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[Travel] Japan Day 3: Kiyomizu Temple and Gion

Hi! Hi!

This day, my camera didn't charge over night so I had to rely on my phone for photos so they might be a bit weirdly sized.
On this day, we were going to go Kiyomizu temple and then the afternoon go to Gion which is the shopping area of Kyoto.
This day ended up being really lovely and warm and sunny out so it was perfect for exploring beautiful Kyoto.
Today was also a day that we just went the wrong way to get to where we were going. 

 This morning, I started with the cutest breakfast! A cute fruit sandwich (which was delicious and a sakura coffee. I preferred this one to the starbucks variety to be honest.

 A selfie this morning too!
We went to the station to get a one day pass for the bus. You'll know which bus it is because the line is crazy long. XD and you'll wait for like an hour for the bus and when you get on it is very packed. At each stop more and more people would get on XD.

Once we finally got off the bus, we actually went up the wrong stairs!

 Went to this shrine by mistake but they were kind enough to help us and give us directions - but we still went the wrong way!

 Casual strolling through the cemetery. 

 But we got there in the end!
 Can you see it?
 There was lots of girls wearing beautiful kimonos in Kiyomizu. The day we went must have been really popular because of the weather. It was very crowded and busy but I really enjoyed my time at Kiyomizu.
 The was the actual way we should have taken - you can see there's lots of shops and food stalls.
 Lens flare.

My outfit this day! It was a good outfit in the morning but as the day got on it was quite warm and I was a bit uncomfortable. 

 Even the ticket is Sakura theme.

This one of two rocks, you're suppose to close your eyes and get from one rock to the other without opening your eyes and you'll get good luck. You can get help from your friends but if you have help you have less good luck I believe.

 I bought some charms while I was here and I'm glad I did, I think this shrine had some of the prettiest good luck charms as well as a big variety of charms! If you want to get good luck charms in Japan - I think here is a good place to start.
I also got my fortune and I got great good fortune. That sounds pretty good to me!  Apparently it's second highest you can get.
 Ema boards.

 Mossy rocks.
 You can see the line for the 'magic water' if you look up - you can see all the people temple. 
 The water is considered special because it comes directly out of the mountain - so it's very pure I guess?

 We started to head down the street I pointed out earlier, and did some shopping and some browsing. I was actually being a bit cheap and didn't buy much here at all because I knew a lot of the stuff I could get in Tokyo.
I did buy some really cute chop sticks which I'll show in a later post.

 We found a Ghibli store. We went to a few but I can honestly say this one was my favorite - it was kind of hidden and a part of it was open and roofless with hanging flowers and cute decorations which the stores in shopping centers didn't have.
 We got lunch and I got this Chicken and Egg meal... I can't remember what it was called but I must have been hungry because I really ate it so quickly - especially compared to my friends.

After this we continued down the mountain and stopped in various shops. My friends got excited over one 'fabric' shop in Kyoto. I'm not sure what it was called but they make lots of different goods and accessories out of this special fabric (which I think might be exclusive to Kyoto?) I didn't buy anything because it was quite expensive and I didn't know what buy for people from the store though it would make a good gift.

We wanted to head to Gion but again, we took the wrong way again (but we were always heading in the right direction,) 

 Look at all the blossoms.

We went to a famous Kyoto make up store, as well, it started as a small cart selling lip balm I think? And it turned into a million dollar company. It was very busy and the make up was really nice looking but very pricey so I didn't buy anything there although it all did look very nice.

 Actually around this time of day, I started to get a bit of a head ache I think it was because it was hot, but I didn't bring water that day?

My friends found an other of those fabric stores and you know when you just don't want to shop? I was like that. It felt like we were in there for what felt like hours. XD - My friends bought so much though :O

Anyway, I got an other chance to go to Liz Lisa after that so we tried to find OPA again, we went the wrong way to get there XD. Are you noticing a pattern? And it took a while to go there.

