Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[video] What's in my Bag?

Hi! Hi!

I made a new video here if you want to watch - it's the what's in my bag video~
I was asked to do this ages ago and I actually filmed it twice. Normally people talk about what's in their bags and show the contents but... I was really self conscious about talking on camera and I just couldn't do it. I hope the video is still interesting none the less.

My bag is actually from Samamtha Vega and I bought it in Singapore. It was from the Spring collection at the time and came in 4 colours, and I of course got the pink. This pink is really more of a lavender pink rather than a bubblegum pink but I really like that about it. It also came in two sizes and I got the larger. This bag was limited edition for Spring (I think?) since you can't get it anymore.

This bag was a more expensive bag but I really wanted to save up for a nicer bag and I was really proud of myself for doing so. For me, it was a great purchase because with the exception of a black tote bag I haven't bought any big bags since I bought this one. (I do normally buy smaller bags however So I do think this bag was worth the splurge because it was my one splurge and I'm so happy with it I don't want to buy any thing else.

I added the fluffy to the front of it because Samantha Vega makes a lot of these cute fluffy things to put on your bag but they often use real fur and angora so I didn't want to buy it. (Plus they're expensive,) but I found this fake fur pom pom so I added it to the bag.

This bag came with a longer strap however I never use it and it's still in the original packaging. XD. I guess it's handy to have if you need it though.

So this is what I keep in my bag every day pretty much.

My Make up bag is from Forever New and it came in a set of two (there's a bigger yellow one,) but I like the mint one. The flowers are really tropical and cute so I get really happy looking at it.

I carry two pens with me. One is from Kikki.K (the light blue,) and the second is from a local stationary store. I always carry two pens in case one decides not to work when I need it.

My 3ds - yes, I know it's the really old kind but until the New 3ds came out I didn't really feel like I needed a new one. I have the pink one but I have a 'Loz' case on it. I always have Animal Crossing: New Leaf on me but I carry other games as well. I like to collect steps and street passes so I must always have this on me. always. I don't go anywhere without my 3ds.

New is my wallet, it's from Tralala A/W 14 collection and I really like it. I like this type of wallet best because it's thin but hold everything I need. I'm not a big loyalty card person so I can fit everything I do need easily in here.

Tony Moly Lip Gloss. I forgot this was in my bag. It's a really cute lip gloss and the colour is nice for touch ups on the go.

Samsung s5 and Forever New phone case and Liz Lisa phone Plug. I just got the Samsung this year and I really like it over my old iPhone. I don't regret the decision to swap at all. The phone case was one of the only ones I could find that I liked so this is the only one I have. I really like the colour and the texture of it.

Molang Diary I carry this with me all the time because it's my diary XD. I need to know what I'm doing each day and when. I can use my phone but I personally like a written diary so I can keep it and look back on the things I used to do. Plus I like to put stickers on them, write lists and draw in them as well.

Keys. I don't know what else to say about Keys besides that they are keys.

Kopiko candy. This probably fell out of my make up bag. I keep candy on me just in case. Sometimes if I'm feeling like I need sugar or a pick me up when I'm having a bad day or fight off hunger just a little bit longer, I can eat candy.

Tissues. I always carry tissues because when don't you need a tissue?
Last item is my sunglasses, they're from Forever New as well. I saw Risa Doll had similar ones in Larme so I wanted to get them as well! I didn't actually go looking for them but I just found them when I was browsing the store one day. Heart sunglasses seem to be a big trend this season. I doubt I look anything like Risa in them but I like to pretend I do.

What's something unusual to in your bag?

Thanks for reading~
Berri Doll


  1. This was interesting! And haha, I also keep my 3DS with me in my bag cuz I need the puzzle pieces! I downloaded ACNL so I always have it on me~

  2. Those damn puzzle pieces TT_TT Why so hard to collect?!? I wasn't interested in downloading games cause I like having the game cartridge but maybe I should since it means I won't have to carry the games all the time.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, yes it is. I also have it in pink <3

  4. Ah I'm so jealous! I've wanted to buy a bag from Samantha for a while but there are none in Canada :'( You have such a cute purse!
    I have the S5 too and don't regret switching over from an iPhone either XD

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Awww, don't be, I'm sure you'll be able to get one some day! I was lucky I found out about just before travelling so I could find the store and get one!
      I love my S5 so much over the iphone - glad you agree~

  5. That purse is so cute!!! I'm jealous haha~ >o< & it's a smart idea to carry your 3ds with you haha! I should do that but i'm afraid of losing it... Anyways, everything you carry is super cute hehe!

    1. Aww, don't be jealous, I'm sure you have things I want as well XD. I always have my 3ds close to me so I don't really worry about losing it. Lol, of course, everything must always be cute :P

  6. You have such cute stuff with you >w<
    My friend always carries her 3ds with her and nagged me for not taking mine with me before
    I looked at the Molang notebooks before but couldnt decide if I want to get it haha


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