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[Travel] Japan Day 9: Palette Town and My Melody Theme Cafe

Hi! Hi!

So, today was actually our last day in Shibuya TT_TT.
I don't think I mentioned it earlier but I actually had a bit of a hard time adjusting to Shibuya because there's just so many people and I think I got a bit of a culture shock (is that the right term?) because of it. I remember the first day really wanting to back home and I didn't actually like Shibuya straight away but towards the end I felt like I really liked it and I would want to go back.
I guess I just wanted to say it's not a place I immediately fell in love with
or liked which I know a lot of people seem to imply or say that they fit right in but I guess it's not something everyone can expect.

(Did you know that the population of Tokyo alone is 12 million people?) 

Anyways, today my friends and I were going to Palette town. I didn't know what to expect from it but my friends who had been there were pretty excited to go back there.

And no, it has nothing to do with Pokemon what-so-ever.

It's actually a shopping center!

I took all my photos on phone this day because I didn't want to have to charge everything the night before we left so I charged my camera to save for Disney Land and then left it at home. 

First thing we had to do today was head over to Itabashi to drop on our friends suitcases (who were staying longer in Japan than me and my other friend) at our friends house. The pretty sakura. :D

Heading to the shopping center!

Inside the shopping center. The roof is really cool.

 Got warm stabucks on the cold day!
They wrote 'thank you' and 'welcome' and other English words on our coffee cups.

A really impressive Lego Buzz Lightyear - how long do you think this took to put together? 
 Heart that is cute but less work than the Buzz Lightyear.

Walked into Firenze apparently XD. 

I actually didn't buy much at this shopping center but I did buy some Lego items for gifts for people.

I actually love looking at all the 'fake' foods Japan has on display. It makes choosing cake and food really easy ^.^

My lunch today was Eggplant Pasta. I love love love eggplants of I saw it and I had to get it. I got a strawberry lemonade and strawberry cake! The cake was really nice. Really light but not too sweet.
The drink was really nice as well I loved the strawberry stuff at the bottom because they were really sweet!

My friend bought me these! I really wanted to try the Sakura Dango because they're only made around Sakura season so it's kind of something special to eat. It's very sweet and filling but I really liked it

Afterwards we went Ferris Wheel and you can see pretty far. I'm sure in Summer or on sunny day it would be quite popular. I wouldn't suggest going to Palette town just for the Ferris Wheel though however as I don't think it's anything super special but if you want to go shopping or look around and then go on the Ferris Wheel it's quite a nice half day activity.

After we went back to Shibuya. I really wanted to go to Liz Lisa on this day because I wanted to go shopping and buy new items from the new Summer Collection and get the new novelty as well. 3 of us went to Shibuya109 but one friend decided to go back to the apartment because she was a bit tired and not in the mood to shop after the morning so she went back to the apartment to rest and have some alone time.

I actually only had an  hour in Shibuya109 and I wanted to go to a few other stores but I actually spent so long at Liz Lisa I had no chance to go else where. I had too much fun walking around and looking at new things, and I actually spoke to Minami and my friend I made earlier XD. So I managed to waste like... a whole entire hour in Liz Lisa.
(My friends actually came to find me XD) 

 Here's my damage for this day! I spent quite a lot in this trip :D
The towel was the novelty that just started at this moment so I got that.

The stripe dress was one I was looking for in all the stores I went to (in pink) but they only had white and blue. Luckily when I went this day, I got the last pink in the store.

The cami was something I really didn't need but the chain was too pretty to resist.

The hair clip actually sold out online in pink before I went so I bought in store but it's since restocked online.

The fruit romper dress and matching hair band was an item I saw in Harajuku but since they were re merchandising the store I skipped buying it then and there but I knew I wanted it because I love the romper dresses from Liz Lisa a lot so I knew it was a safe item to buy that I would like because I do have some items similar already.

