off as well.

We were also able to take purikura here as well! I took many purikura but they were with my friends - I ended up taking these on my own with the USAGI machine :D
 That night we went back to Shibuya because my friends wanted to go to Denny's and my friend wanted to show her friend (whose Japanese) our apartment.
I ended up getting this vegetable pasta because it was relatively inexpensive and low calorie. Since I had so many sweets I decided to get pasta.
It was quite nice actually.
 And then I got this Sakura and Green Tea parfait for desert - we all got desert so I didn't want to be the odd one out. Again, this was relatively inexpensive and low calorie as well.
It has a little sakura on it as well. I tried it and it was disgusting btw. Sakura is pretty too look and but the flavor is not nice.

Overall, I wish we had gone back to Ikebukuro to shop around Ikebukuro or go to one of the arcades there but unfortunately we just didn't.
Pokemon center is a big disappointment but Sunshine City is definitely worth a stop by if your in Japan.
How many shopping centers have a 'theme park' and an aquarium in them after all?

So that was all for this day! It was mostly shopping and wondering around I really liked Ikebukuro and Sunshine City and I really want to go back one day. 

Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll 

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  1. Ahh I remember those icecream flavours from Namja town. My favourite was wasabi...I'd love to go back and try more! I wish I'd tried one of those gorgeous parfaits too.


    1. Lol, they're strange aren't they? Ooohh, I don't like wasabi at all so I don't think I would like it much XD, The parfait was so nice lol - definitely worth a try.

  2. Do you guys call pencils pacers??

    1. No? Pencils are pencils... pacers... are the kind that you can reuse? Like a mechanical pencil. Is that what they're called now. Lol. I called them pacers in school.

  3. Ikebukuro has always been 1 of my fav suburb in Tokyo :D it's quite convenient since they had almost everything there...did u goto the pokemon centre near tokyo tower? Mmm didn't know there's 1 in sunshine city...they probably selling same stuffs...T-T great day though :D the purikuras looks good too hehe

    1. I would love to go back and explore Ikebukuro some more! No, the Pokemon Center near Tokyo Tower closed down - so this is the only one at the time we went (I don't know if there's plans to open any more in the future,)


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