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[Travel] Japan Day 6: Shibuya109, Asakusa Temple and Sky Tree

Hi! Hi!

 We're now half way through my trip O.O What?
So this morning we had some free time, I had kept complaining previously about how we had been in Shibuya for 2 days and I STILL hadn't been to Shibuya109 so we made some time to go to Shibuya109 in the morning before our afternoon tour.

I really enjoyed Shibuya109 but of course I was most excited to go to Liz Lisa so I actually just kept going up til I found it (I did walk around the floors exploring but I wasn't too interested in much other than Liz Lisa,)
(I did stop at Tutuanna and buy 3 pairs of socks for 1000 YEN though,)

So here's everything I ended up buying (minus the socks) from Shibuya109. Did some serious damage that day and I bought from Ma*rs (Princess Melody), Liz Lisa and Rienda in the end.

The other shops I went into and didn't buy anything were Cecil Mcbee, Ank Rouge, Mialuer Mew and Min Plume.

I really wanted to buy from Ank Rouge but the items I had seen online weren't in Shibuya109 so I didn't buy anything from there sadly.

I really enjoyed going to the Liz Lisa Shibuya 109 store and it was the biggest Liz Lisa store I went to (I'm not sure if there's other stores with bigger floor space) and I actually went there really early - I think about 10:30 so the store was really quite (I think there were 3 other customers in there at the time) so the girl that was with me and helping me was so so so kind and nice and helpful and I just really liked her at lot! <3

I look dumb in this photo but this is my new friend :D Lol.
I gave her a koala -I handed these out to staff I liked or we would leave them in the hotels so if you see a koala somewhere in Japan... might be one we gave away.

It's kinda funny, because everyone I bought from in Shibuya109 (over all) could speak English - or they all knew enough to fool me!

I was actually helped by this Rienda girl but I kinda didn't realize until way afterwards like, later that day, way afterwards.

I really hope I can return to Shibuya109 to do more shopping and meet my friends again - lol.

So we left Shibuya109 and went to the apartment to drop off our shopping and head to the bus station to get on our tour.

Lunch on this day was chicken don buri just at a restaurant at the bus station because we really didn't want to be late for the tour (since if you're not there for when they leave they leave without you O.O)

And then we went on tour! We got to drive through a lot of different areas to get to Asakusa Temple, like Ginza and Akihabara so I managed to take a lot of photos in the bus while it was driving! 

 What's interesting is some of the buildings barely even look 'Japanese' in structure. I think some of the buildings I took photos of I think look like New York or American buildings to look like? (I've never been to main land America but maybe some people can tell me if I'm way off or close?)

P.S. sorry if you can see some reflection from the bus in some photos. I tried to choose and edit ones without but unfortunately it was hard to avoid. Hopefully it doesn't bother any one too much.
 It was a really lovely day on this day - clear blue skies!

 And this building almost looks like it has a very strong European influence with the columns - right?

 I think these (above photos) were in Ginza - which is like the fancy area of Japan - there's lots of expensive shops like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel as well as department stores.
The tour guide said that on week ends, the streets of Ginza are closed to motor vehicles so pedestrians can walk freely down the streets of Ginza. It would have been nice to go there on the week end and just people watch, wonder around the streets or window shop (since it's an expensive area to shop,).
If I ever get to go back to Japan I would love to just walk around Ginza on the weekend.

 Akihabara! I was actually kind of disappointed we didn't go Akihabara to look around because I wanted to go but no one else wanted to so.... we didn't go XD.

 This building looks interesting but I don't know what's inside XD.

 After an hour long drive we finally made it to Asakusa where we were able to wonder around on our own for an hour.
Overall, I'm glad I went and saw Asakusa and it was very pretty but as far as shrines went I'm not sure it was my favorite.

There's a lot of stalls around this shrine so if you want to come to eat, shop and people watch, I think this is a great shrine to visit but if you're into more peaceful shrines, then this isn't that shrine (on the day we went anyways,).

I was also hoping to find cheap souvenirs here - I was actually hoping to find inexpensive fans while in Tokyo but I didn't find them here (or anywhere in the end if your wondering,).
We did try some interesting snacks however!

 Pretty full bloom!
 And of course, the girls in their lovely Kimonos.

 So many cherry blossoms in bloom on this day!

After wondering around we went to the Sky Tree! It's about 20 minutes away from Asakusa by bus so if you wish to do both on your own I'm not sure how easy it is to get from one place to an other.

 Picture in the lobby.
It was suggested to us to do our shopping in the lobby rather than in the observation deck as the shopping process is a bit different (you have to collect your items in the lobby,) so I pass that information on to you all!

 My Sky Tree ticket - all ours were printed with the Sky Tree at different times of day. I guess I got evening.
Cute mascots of Sky Tree in sakura theme, of course!
 Such a pretty view - because we went on the afternoon tour we could view Tokyo at sunset which is really spectacular. The golden glow makes Tokyo look so ethereal and warm.

Sorry if the view was a bit boring after a while. I just love the view and I want to stare at it for ever.

 What Japan used to look like? I wish time machines exists so I could see it in real life.

 I had a matcha latte while overlooking a lot of Tokyo.
My friends had coffee or some champagne.
 Street lights turning on.

The elevator is truly spectacular as well. I'm not sure if I liked the sunshine City one or this one more XD. They're both so different.

We actually left the tour at this stage so we could meet me friends friend in Japan for some shopping and dinner but she wasn't able to get there until 7 pm I believe but we wondered around the grocery store under Sky Tree and bought some snacks to bring home or try later that night.

There's of course more shopping underneath Sky Tree (or under and next too?) and there's some interesting shops there.

The only store I shopped at was the Rilakkuma store!

I bought,
- Three I.C. Card stickers but one is already being used!
- Rilakkuma Rice mold (I threw away the box to bring it home!) it's so cute so I bought it.
- Two note books - one really small mini size and one larger one both in Lemon Rilakkuma. I love lemon theme!
- Free Rilakkuma Sky Tree post card. :D

We actually got back to Shibuya pretty late if I remember correctly since we left the shopping center at 9 pm.

So that's  what we did on this day! It was a pretty long day but I really enjoyed this day, I love shopping and sightseeing when I travel so it was a great day for me.

Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll

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  1. Leaving the koalas around is so cute, I'm sure people loved it. When I stayed in a hotel in Tokyo, the cleaning staff would arrange the toys we bought into action poses, every single day! So I'm sure they would be happy to find something from far away left in the room.

    I want to go up the Skytree too, I've only been to Tokyo Tower. I guess you can see further from the Skytree.

    { }

    1. Oh really? That's adorable! I wish I had brought an action figure then XD.
      Yeah, Sky Tree is higher than Tokyo Tower - we were originally planning both but only did one in the end.

  2. Yay! Sky Tree view looks nice. It's good that you were part of a tour that already had set tickets, etc lol. I can't imagine people waiting 4 hours in a line just to get tickets to go up (like the day we went).

    1. It was really pretty! Yeah, that's kinda an other reason I like tours - they just take you where you want to go, have the tickets ready and it's all done! We did have to wait to go up the elevator but the tour line was significantly shorter than the non tour one so that was also good!


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