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[Travel] Japan Day 7: Meiji Shrine, Harajuku and Family Dinner

Hi! Hi!

Today was a pretty exciting day in our trip because we were going to go to Harajuku and Meji shrine today. I was particularly looking forward to it because... well, it's Harajuku.
Originally, I wanted to go on the Saturday or the Sunday because I've heard Harajuku is the place to be on the week ends but my friends weren't so keen on going when it's super packed so we ended up going on the Friday. It was still very busy this day but it was more manageable than a Saturday or Sunday.

I guess if you want to go to Harajuku on the weekend but don't want to deal with crowds you can go on Friday.

First place we went to was Meiji shrine but I quickly snapped this picture before we went there!

 Meiji shrine is really close to Harajuku so if you would like to go to both - it's easy to do it in one day.

 Fancy wine imported from France.
 I don't know what it says but the photo looks nice.

 Magic tree that grants wishes. I wish they had some information around Meiji explaining why it's the way it is. Meiji was a really unique shrine to visit and had a completely different atmosphere to all the others so it would have been nice to be able to read what it meant and why it is the way it is and the history behind it while you're there.

 Time to go to Harajuku!

 It was kinda a grey and gloomy day unfortunately but that's okay! Bright and colourful Harajuku definitely made up for it ^.^

Street art is still the same in Japan or is this done by westerners? XD
 We went here for crepes.
 My friend got Banana caramel and I got boring cream and strawberry. (Actually it was one of the cheapest crepes I could get that I could use a good amount of my spare YEN on XD)
 The different crepes available - They all look yummy - right?  I really want to go back and try a more extravagant one in future.

Does anyone know why crepes are so famous with Harajuku? Is there a reason or is it just something that kind of happened?

Candy A-go-go! Which is where Avril filmed her Hello Kitty music video. We didn't go inside - is the candy here good? I feel like I should have tried it. 

The fallen pink blossoms.

Here's what I bought in Harajuku on this day!
First is, Liz Lisa purchases!

 Bag - I originally bought this because I thought it would be a great bag for Disney Land but I didn't end up using it. Fortunately, I still like it and I'm sure I'll use it.

Felt Hat - I bought this hat because these normally sell out in the colours I like before a sale so I always miss out and I just don't want to pay shipping for something so light, so I bought this hat instore. The sales girl was really nice and let me try on all the hats they had out and kept getting them for me to try on.

I didn't buy too much at Liz Lisa Harajuku because firstly, I was really hoping to find these shoes which they didn't have in the end, which kinda brought my mood down and they were also re merchandising the store so there was someone moving the stock around so touching things felt a bit... like I was getting in the way. (I also tried on these but they were too wide in my usual size and I didn't want to pay full price for the wrong size,)

 The girl helping me was really lovely and helpful too! I had already bought some stuff and she gave me a really big bag to put all my things in ^.^

Paris Kids. I bought some neck bows even though I don't really wear them often and these were fairly cheap I think - maybe 600 YEN? And the thing next to them is a bag holder, I didn't bring one to Japan and it was useful after I bought it. I was a bit disappointed by the selection of items when I went to Paris Kids, I was hoping to find lots of cute things but they didn't just didn't have a big selection of things that were my style sadly.

Sock raid at Tutuanna. Actually I bought some of these at Shibuya109 but this haul looks quite impressive! I went a bit nuts over the transparent kind! I really like transparent bits on socks and so I bought quite a few since you can't find them easily else where (for the same price).

I also bought three pairs of nude tights (I thought I might need them in Japan and 3 for 1000YEN seems like a good offer,) and three knee high socks.
One is plain black, one is grey (which I don't have) and one is plain black.

We also wondered around Forever 21 a bit but I really didn't see anything I wanted to spend money on XD. 
And then we went to lunch, I was actually so hungry I ate my food before taking a picture.
We did go to a place called Hands Cafe though. (Because we have a place in Australia called Hans Cafe and we thought it was funny,)
Hands Cafe was way better than Hans though - okay?

 After lunch, we went to Etude house! I bought quite a bit - a lot more than I thought I would.

 Play101 pencils. I was actually uninterested in these when they came out but I've seen more and more about them and they're actually very interesting concept so I bought a few to try out.

 Face stuff; Surprise under eye concealer, Surprise concealer (which I already bought, used and liked so this is a back up,) Powder and my Favorite BB cream.
They actually changed the colour names on this so it was great to try them out so I know which one I need.
The Magic any cushion is the green kind and I've never used any cushion product at all so I'm interested to try this. I have high hopes for it.

 Lips products - two lip sticks and a lip gloss. I really like the Dear My lip gloss from Etude House.
These are the the lip sticks I got in the end. The beige I really like and I can't wait to use it. It's my favorite kind of beige pink and I don't actually own and orange lip stick and I was trying a few different ones they had in store and I got my self confused in the end but the staff seemed to like this one best so I got it in the end XD.

Cute advert but I don't know what it's advertising XD.
We left Harajuku at about 4 p.m because we had to go to my friends friend's house for dinner and we wanted time to change and relax and not rush.
I was a bit nervous because there was a lot of new people I didn't know and I didn't know what to expect from Japanese hospitality either (more so on my end, I didn't want to say or do anything rude). But in the end it was a really nice night and it was really enjoyable but sitting on the floor for dinner is so uncomfortable after a while - even with the cushions. Is there some trick to it? lol.

 We had homemade okonomiyaki - I actually didn't get to try eating this when we were out in restaurants but I'm sure home made is much nicer.

 It was really delicious and I want to have it again!

We also had salad with our dinner which was... interesting - I've never eaten salad with chop sticks. XD I some how managed to eat it all though ^.^ 

And some home made sushi O.O So perfectly rolled!

Of course, there was plenty of drinks available but I'm not really much of a drinker. We had Umeshu and some interesting red alcohol that came from a herb, I think? And of course there was beer.

Even though I wasn't looking froward to it too much I had a good nice and looking back on it, it was a pretty unique experience to have a home cooked meal in Japan and I'm glad to have met new people and that I really enjoyed something I thought I wouldn't.

I also finally experienced peak hour traffic on the train going back to our apartment at 11:30 pm. -_-'
 Luckily, one of the guests from that night was going to the same stop we were and made sure we got off on the right stop.

So that was this day!
It was very relaxed then very busy then very relaxed XD
I also learned how dreadful peak hour traffic in Japan is.

Okay, I shall see you all in the next post!

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  1. I didn't know the wine in Yoyogi park is imported from France, interesting!
    I always pick the wrong crepes in Harajuku...I hate cream and end up with so much of it ;_; Banana caramel sounds good though!

    { }

    1. I think it has something to do with whoever was in charge at the time, wanted the best wine available XD
      Awww, really? Mine had a bit of cream but I really like cream so it was yummy anyways ^.^

  2. Lol at your salad and chopsticks. Good sock haul! Maybe we might have a few in common??

    1. I didn't know if they even had forks XD they probably did tbh. I bought the pink transparent bow ones cause I saw you had them :D So they might be the same.


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