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[Travel] Japan Day 1: Shinkansen, Kyoto and Emi~

Hi! Hi!

My apologies for getting this post out a little later than I had originally planned. I had typed it all out and then, closed the blog post, thinking it saved. Nope. XD

So here's take two.

This was my first every trip to Japan so I was super excited since I always wanted to go to Japan during Sakura (or Cherry Blossom) season so it was definitely a dream come true trip.

I went on this trip with 3 friends so there was 4 of us in total and it was a lot of fun because it meant there was more people to enjoy it with.

We left on the 27th of March from Perth and 13 hours later we were in Japan!
We flew with Singapore Airlines and they were pleasant to fly with. For our flight from Singapore to Japan - we were on one of the double Decker planes. I had never seen one in real life much less been in one so that was entertaining to look at (despite it's size, economy is still the same size wtf,)

We actually arrived at about 5pm Japan time which was good, we were really particular about our arrival time and didn't want to get into Japan at really late or really early in the day so 5 pm was good, plus the customs line was short, which was definitely a plus.

To get to our hotel, we book a bus that went directly to the hotel, despite this, it still took nearly 2 hours to get to the hotel but it was okay because the bus actually had wifi in it so it meant we could contact our loved ones (or friends) in while traveling but I was so tired I slept after letting everyone know I arrived safely in Japan.
(although I did get woken up when we passed Disney Hotel - my friend flicked me on the nose XD)

The first night we stayed at the Toyko Station Hotel and it was really lovely. The staff were so friendly and helpful and they even spoke English. The hotel was really beautiful as well - so elegant and pristine.
We chose to stay here for two reasons,
a.) it was on the bus service that went directly from the airport to the hotel.
b.) it was right next to Tokyo Station which is where we had to go the next morning so it was practical to stay here.
It was definitely a splurge to stay in such a nice hotel but it was really exceptional service as well as very nice hotel.

 The hotel was nice and clean and super spacious! After a long flight it was a really nice room to have.

That night we were planning on going out and about but after the long flight and arriving and checking in later than we thought (it was about 8:30pm once we got into our rooms,) we decided to stay in order room service and get a good night's sleep. I was lucky to sleep on the plane a bit but I know two of my friends didn't so they must have been tired.

Got some nice traditional Japanese pizza XD. I've never ordered room service before so I was excited to try it. The chips had two different seasonings and the pizza was good. Much better than plane food.

The view from our room. It wasn't super amazing but I really enjoyed people watching in the morning while my friends were getting ready.

We had to leave Tokyo already after such a short time and catch the shinkansen and go to Kyoto!
The staff at Tokyo Station Hotel were beyond helpful and actually helped us get to our platform and helped us navigate the chaotic Tokyo Station. Even though we left at a later time, the station was still mayhem and it took us 40 minutes to get from the hotel to the platform - with help from a local. Without the staff we may not have made it in time to get to the shinkansen!

The shinkansen was one of the things I was looking forward to the most and I really enjoyed it! The Shinkansen is really smooth but I get really bad motion sickness so even trying to read and write was a bit hard for me so I just watched the world go by.

I was really happy to see Mount Fuji. It's a really pretty mountain and look at all that snow!
The Japanese landscape is so interesting to watch go by because it goes from urban cities or small towns, to mountains and planes over and over. We don't have much like that here in Australia (it's very flat here,) so it was new to see. It's also so green and lush.

 We ate sandwiches on the shinkansen and shared candies, the grape ones were delicious but the geisha/police(?)man ones were not nice at all XD.
We brought our own food and water because even though they have food on the shinkansen it's quite pricey (thanks Emi for the heads up!). 

Photo from Emiii - Hotel New Hankyu Kyoto
I stayed at Hotel New Hankyu and we had two rooms, one which was the standard and one deluxe. The deluxe is higher up and bigger than the standard but it does cost more than the standard.
My friends that were in the standard had their beds right up next to each other and who ever was next to the wall only had room in front of their bed!
If you stay here I would advise paying extra and getting the deluxe size if you can. The hotel is in a fantastic location - next to the station and near Family Mart (a convince store,) and Daiso as well. The location is really great for this hotel.

They also offer free wi-fi here as soon as I checked in I message Emiii to let her know I was ready but she had to get food because of her bus time leaving.
We really didn't have much time but we decided to go to Liz Lisa anyways because I wanted too - Emi- thanks for putting up with my ridiculous request and taking me to Liz Lisa for the first time~

We wore matching Liz Lisa MM x LL 4th collab dresses for the day~

I know it was a hectic meet but thank you Emi for coming to visit and spending time with me! I think it was my one of my favorite memories as silly as that sounds.

I went back the hotel but my friends were still out for a walk so I waited around for them to come back.
It was pretty much early evening when they came back and then we went to look for food. Since I had gone through the train station with Emi, I knew there was some food there and I suggested we find somewhere there (and we didn't know where else to eat,). One friend really wanted noodles so we went to look for Ramen.  

Actually, this menu was either all pork or shrimp, so I opted for a vegetarian corn ramen.

Even the little fish cake is a pink sakura! The ramen was really nice and I enjoyed it. I think my friends did too.

Afterwards, we just shopped around the train station actually XD There's lots of cute shops so we spent a lot of time looking around there that night.
(We really wanted to find umbrellas since we didn't bring any and it was due to rain the next day but we kept browsing afterwards,)

Things I bought on the first day.
Umbrella (totally practical, needed it since it was going to rain!)
Nail stickers (didn't need)
Eyelashes (didn't need)
Kiki and Lala D.U.P eyelash fix (didn't need,)

I also bought a matching hand towel to Emi but I haven't taken a picture of it yet XD. Sorry.

After we went sat around and had a girlie face mask night which was nice and relaxing.

This was the view from our room at night - much more exciting than during the day! (And you can see me in the photo lol,)

I don't know if this post was very interesting or picture heavy but I hope you enjoyed it none-the-less!

The next day, we went on a tour so I have a lot more photos and stories to share so I hope to have that up soon!

Thank you so much for reading and see you soon. 
Berri Doll

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  1. I was wondering how the rest of your day went lol! There was a Daiso near you? That's like an automatic hotel + for my mom lol. The view at night is super nice too!

    1. The Daiso was just down the street so super close by! If you ever stay in Kyoto I think you would like the hotel cause location + price XD. Yep, my day was not as eventful :P

  2. That hotel in Tokyo looked really nice like a palace ^^ ahhh~~ reading this really make me wanna go Japan too XD Can't wait to read the rest^^

    1. It was beautiful on the outside too! Shame I didn't get a photo. XD It was a massive hotel as well - so easy to get lost in the never ending corridors! Ahhh, hopefully you can go one day! I'll try to have the rest out soon!

  3. I love riding on the Shinkansen too, I've rode on it at least 10 times and I never get sick of just looking out the window and enjoying the view. Except the time me and Shun were coming home, because there was a typhoon it was PACKED my god...

    Can't wait for the next post :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that enjoyed it then XD. Oh gosh, I can't imagine it packed - we chose late morning to avoid people and I'm glad we did!
      Thank you! I'll try my best to publish it soon!

  4. Such an eventful first day! I can't wait to read about the rest of your trip~

    1. Lol! It was pretty exciting to be in Japan~ I'll try and post the rest quickly!

  5. This sounds like such a fun trip so far! The hotel you stayed in really looks nice too~ I'm about to go read your second post ^ ^

    1. Lol, I had a fantastic time overall! The hotel was lovely :D Okay! I'll expect your comment soon then XD


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