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[Travel] Japan Day 8: Nakano Broadway and Ueda!

Hi! Hi!

Today was our second last day in Tokyo that we had free so we decided to go to Nakano Broadway in the morning.
I really wanted to go to Akihabara but my friends didn't so the compromise was Nakano Broadway!
The difference between the two (that I know of since I've only been to one,) is that Nakano is more for collectors while Akihabara is more for fans.

Nakano Broadway is pretty easy to find and it's kinda old looking XD. The shops are very small and they're very quiet as well - not a lot of music plays and there's not a lot of people either.

I didn't take to many photos inside because the shops are really small and normally say 'no photographs or video' so in small places I think it's harder to hide a camera.

Nakano Broadway is really great if you want to look for old vintage toys, like 90s Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, Barbie or Dragon Ball Z or collectables like Tokyo Disney Land Merchandise (from previous years,) or gacha prizes in collections, they're pricer than the gacha's but you can buy them as a set which is awesome and we even passed a shop selling cell's from animations (like Dragon Ball Z). I would have loved to have bought one but they were about AU$80! For one cell!

It's not the prettiest or the most exciting too look at but you can find some really really interesting treasures in Nakano Broad way and if you ever have a morning or an afternoon free I would completely recommend it even if you're not interested in buying anything - it's just fun to look at the old toys (and new ones) and collectables - plus you'll never know what you'll find.

I actually bought quite a few presents from there for my friends because they just had some cool things I didn't find else where.
(Like Dragon Ball Z because I have a few friends that are big fans of the series so getting little figures was a great gift for them,)

Loot! I got quite a few things but I bought a few items from my friend who is a really big Card Captor fan.
I actually didn't see any Card Captor Gacha's so maybe I missed them? At least I can buy the prizes.

Liz Lisa Oshare Note! I think these books are not made anymore which is a shame. I remember growing up I loved these types of paper dolls and I would often make my own.
So glad I found this in store.

Animal Crossing snow globes - set of six. I'm a pretty much obsessed with this game so I saw these and I had to get them!

 Sailor Moon things I got! The little Sailor Moon is to go with the Tuxedo Mask I got here, two gacha prizes (some 'earrings' and the moon stick), two broaches (I couldn't find the whole set TT_TT) and Venus glass decoration? I'm not sure what you call them.

 Sailor Moon 'earrings' they're just clips I guess you have to attached them to proper earrings if you want to wear them.

 Card captor stuff which most ended up as a gift. I only kept two figures in the end!

After Nakano Broadway, my friends friend (and her boyfriend) met up and we went to lunch. 

Lunch this day. I actually didn't enjoy this too much. The chicken was nice and I liked the noodles but the soup tasted very strongly of pork - if you really like pork this soup is nice but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

Then afterwards my friends friend suggested we go to Ueda because there's a nice big park with lots of blossoms there as well as a market to look at.

Prepare for Sakura Spam please.

 Cute details in the park!
The day was quite cloudy and I was really cold this day as well so the photos weren't all that nice.

 There was lots of people walking around and admiring the cherry blossoms as well as having picnics under the flowers this day despite the cold.

 The park decorated for Hanami.

 Funny tree is funny.

 This wish caught my attention.

 The market in Ueda. To be honest, I'm not sure what was so special about the market maybe we were there really late in the day so all the stores that make is special were closed?

We were walking around and I happened to spot a Samantha Vega (in the corner of a department store? Lol, through the class doors,) so I made everyone go inside so I could check it out. There's a Samantha Thavasa in Shibuya109 but the selection there is quite small and I had seen a bag I liked but they only had the two colours (yellow and aqua) which were both nice but I really wanted pink or beige so I wanted to look and see if they even had this bag in another colour.
I went in and saw the pink one straight away and bought it lol - I didn't even look at any other bags or accessories, wtf.

 Here it is! Link! I love this bag and it was exactly what I was hoping to find from Samantha Vega.

Back story I really wanted a tote style bag from Samantha Vega because I wanted something that was different to what I had already (Link!) rather than two of the exact same kind.
I was originally looking at these two (link! and link!) and this (link!) but I was concerned that they were going to be too big. Especially the first one after this video I really wanted to see them in person before deciding but I saw this mini one and I knew it was the right size and what I wanted. It's got two straps, the little clutch that is removable and it's just super cute!
I actually thought I would buy a beige or tan coloured this time but I ended up with pink again. Luckily, I love this strawberry milk pink so much!

I really love this bag and I'm super glad I got this one because I think it's actually a Spring and Summer limited although I'm not sure.

It also comes in black, white, yellow and aqua. 

 I also got this free not book with the purchase! The girl gave me a choice of blue or yellow and I liked the blue more.

The two bags I ended up purchasing in Japan. (You can also compare size here I suppose?)

After Ueda we went back to Shibuya but I think it was about 8 pm at this stage? We ended up getting KFC for dinner - I don't actually normally like KFC but everyone else was getting it so I just went with it XD.

It was okay, the chips weren't that nice.

I was really happy we got to see all the old toys in Nakano Broadway, walk around the park and I got my bag as well in the end, so I really enjoyed this day in Japan even though it was super cold.

Okay, I shall see you all in the next post!

Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll

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  1. love love love the samantha bag you got!

  2. Omg the samantha vega bag! I didn't even realize you bought one. Did you post about it earlier and I missed it??? I have barely even heard of Nakano Broadway and Ueda Park so it's cool to read about :) Where exactly is Ueda is relation to everything? It looks really pretty!

    1. Lol, yeah, I ended up getting one :D Nope, I didn't mention it - I just didn't mention it anywhere until now. XD. Yessss, shared something new and less known :D Ueda was close ish to Nakano I think? I actually don't remember much about travelling there. The park was really pretty, I didn't take any pictures but there was stalls selling food and drinks for the cherry blossoms :D

  3. The pink bag is so gorgeous! I've never been to Nakano, I don't know if it's worth visiting for me since I'm not really a fan/collector of anything except lolita but I have heard of it a lot.

    { }

    1. Thank you! Ahhh, I think that Nakano is still fun just for browing - there's some cute Disney merch and gacha prizes make good (inexpensive) gifts as well! We were only there for maybe 1-2 hours (it was less than half an hour to get there if I remember correctly,) so if you have a morning or afternoon free it might be something to do?


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