The mirror features the wagon print and I love the wagon print so I kind of wanted something else with that print but I can't use the phone holder (it's for apple phones and I use Samsung,) and I really didn't need a new make up bag so the mirror is was.

The pansy pattern pants are something I wouldn't have even looked twice at online but I saw them instore and I thought they would look cute for DisneyLand since I didn't want to wear something precious (like a skirt I wouldn't want to ruin) so I tried these on and they fit pretty okay.

After we went to Parco because there was a One Piece Pop Up (? not sure if it's temporary or permanent,) store there and my friend wanted to go there again so we went to shop and take pictures with the character statues.
I noticed before we went to the one piece store that they had the My Melody Cafe here.
I asked my friends if we could check it out after the One Piece store because I just wanted to see it but they asked if I wanted to eat there and they were okay with eating at the cafe if I wanted to so we decided to go as long as the line was short.
There was actually no line at all when we went and it wasn't too busy either! Lucky us!

 The cutest My Melody and Sweet Piano.

 Stand you can take photos with. They have hats and flower crowns and all sorts of things to wear to take the photo in. The staff kindly took the photo for me as well.

 We got to sit at the booth and this was behind us. We were warned by the staff not to touch it. It probably feels really soft....

 Display mat I kept in the end.
 The thing that surprised me the most about the Cafe was actually the customers! I was expecting extremely cute girls or fanatical fans or young families with noisy kids but in reality - it was women in their 20s just having a cute dinner with their girlfriends. It's nice to see that My Melody is popular with lots of different people.
 Coaster with My Melody and Sweet Piano. I got to keep my friends' ones as well so I got two in the end.

 My Melody cafe Strawberry milkshake - I'm not sure what this as actually but it's so yummy! It had real strawberries in it and it was really thick tasty. 

My friends' meals. My Melody Pizza and Eggs Benedict. They both liked their meals and one friend even tried the flowers. 

 My Sweet Piano Curry. I made the mistake of choosing vegetable curry over chicken and I don't like cauliflower so I didn't eat it (I gave it to my friend,) It was still nice and I liked it. It's beyond cute. I think next time I would definitely try the meat option.

 And then my favorite - dessert! I really recommend the desserts from the My Melody cafe over the savory. I think the deserts are really special and yummy so if you're going to go for only one meal, I recommend dessert.
I got the parfait and they were so delicious. I really struggled to eat this after my meal but I ate it all! The ice cream was really nice as well.

 My friend got the Sweet Piano Pancake with cotton candy (fairy floss) on top! She poured the syrup over it and made Sweet Piano melt.

 The special guests.
 They have lots of merch at the store and they even have the original red My Melody! I love the pink My Melody of course but the red is nice but I feel like she's slowly existing less and less.

We all agreed that the My Melody Cafe was a great way to end the trip because theme cafes are really something special in Japan.

We went to the Disney Store again and I took this photo of the Darling kids' room. Isn't it darling? :p

So this was actually the last day in Shibuya - sad face - the next blog posts will be Disney Land and Disney Sea! I hope you look forward to them!

Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll

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  1. Wow you actually did a lot on this day! I can't believe I missed out on the MM cafe but at the same time, I wouldn't have eaten a thing there so it's just as well lol. Love all the Liz Lisa stuff ofc :)

    1. Yep! We did quite a bit! Awww, you might have liked the pizza tho? Since it's plain? I think it's a fun idea to go there just because it's really lovely to just sit and relax lol. Ahaha, of course, but you already knew what I got lol.

  2. I'm so jealous of the My Melodee cafe! I didn't know one existed or I would have went when I was in Japan!!

    1. Lol! We found it by accident! It was really cute though - I recommend it if you ever get to go back!

  3. The My Melody Cafe looks like a fun thing to experience! I love the stuff you bought as well~!

    1. It was a great way to spend the last night in Tokyo! It was definitely an unexpected surprise. Ahaha, thank you :D


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