I got to look around a bit more than when I came with Emi and they had lots of nice accessories on the ground floor but they were also quite expensive.

 Afterwards, we went back to the hotel - and again we took our sweet time trying to get the right train XD I remembered half the steps from when I went with Emi- anyways, we figured it out.

Anyways, it was really late after all this and all the places for dinner were quite full and there was long lines... so one friend decided for us to line up at place with a short line. And I didn't like the look of the food display because it was either sashimi (one friend is allergic to oily fish like salmon and ocean trout,) or prawns but we waited and went it.
And... the menu was only in Japanese O.O With like... 5 pictures and even the prices were in Japanese.
Anyways, my friends ordered prawns and then we got out of there really quickly.

So then we got Takoyaki and weird sushi and bread (I stocked up for the shinkansen the next day as well,) from the bakery and ate that in the hotel :P

And that was day 3 ^.^

I'll show you what I bought in Kyoto this day as well!

(I took these photos at home of course,) 

 Liz Lisa Ribbon Knit in Salmon - Link
This really caught my eye in the store so I decided to get it. I actually ended up wearing it 3 or 4 times through out the trip and about twice since coming home so I think this was a good buy since I've worn it so much already.

Liz Lisa cami in white - Link Sorry, currently this is in the wash XD. I kind of only bought this because the girl showed me it can be worn under the knit with the chain showing and I didn't have the heart to say no. I did wear this a few time in Japan so I don't think it was a waste (and I didn't bring a chain cami,)

 Adult Logo Flower Dress in Pink - Link
They only had this dress in pink and blue and I seriously didn't know which one to get but the staff member that helped me told me to get pink. I actually still haven't even tried this dress on but I think it'll be okay. It was apart of the set price with the jacket (15000 YEN for a jacket and dress,) and I just got this dress. I don't even remember what other dresses were included to be honest, I just saw this one.

 Back string Outer - Link
I couldn't decide between this one or the pink but my friends told me to get this colour. I really love this jacket and basically wore it every day. It's really comfy and the texture of this jacket is like velvet almost. (But it's not velvet at all,)

 And of course I got the novelty - I was lucky and got the last pink one at the store :D and I also used this on the trip to store small trinkets and accessories I bought.

And the charm I got for me at Kiyomizu temple. I bought back a few but only kept this one - it's for happiness because you can't have too much happiness in your life - right?

That's everything from this day! I feel like my posts just get longer and longer - please stay tuned for the next post and don't forget to leave a comment please!

Thanks for reading!
Berri Doll

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  1. That's such a lovely jumper!
    I'm sure it was tiring to have to go all that way seeming you went the wrong way, but at least you got to see some interesting things! Kiyomizu temple is absolutely beautiful, it's so photogenic! I have some photos of there too. The one with the lens flare could be a postcard!!! I also really like your outfit on this day ^_^

    1. Thank you - I'm glad I got even though it was full price. It was actually fun walking around but it gets tiring - especially in direct sunlight and even though the air is cold the sun can still tire you out, I think. I really enjoyed Kiyomizu but tbh, I really enjoyed all the temples and shrines I went to in Japan - they're all so different and offer something unique as strange as that sounds. Kiyomizu was lucky because it was a really lovely day though. Thank you for your kind comments and comments an my posts so far :D it means a lot!

  2. Love your morning selfie! Seems like you guys really got to wander around a lot! Lol. Also isnt the variable weather such a pain?

    1. XD Thank youuu~ I think we took well over 10000 steps that day (I had my DS which keeps count) And omg, yes, the weather - I think I experienced nearly everything you can in Spring - lol I'm surprised the weather can change so quickly.

  3. the sakura blossoms!! so beautiful!

    1. Take pictures of all the blossoms you say? OKAY!!

  4. Kyoto is really beautiful! It's always so packed! I really like everything you bought~! Especially the knit!

    1. Kyoto was really lovely - I hope I can go back one day! The knit is lovely - if you can get your hands on it - get it - it's really nice!


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