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[Travel] Japan Day 10: Tokyo DisneyLand and Tokyo Disney Resort

Hi! Hi!

Finally, we we leaving 'Toyko' and heading to Tokyo Disney Land. We left around 9:30 hoping to miss a lot of the train traffic on the morning. We had planned our trip the night before but when we got the the train station we waited for at our stop but after a while, our train never came!!

We actually waited nearly an hour for it but gave up waiting and decided to catch another train.
Originally we were only catching the two trains to get to Disney but it ended up being that we had to catch 4 (!) trains since we didn't think to come up with a back up plan in case one train didn't work.
At one point we got horribly lost and one friend couldn't find the line we needed but it's okay because our other friend did find it.

In the end I think it took about 3 (nearly 4 hours) to get to Tokyo Disney Land and we arrived a little bit after 1 pm. TT_TT

It was definitely hard work getting to Disney Land but seeing the hotel for the first time made it completely worth while.

 Doesn't the hotel look like it's come straight from a Disney Movie?

 We put our suitcases in the hotel and went straight to Disney Land! I did tear up a bit because I've never been to Disney before okay?! I got a bit emotional!
Isn't the Easter Theme really cute?

 Inside Tokyo Disney Land <3

We arrived pretty late so we wondered around Disney for a while before grabbing some lunch before check in. We went to the Japanese place because the line was the shortest.

 Chicken set.
 I really like this piece!

We went back at check in time to check in of course! There was quite a long line to check in but the lobby is so pretty it wasn't horrible to wait around.

 How cute is this doll house?

 More Alice!

Cinderella's Castle!

 People already choosing spots for the parade. I've been told Japanese get very particular over their spots and will choose good spots hours before a parade or show.

That night we ate at the Queen of Hearts Food Banquet!

 My dinner was the Queen of Heart Hamburger with cheese and pudding which I only got because I wanted the cup :p (You can keep it after you eat your pudding,) And coke.
It was alright, I think for the price it wasn't too bad it was a bit plain for my tastes.

After we wondered around for a bit but we really wanted to watch the lights parade, (Our friend was coming to see our hotel room but she insisted we stay and watch the parade because it's her favorite and she would meet us in the lobby when it was done!) 

Unfortunately my photos weren't that great since I don't have anything that can take good night photos but I tried my best.
 Intro and Cheshire Cat.

 Snow White, Peter Pan and Pooh. Before Pooh they had a float for Genie and I basically started crying - thank goodness it was dark out and no one could see.

???, Monsters Inc and Cinderella

Mickey (and his steam boat,) ??? and ??? Lol.

Afterwards we watched the fireworks show which I have to say, is probably one of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen in my entire life and then we watched the show - the projected one on Cinderella's Castle. We weren't able to get a really great place for it but I saw about 80% of the show.
I really enjoyed all three night shows so much and I really recommend that if you come to Disney to stay for them as you won't be disappointed!

 Our rooms for the Disney Land Resort were really special!
In February, the hotel opened 'theme' rooms! They're rooms decorated like various Characters or stories.

They're definitely spectacular and I was so excited to stay here. I asked my friends to book it without telling me anything about the rooms so the second I walked in I would be surprised and I was looking forward to staying in the hotel throughout the holiday a lot.

We booked two rooms, we stayed in the Wonderland Room.

 The tiniest of details.

 The chairs at the table don't match!
 Reading/sitting/relaxing nook. My friend actually slept here one night and she said it was actually really comfortable.
 Cheshire cat in the window to the bathroom!

 We're painting the roses red!
Aren't the lamp's adorable?

Gosh, I wish they sold some prints of this in the hotel somewhere!

My other friends stayed in the Tinkerbell room - since they both love Tinkerbell a lot.

 The lamps are so adorable!

I really wish that you could buy prints of these at Disneyland! They're simply stunning! 

The rooms were pricey but definitely very luxurious and very special - perfect if you want to treat yourself or simply get the full Disney experience while on holiday!

It's a shame we didn't get too long at DisneyLand today because we arrived so much later than anticipated because the weather was pretty nice this day and there was plenty of people out on this day as well.
I was really looking forward to Tokyo DisneyLand however because I've never been to any Disney theme park before.
Definitely a long time goal checked off!

Thanks for reading and see you next time~
Berri Doll

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